Apple Australia confirms Black Friday shopping event

Black Friday is approaching and Apple's Australian online store has confirmed the one day shopping event this Friday, November 29. Even though Black Friday is traditionally a U.S. event, some retailers do expand the deals to other areas of the world, and Apple once again seems to be one of them. At this point we're not seeing the same mention on either the UK or U.S. Apple online stores, but it's unlikely this is going to be exclusive to Australia.

All we gather from the ad is that it'll be an online and in-store event, and if we really read into it, that iPads could be one of the deal items. Unless Apple just happened to choose a gigantic iPad image by chance. Either way we'll know soon enough, and for more great Black Friday deals on Apple products everywhere, keep it locked to the Mobile Nations Black Friday Deals portal.

Source: Apple Australia

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Apple Australia confirms Black Friday shopping event


I would like to know if Apple will price match Best Buy's $150 discount on all MacBook products......

I would assume that Apple will stick with it's usual discounts, which means they will be marginal but welcome. If you were planning to buy an iPad or MacBook, it will benefit you; but I doubt it will entice anyone who was hoping for $100 off an iPad or $200+ off a MacBook. Apple is of course a business and won't be giving away all their profit margin to "get people in the door."

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Black Friday is lethal. I love how Apple's "deals" are like 10% off their products. People still go crazy for that stuff. Meanwhile other stores are advertising 50% off other products lol

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I thought this is like an international thing for Apple? And, the discounts may not be as big as the ones from other retailers but for other countries that doesn't really get into the whole Black Friday business, a 10% (?) discount is still better than nothing.

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Waiting to see which products will get a good discount before the Christmas holidays...betting that the retina iPad mini will get a discount. :) Also, can't wait to see if this applies to Hong Kong Apple Online Store as well. (I come from HK)

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Does anyone remember what the deals were last year? I know they weren't huge. Just wondering what they might offer for the iPad Air...

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Apple's discounts are minimal, but still appreciated. Not to sound selfish, but isn't Black Friday originally an American holiday, or originated as an addendum to Thanksgiving?

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