Apple posts official iOS 7 features page on

Apple posts official iOS 7 features page on

Now that Apple has officially announced and shown off iOS 7 at WWDC 2013, they've now added a page to laying out the features, complete with mini previews of each.

The new iOS 7 page shows the updated interfaces of all the core apps as well as new ones such as Control Center, iTunes Radio, and more. Hit the link below to check out the previews and read up on all the new features yourself.

Source: Apple

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Apple posts official iOS 7 features page on


I believe there will be, as you'll be able to do it on your Mac, stands to reason that you SHOULD be able to

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That's what has me saying WTF over and over, they changed just about everything, yet still no quick reply? When I saw them introduce it on the Mac I though to myself it's finally coming to the iPhone!

Well hopefully this can be jailbroken quick..

I hope they are saving it for the full release or Beta2 cuz it's purdy and all. I love it. I love the new Photos app. It makes sense I like the way it organized my tons of pics and gives me the choice of how I view them. But I really really need actionable notifications. I need to quickly respond to a text where ever I am in an app. I must say that fast app switcher is really fast. Faster than iOS 6. When I tap the banner of the text that comes through the switching from browser to iMessages or any other app is quite fast. I love the visual when you go to multi task. And Safari appears to be giving me reasons to switch back from Chrome. Loving what I see so far. Can't wait for them to overhaul the non-native Apple apps like Apple Store and Find My friends. Both are butt ugly!

Great design. The best mobile design in the world but....for the functionality...the same as android

While they touched base on this briefly in the keynote, it would be good to see a breakdown of what features require what models.

as slick and ugly as I thought it would be
if I wanted my iPhone to look like an android, I would've just bought a Galaxy
once again, thanks for ruining apple Tim Cook
steve jobs is rolling over in his grave

Agree completely. I can't stand the design. I can't stand The flat look. Makes things hard to distinguish. I like the natural wood, leather, etc. very unfortunate. Many casual users will not like this.

It looks like the very very poor man's android who lost his app drawer and had to put all his icons all over his tropical looking screen.

This looks exactly like the cartoon-like crap Samsung puts on their phones with TouchWiz. I really liked the way iOS looked professional and subtle... This looks like its trying to carbon copy one of the least desirable Android UI overlays out there - and I know, I'm an android user who has a GS4. First thing I did was throw a new launcher over it, waiting for a good ROM to flash. I am still hoping for more customization from Apple in the future. I know that is counterintuitive to their design model, but it would be nice.

Cartoon like crap?? I understand this is your opinion and no right or wrong here, but iOS 6 is very cartoon like IMO. More so than any Android phone I've ever used.

I want to know when ANY stock app is delete-able. Newsstand can go bye-bye (not just in an app folder), so can Stocks, and any other app I don't need taking up my un-jailbroken space.

I can't wait for it, looks beautiful. And people, really? Still comparing iOS to Android? Get over it, seriously. Either like it or don't. I like it, still looks great, I like the new icons, the new features, all of it. Don't like the background? Change it. Jony Ive did good.

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LOL. 33% of Android users are still stuck with 2.3.
From 2010. Frag. Men. Tation. Galore.

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Ha ha, right? Not even all the new Androids coming out are putting 4.x on, even if it's a top tier Android. Apple makes it so easy to update the OS compared to Android, unless you're running a Google Edition model.

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It is a sore point to be sure, but 2010 android still had folders, customizable backgrounds, notifications, customizable ringtones, quick settings, multitasking, etc. Fragmentation is a very overly used term - even the older Android versions had features Apple is just now adding. But yes, while Android has come a long way in getting manufacturers to updating quicker, it can still do much better.

I had to check the screenshots again, I missed that one. More memory! Built in flashlight finally. I like the whole quick settings idea, I fly a lot for work and it will be nice to have that quick access to airplane mode.

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Anybody know if gmail sync'd apps like Sunrise will show up in the notification center under "Today" ? Most of the notification center would become useless if its all based off stock apps, seeing as I use almost none of them...

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I seriously am in Love with this new redesign. It's definitely fresh and clean and sexy, just as they are. If you don't like it then get something else. I for one, will not ever appreciate Android. it's too busy. It's still fragmented, it's still laggy as some state, and it's not for me. To each their own. This wins me over. Exactly what Apple needed to do. The only thing I would appreciate is, yes, a bigger screen, and not stretched. I am very happy that they will bring this update, maybe with not all the new features, which is understandable, to iPhone 4. But if they bring a new iPhone with a larger screen, which they just may to accompany this iOS, then I will for sure upgrade to a new phone this year. Otherwise I will keep my iPhone 4 until they just make the screen wider just a bit. And eventually they will have to. I have been wanting that control system for a long time. Finally no need for a jailbreak for that. Yays.

WP is embarrassing to have. Not in the game. This is Apple forum. I love Apple not WP phones. Go suck on a window. Go back to your boxy world.

Bahaha, boxy? you mean "Metro/modern" as Microsoft coined it years ago...Now it will be known as "minimalistic" to you isheep.

I agree. It's just gorgeous and very functional. I love seeing the state that my app is in when I'm switching. I see the icon below it and swipe it up to make it go away. Yeah it was an Android feature (just got there in the last year) But it was on Cydia long before that so Android borrows from Cydia and so does Apple. Why not incorporate some of the best features into the OS that are open source. There are elements from Web OS, Cydia and yes shades of the dreaded Android. Good on them for finally giving us control center (without widgets thank you!) I love the uniformity of the apps without making them all look cookie cutter. I like the brightness of them too. It makes the screen seem bright even with it at half mass on the brightness scale. This resdesign is not Android. I had one. It's still Apple with flair!

It's annoying to go on tech websites and hear folks using other platforms bashing Apple about "copying" Google. I'll admit iOS 7 does look similar to Android, but at this point, they both have copied each other so much that it doesn't even matter anymore. Some people are calling this upgrade ugly and incremental but millions of people will use it and enjoy it (just like w/ iOS 6), so obviously Apple is getting something right. I personally love the look of iOS 7. Glad we got control center (finally!) and hopefully we get quick reply this fall.

Looks like "Air Drop" iPhone 5 or later, and iPad fourth generation or later. When fall release comes out, I will be out of contract, and can upgrade to the newest iPhone. I like what I have seen of iOS 7.

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