Apple releases iOS 7 beta for iPad and iPad mini

Apple releases iOS 7 beta for iPad

The just-released iOS 7 beta 2 has now hit Apple's developer portal and the big news is -- an iPad version is now available for download alongside the iPhone and iPod touch version. Two weeks ago, at WWDC 2013, Apple released iOS 7 beta 1 but restricted it to iPhone and iPod touch only, saying an iOS 7 beta for iPad would coming in the following weeks.

Looks like those weeks have followed. If you're an iPad developer and you've been waiting on it, go get it at

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Apple releases iOS 7 beta for iPad and iPad mini


U can use four finger swipe up and it bring the cards style multitasking just like in iPhone. But on the iPad it looks a bit unusual. Needs getting used to.

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I restored back to 6.1.3 - my local paper's e-edition PDFs would not display properly in Safari... AirPlay of an audio stream to my AppleTV dropped out frequently... multitasking was quirky... And Navigon app doesn't work with iOS7.