Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 2 - Developers, go get it!

Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 2 to developers

Apple has just released iOS 7 Beta 2 to developers. It's now available over-the-air (OTA) and on-device via Settings > General > Software Update, and should be soon as complete download via as well.

The only public-facing information about it right now is that it contains bug fixes and improvements. iOS 7 remains under non-disclosure (NDA) as Apple prepares it for public release this fall.

Update: For the first time, iOS 7 is now also available for iPad and iPad mini

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Apple releases iOS 7 beta for iPad and iPad mini

Reader comments

Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 2 - Developers, go get it!


iPad and iPad mini support. Also Siri is supposedly faster. Won't go near iOS 7 beta for at least another iteration or two, then I'll get an iPod touch just for testing.

All I want to know is if this has quick reply! I have the beta on my wifes phone but cant give up my JB because I love QR lol.

Even if it was added (not), since actionable notifications weren't announced at WWDC keynote, that type of secret new feature would be under NDA.

Very true. I will update my wifes phone tonight. I am still staying away on mine for the time being. I really hope they add that feature in.

Voice memos is back, as is Nike Plus.

Multi-tasking hasn't crashed the phone once yet since the install (that was a big issue before).

New clock icon in the control center.

Reminders app seems much more complete, much better UI.

Weather app include a multi-city button.

Siri settings add male/female choice, although she still sounds like the old siri voice.

That's what I noticed so far.

I am still stuck at restart screen with Apple logo and progressing bar (which isnt progressing actually). Been like this for past 45 mins I don't see any movement!

Mine was stuck for like an hour on the 5 and went pretty quickly on the 4S. The 5 had less than 20% battery life and the 4S was fully charged. Eventually it gave me a warning, when I plugged in the 5 it moved much faster.

Change noticed : the black letter with light pink wallpaper theme is missing. it is back to just the white on any wallpaper.

Looks is one thing... how 'bout usability? PDFs of my local newspaper's e-edition didn't display in Safari... AirPlay was intermittent to my AppleTV... multitasking was clunky... restored to iOS 6.1.3

Apple TV is playing perfectly with airplay using iOS 7 on my iphone 5. It's full screen and the quality is great! Almost forgot I was using Airplay until I picked up my iphone to use it. Gotta love technology!

Yes and no. My iphone stayed "hung on the apple" all night. I checked and there was a recommendation to revert to ios 6.1.4. I tried doing that by:
1. holding the home and lock key until screen goes blank
2. let go of the lock key
3. a screen comes up to connect to itunes on computer
4. connect to itunes, click on iphone to show options
5. click on restore

It restored me to ios 6.1.3 (which had been on a backup that was 6/10/13)

My iphone now works but I have to re-set my mail, contacts, calendars. Notes are there, contacts are there (up to 6/10 I guess). But I have no option to update system to 6.1.4 or to betas 1 or 2. Am cutting losses so I will have a phone to work with today, then going to the Genius Bar in Charlotte if the developer tech service cannot help.... Not a pretty experience!

Tip for outside US beta users: i changed my itunes account to a US one to download some apps, and updating to beta 2 through the phone gave me iTunes Radio. Which i didn’t have on beta 1.

Is anyone having issues with purchased or custom created ringtones showing? My iTunes says they are selected to sync but they are not under my sounds section. Help

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I don't get it. I didn't do anything different. I'm also using an iPhone 5

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Figured out the ringtone issue. Had to remove all my ringtones from the "Tones" list in my iTunes then re add them and re sync and boom there they were

Sent from the iMore App

Since I've updated to iOS7, my iPhone5 is working perfectly, battery life same as iOS6 - the all day - All apps works (With the exeption of Google translator) and didn't have any crashes.. I'm really looking forward for the future releases..

I was suffering from crazy battery drain before updating. Yesterday I burned through 100% battery from 7am to noon. This was normal everyday usage with wifi on. After the update, I fully charged and is say from 1pm till 3am and I still had 20% left

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battery seems much better on day 2.. today its been off for 4 and a half hours and the battery is at 66%. (so roughly that's about 10% a hour). i am happy if i can get through a full work day (from when i leave the house to when i return about 11/11 and a half hours) without having to charge.

In my case the battery life goes was reduced to 4 hours after beta 2.
With the first release it was almost the same.

For the last hour nothing has happened. Im trying to update my iphone 5 to beta 2. There just an apple and the little white bar below, and it is not moving anywhere. Somebody please help me???? Anybody know what to do??? I freaking out a little bit :(

So far only solution to the Hung Apple logo is

Restore back to 6.1.4
Upgrade to 7 Beta 1 / restore backup
The next step is what seems to fix the hung / freeze issue that everyone is having
Reset all settings - this will only reset network / other settings like wifi etc, you won't lose any content.
Then upgrade to Beta 2,

Seems to have fixed it for me and also many other people experiencing similar problems.

Okay thanks, I will try. But I bought the Update IOS 7 in a store, so I would have to go back to them the get the update again right???

Sorry I am a bit confused as to how you can buy a Beta version from a store? I assume you won't have the IOS 7 file with you then, you can easily download this from the internet.

for the time being you should be able to update it through the Itunes on your computer, make sure its the latest version of Itunes. plug in your Iphone, hold the home and power button at the top for 10 seconds, let go of of power button and Itunes will detect it in Recovery mode. Then follow the instructions by restoring to 6.1.4.

It's a store who bought the developer version and is now selling it to its costumer. Where on the internet can I download it by myself??

I have restored my phone and it is now set back to the 6.1.4 version.

Register as an apple developer for $99 on the apple developer site and have a lagitamite version registered to your serial number. You run the risk of bricking your phone with an unregistered copy. If you are not sure on how to do this, maybe wait for the official version to come out. These betas are buggy and not intended for primary use phones. Good luck.

Yes that is true, this stuck on loading issue is actually very problematic even for developers, the dev forums are riddled with this problem and so far no active solutions.

iOS 7 on the iPad 4 is awesome. A few bugs here and there, but overall I haven't experienced anything that would force me to go back to iOS6

the strange thing is I've got Beta2 installed, I've got the new Voicememo app and all the new features of the beta2, but I've got no option to change the Gender of Siri!

i've been stuck for more that 4hours in the apple logo installing ios7 beta 2. I need help. What should i do :(

Hey guess.
My iphone is stucked in the installation process of ios7 beta 2. It cannot be found to iTunes or cannot be switched on. It keeps on repeating and repeating to install the ios 7 beta 2. Can any one help me to restore the my phone please