Apple promises fix for iOS 7 spontaneous rebooting

Apple promises fix for iOS 7 spontaneous rebooting

iOS 7 brought many changes and enhancements to the way we use our iPhones and iPads. Most of them are great, but there's also been some instability issues that can cause the device to spontaneously restart. Apple has acknowledged the issue and is promising a fix, according to Mashable.

"We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash," Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller told Mashable.

Apple's currently beta testing iOS 7.1 with registered developers - a new beta 4 release was posted earlier this week. Mashable reports the fix is in the upcoming release.

Source: Mashable

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Reader comments

Apple promises fix for iOS 7 spontaneous rebooting


Holy S... They actually used the word "crash".

Not "unexpectedly quits" or "stops responding" .....

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I had an interesting new glitchy experience yesterday -
While trying to move an app from 1 a folder to the Home Screen then to another folder - the animation stalled and then put the app back in the original folder the app was moved from in the 1st place.

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I rarely have this happen, I hear about it happening but it's happened maybe twice since iOS 7 was released.

This happens to me daily. Usually right after locking and going into an app. For a while, it was the iTunes app for choosing a radio stream. Since I stopped using iTunes Radio and went back to Pandora, it has only happened once on Pandora, but continues to happen daily on Safari, the home screen, and occasionally on the Phone app! Click Phone, go to the Dialer tab, and WHAM - Apple Logo!

Good on Apple. I've had this happen to me a few times but not enough to make mad or anything but its good to see a fix coming to those of us that have this problem

This used to happen to me a lot, then stopped, then started up randomly again for a day. I'm glad to hear they are finally gonna take care of it.

I saw on twitter that a person had their first crash in the beta 4 of 7.1, which is good to hear.

So if someone really wants to impress me... Tell me when this magical bandaid will be released and available for download to my iOS devices.

Let me get this straight, did Apple just publicly acknowledge they sold me an unstable device? And it only took them 4 months to admit this???

I predict class action lawsuits and money coming my way. If Apple just paid out to people the "accidentally" made in-app purchases, I expect someone will sue over this.

I am just surprised if Apple knew this, why have they replaced 3 devices for me already. I actually gave up when I finally realized that is wasnt because I installed from a backup.

Three years later, the case would just be heard, and by then the update patch would have had been released and iPhone 10 will be out.

Leave the ambulance chasers to more important fights like hot coffee.

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The latest I've heard is that iOS 7 is slated for a March 2014 release. Perhaps this crash issue has heightened the fix priority enough that Apple may re-evaluate for an earlier release.

Never encountered this issue myself but its nice to see a positive statement from Apple. Shame I won't be updating if it patches jailbreak

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Finances force me to stick with my 3GS and iPad 2 so no iOS 7 on phone but iOS 7 has killed the experience with my iPad with wifi and performance issues and to be honest no real benefits. Not even impressed with design.

It is about time… That was 1 of the most annoying things ever. It would always occur when you needed it most. I'm glad that Apple addressed the issue and is working on a fix. Actually looking for this update, iOS 7.1

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This has only happened to me a handful of times and it was always when I was trying to do something important or in a hurry.

I have yet to see this on my iPad (4th G) but just got a 5s and have had this a few times a day since I got it.

That's great this is the new year for apple and it's time to put on the big boy pants and admit to their shortcomings and fix it. Gotta love this company for owning their zone

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