What do you want to see in an Apple iTV television set?

What do you want to see in an Apple iTV television set?

Apple television -- iTV if you're trendy -- rumors just won't quit, but rather than bloggers and analysts, we're curious what you, the super smart members of the iMore Nation think Apple might have in store for your big living room screens?

Will there be one-size-fits-all, like iPhone and iPad, or a couple sizes like iMacs? What size or sizes would you prefer? 32- and 37-inches? 55-inches? 72-inches? Will they be 16:10 or 16:9?

Are we going to see something sleek and sexy, a glass and aluminum unibody, like Apple's existing product line or will we finely see some fancy carbon fiber or even liquid metal to cut down on the weight and take us into the future? Will there be input ports so you can hook up your existing cable or satellite box, your game console, or your receiver to the iTV? Will Apple want or even let all they cables muddy the appearance of their beautiful screen?

It almost has to run iOS like the existing Apple TV set top box, but will it run the same iOS as the existing Apple TV? Steve Jobs said he cracked the 10" user interface, but does that mean a Springboard-style grid of apps like iPhone and iPad or will Siri be the primary way we launch apps and search for shows? ("Play me something with ninja assassins!")

How will you control it? The current Apple Remote device and app are both... okay but neither are ideal. A Siri mic? Xbox Kinect style gestures? Will Apple keep it simple or will they really try to wow us again?

Will Apple be able to get content deals in place for network television stations? For major league sports? For pay-per-view movies? For specialty channels? And how will they present them? An ever growing list below "Shows" like on Apple TV or will each "channel" be an app like on iPhone and iPad? Will it have other apps like Safari or Twitter or Calendar so iTV is actually productive as well as fun? Or will it all be AirPlay from your iOS devices?

Would we even see it this year? Is 2012 the right time for an iTV or should Apple wait until 2013 to ramp up their television plans? And what happens to the existing Apple TV? Is it kept around for those who don't want an Apple television but still want the content, or does Apple ditch it to force us to buy the more expensive television?

Apple hasn't even announced the desire to announce a television set yet, and maybe they never will, but with so much speculation going on, we want to know what you want to have. What kind of iTV would like Apple to make you?

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Reader comments

What do you want to see in an Apple iTV television set?


I want to see nothing in an apple tv. i want my TV dumb so i can afford to change it every 3 years. And at what price will an apple TV cost if there cinema display (27 in) is a grand...

How about a service whereby I pay $XX per month for XX number of hours of programming? When the time is up, I can opt for more time. The kicker here would be for various price points that could save the consumer money by not having a cable/satellite tv bill.

one i get that with cable already. but what business model do you have where somehow you'll get cable tv channels without having to pay for them.
For example if you want espn, why is espn gonna let apple, give it away for free? They don't. Even ESPN on an xbox 360 is tied to your cable system. the people that deliver media, tv networks, that make the shows are not ever gonna give that away without making people pay.

Ooh I'll go!
I'd like it to have a screen, with inputs so I can plug in my AppleTV device...and an Xbox, and a cable box.
I'd also like it to be priced in-line with other televisions.

Content!! The problem with all the apple tv iterations is the lack of content! Who want's an airplane move set top box (or apple tv). Fix that and the rest will follow. Don't fix that and it doesn't really matter what else you do.

No screen...It would be too expensive with Apple's quality requirements. I want Siri and subscriptions to channels or blocks of programming. Kinda like cable but let me buy "ABC Primetime" or "SyFy Originals" at a reasonable price. Lock it down so I can only watch it for a certain period of time like the movie rentals. I think networks could go for this since it is essentially what they do with cable.
I want to be able to sit down at my TV and tell Siri to play my latest TV and it just run through all the recent episodes. This is basically what Hulu is doing with my queue and I love it. I have been cable/dish free for 3 years and only a few shows I feel I am missing out on.

It needs a built in hard drive (ideally) or a significant amount of SD based storage so you don't have to leave your PC/Mac on to see your itunes content.

Something that after three years Apple will not say version not supported. It will have to compete in price.

I don't want an iTV, just an apple TV 3 with a hard drive and more powerfull cpu/gpu/ram. 1080p output obviously. Open it up to developers for appstore apps. Do a deal with onlive so its built in and the onlive controller can also be used for console style game from the appstore. Ipads and iphones can also be used as touch/tilt/giro controllers.

5hdmi ports
2 USB ports (ability to play media off an attached usb drive)
mkv, mp4, avi, divx,
mp3, ac3, aac, m4a, m4b, (flac important to others not me)
dts, pretty much every surround sound
broad subtitle support format wise, external subtitle support
smooth interface (no lag)
a full size remote control
App support (netflix, youtube, bare minimum)
air play
cablecard slot
a built in hard drive. Me i'd want 2 terabytes but the best solution would make one that is user swappable, formattable. For example giving me 250gbs is nothing. I got 1.5 terabytes of movies and videos i've archived over 7 years.
Keyboard support
prices at about $1500.
Not important to me at all: 3D,

I don't think we'll see an "iTV" Apple would be (very) stupid to do this.
It's kind of nauseating to read about these rumors on every Apple blog as if this is a done deal. Or that this would be something great. Apple does need another niche, but it won't be a tv.

How about no actual TV??? I just bought an expensive flat screen. I won't need another for a couple of years.
Just keep improving the AppleTV (the box). Add apps. Games. Cool stuff. Keep the low price.

What i would like is a TV with channels that are more customizable, and include the inputs and widgets and web content. So I (or even my little kids) can seamlessly switch between Fox, NBC, Netflix, Hulu, DVD, Websites, my computer, etc. I do not want to have to hit the input button, and deal with the various devices. I would also want to be able to move channels around, group them, etc.

I want two things: Firstly, for people to stop calling it "iTV" as Apple doesn't and will not own that trademark, as it belongs to the TV network ITV. Secondly, I would rathe they added these TV functions to the Apple TV box. Perhaps the 3rd gen could have a DVR?

They didn't own the trademark 'iPhone" in communications, as that belonged to Cisco.
For that matter, they didn't own the trademark "Apple" worldwide, as that belonged to a little music startup from Liverpool, and Apple agreed not to enter music related business under that name -- and we know how that worked out.
For a company so protective of its name and trademarks, Apple shows a curious disregard for those of others (though they settled both of the above without going to court).
But iTV would be a silly name, anyways.

A nice PTZ camera for FaceTime and other social interaction directly via the tv, while watching video… a tremendous opportunity if apps are allowed to run on the tv.

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