Apple once again reported to be including NFC, mobile payments in iPhone 6

Apple once again reported to be including NFC in iPhone 6

Apple is once again rumored to be including NFC in its next iPhone, this time with a payment system in tow. Reports of a payment system in the iPhone 6 emerged late last month. The system will reportedly be a central focus of the iPhone 6 reveal, expected September 9.

From Wired:

The company's next iPhone will feature its own payment platform, sources familiar with the matter told WIRED. In fact, that platform will be one of the hallmark features of the device when it's unveiled on September 9. We're told the solution will involve NFC.

Specific details beyond the inclusion of NFC, like how mobile payments will work, for instance, were few and far between. We've heard rumblings about NFC and payment systems on the iPhone fairly regularly over the past few years. Given the amount of noise this year, we could very well see NFC and mobile payments come to the iPhone 6. But just remember, nothing is confirmed until Apple announces it.

Do you want an NFC-based payment system on the iPhone, and what else would you like to see Apple do with NFC? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Wired

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Reader comments

Apple once again reported to be including NFC, mobile payments in iPhone 6


I've always thought that NFC would never take off in the USA until either A) the credit card companies embrace it or B) Apple embraces it. Looks like it's finally going to happen. Hopefully.

I dont know where you shop... but I see "Tap To Pay" at almost every place that takes credit cards. Its been there for quite a while too.

Apple is just a little late to the party. Glad they are adding it finally.

I could be wrong but I do not think that Apple will do it, they will say you have airdrop.

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They should have already added NFC by now. Hopefully, they add it this iteration. It's way overdue.

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I hope they do add NFC to the iPhone this year but I hope it's not locked in to just using Apple's system. I hope we can choose between Apple, Google wallet or even ISIS (man, I wish they would get busy on that name change).

Yeah have tap to pay for Interac on my debit and credit card here in Canada, and I can use it almost everywhere now. Between it and chip and pin, I never use the magnetic strip or sign for credit card transactions.
Surprising both have not taken off more in the USA.

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Here in Tucson, I only see tap to pay at gas stations and convenience stores. Meh!

Edit: Before the haters jump in, i'll add the caveat: I do not see tap to pay at any of the commercial establishments <THAT I USE> other than gas stations and convenience stores. Again, Meh!

Honestly, it would be nice to have NFC but I really think that there are other better solutions out there. Being in a retail industry and being around many pin pad, I think it would be nice if Apple would instead adapt LOOPPAY's technology. No equipment that needs to be replaced as their technology currently works on every single pin pad where you swipe your card. Just my 2 cents.