Apple Online Store Teases Black Friday Sales

Apple 2009 Black Friday Sales Teaser

Apple Online Store has exactly one sale a year -- "Black Friday" on the day after US Thanksgiving, and this year that falls November 27. While there's no way of knowing exactly what will be on sale, and how much the savings will be (though they're never much), Apple is getting their tease on already:

Come back to the Apple Online Store the day after Thanksgiving for a special one-day-only holiday shopping event. You’ll find dozens of great iPod, iPhone, and Mac gift ideas — all with free shipping.

Mark your calendar now. And until then, start your research by browsing the Apple Online Store to find iPod, iPhone, and Mac gifts for everyone on your list.

For our international readers, Apple Canada, Apple UK, Apple France, and we're guessing many other Apple Online Stores around the world will be following suit. Best Buy and other Apple resellers will also have sales, so you may want to shop around as well.

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Apple Online Store Teases Black Friday Sales


It would be nice if Apple would recognize that the US is the only country celebrating Thanksgiving this week. They've reused the same text in the Canadian store and our Thanksgiving was over a month ago.

The sales go on all day so you wouldn't need to wake up early. I've heard they will do $100 off the macs. Not much but for some people that's enough to jump on the apple train.