Apple officially announces iOS 7 at WWDC

As anticipated, Apple has officially announced the latest version of iOS, iOS 7, at WWDC 2013 in San Francisco. CEO Tim Cook took to the stage and called it the "biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone."

The initial demo video shows what we'd heard so many rumors about. A brand new Jony Ive inspired design throughout. Things look different, really different, and it's sure to get people talking. Translucent menus, updates to Notification Center, flat icons, new fast app switcher, and dots. Lots of dots.

We're just touching the surface, so we'll update as we get more. But our first thought; wow.

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Reader comments

Apple officially announces iOS 7 at WWDC


!!! Pathetic !!!.... iOS 7 is a blatant copy of Windows Phones design.. iOS is now the generic version of WP. Apple has severely disappointed with this total lack of innovation, and its just sad that they would call the design of iOS 7 their own.. Anyone who disagrees with the fact that Apple made a sad, incompetent, untalented, decision to steal Windows Phone design is in serious denial.. Tell me one thing.. how can i fans stand the fact that their devices are going to be nothing but WP knockoffs now?.. How can you claim this as your own? Are you really going to use this?


As an Androidfan, I have to say: iOS 7 looks gorgeous! It certainly looks like a great update for those who prefer iOS

Agreed. I'm a fan of Android but this actually looks very nice and clean. I love that Apple is making positive changes that will bring a refreshing image to their already great reputation.

It will be good for both Android and Apple, it forces both to continually up their games in the OS race.

Where are all the damn haters now. Winners get attack and put down but keep on kicking and comes back harder. Way to go Apple.

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I hope it's just the lame glossy monitor I have here at work that makes it look like a Fisher Price toy. Colors seem very bright.

Three words came to mind . . Petite . . Feminine . . Kindergarten. I'm sure there will be many who love it so I'm happy for them; me not so much but maybe it will grow on me over time.

I will be. Unless they really do something stupid with the new hardware I'll be jumping ship from android (also a former webos user).

Why bother with lagdroid? Come to Wp8 which is definitely the most interesting OS at the moment and with a bright future ahead

Why would a webOS user go to iOS or Android, when the next closest OS to webOS is BB10. And to top that off, BlackBerry 10 is even better than webOS.

WebOS is great. What Apple needs to do is make it swipe-up for the multitasking view, and have the control center be another card. Double-pressing home button for multitasking is so clunky...

That is beautiful.
One thing I'd love is a twelfth page for the home screen that I could keep icon free, except the 4 on the tray. that way I could enjoy my awesome wallpaper and if I needed more I could just hit the home button to go to the first page.

Not a big fan of the look. The flatness looks like Android or windows flatness. I specifically went with apple because i didn't like that look. I like the features they added but not fond of the look.

Not a fan of the super bright tropical color icons, but everything else looks good. I like the Metro design cues, but not heavy handed like Metro

If Symbian and Metro had a child, it would look like iOS 7. But not even an unholly marriage between Nokia and Microsoft could come up with that horrible pink radio.

As another reader noted, it looks like a Fisher Price toy now. I guess I never got the memo on how switching icons from 3D to 2D was considered an improvement.

Translucent UI? .... How....Vista. ಠ_ಠ
... oh wait... that's it's... "REVOLUTIONARY and BEAUTIFUL!!!"

Why clock icon not updated like in ipad? actually I prefer to see the brightes icon but the rest three blacks not good...

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All these comments address something so trivial as "how it looks". I really don't care how it "looks", I want it to work better, faster, smarter, with less battery used, and work more intuitvely. Maybe the Apple critics are right - Apple fanboys (& girls) want to be seen with their pretty gizmo and seldom use it for hard-core work.

Elaborate, "hard core" work... Its a phone. After 15-20 minutes you should be tired of fumbling with and be ready to move to a pc/tablet. ;)

Since the OS will be used on iPad, iPad mini, as well as iPhones, we use business apps (ie: Documents To Go, Go To Meeting, VPN, etc. ) to do real work that we get paid to do. Sometimes the iPhone is all we have in the field to capture unfolding events or situations. Other times we have the luxury of a larger device. But the point is that a lot of folks depend on our gizmos to get the job done and we need things to work better, faster, smarter and don't particularly obsess about how it looks. It's another tool in our toolbox. I never chose a hammer because it had a nifty logo.

Actually, some of use iOS because it works so well, like most of the doctors I know. As am MD, I went with iOS devices after I gave up on Lamedroid devices freezing up all the time while I was working. iOS is far more reliable. WebOS was nicer to use, but didn't have the medical apps I needed. Pretty gear is nice, but easy to use and reliable when at work - priceless.

Well I Have to say IMO when in this day and age of items appearing to jump off of a screen such as 3D does to movies and TV and icons that really pop and the way they look to most people have as much to do as the phone as a whole in itself and how it works internally I am quite surprised at the talk of flat icons just sit on the screen. I am not calling this a good or bad thing, just simply giving my opinion that when Apple products have always been known for their visual appeal as much as how they work, This may be a turn off for some. I think in the long run though if this next version of iPhone turns out to be a real winner, The icon look will be way down on the negative list.

Looks like Android to me, which is a good thing. I just hope there is a way to turn off the tracking thing, I don't see it being that cool after about a week of use and just being a battery drain.

Looking forward to Control Panel and the new radio the most though, as long as it isn't horrible the radio will make iTunes Match worth paying $25/year for.

Sad to see weather still looks to be missing 10 day and radar which means I won't be using the app even with its awesome new UI. I don't know why but it just always bugs me to use third party apps for the same things a stock UI should easily do :(

I like it - different, and with some much-needed improvement to make tasks easier (toggles, app switching, etc.). Sure, the look may be a departure from the standard, but frankly, I welcome the change. I can't wait to see the new iOS on my iPhone 5.

The boys at Apple did it again - nice and clean looking with added interface - it's things like this that'll make me fall in love with the iphone all over again...

CAN'T WAIT for Fall.....this is GORGEOUS.

I wonder how it will behave on my 4S until the new iPhone comes out.

WOW. I've been waiting for a big "jumping the shark" moment from Apple, and this may be it!
iOS7 = Android. I mean, it's almost as if they checked off a lengthy list of Android aesthetics and features! I can see elements swiped from Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, even Samsung Touchwiz stuff (how ironic!), and more.

So I tried an experiment last night: just to provide the proper backdrop, we have iPhones, an iPad, a Mac, PCs, and a Nexus 7 tablet in my house. I use the iPad and my wife uses the Nexus 7 exclusively. My wife worked a busy 12-hour shift yesterday and paid no attention to the WWDC stuff at all. She comes home last night, and I say, "honey, let me show you something." Without making a single comment, I swipe through all the screenshots of iOS7 from the Keynote, to which she immediately responds, "Oh, that's what's on my tablet!"

This kind of puts all of Apple's lawsuits against competitors in a new light, no?

This refresh is quite interesting. I'm not quite sure if i like yet because I haven't held it in my hand to make that decision. There are some parts of it such as control center, air drop and other functions that I am really excited about. However the new refresh or redesign looks odd to me. I understand that their is a need for simplicity, and for the tech to get out of the way so you can get things done but my goodness it starting to remind me of my gameboy color.... It does not need to look so simple

Only using it will tell how it works. While I like Apple's reliability and apps, iOS is light years behind webOS or Android in many respects; hopefully this starts to even the gap.

Oh, and BB/WP? I've already had one dying phone brand (webOS). Why go through that again?!