Apple tells developers to get ready for the new App Store kids categories

Apple tells developers to get ready for the new App Store kids categories

Following up on the WWDC 2013, announcement of new iOS 7 kids categories for the App Store, Apple has emailed registered developers in order to help them prepare any child-friendly apps they may be submitting when it goes live. The email says, in part:

You can only choose one age range for each app. Apps approved for the Kids category will still have a primary and secondary category, but will also appear in a new, separate area of the App Store. To assign the Kids category to an already existing app, submit a new version of your app for review. Starting this fall, the currently existing Kids subcategory for game apps will no longer be displayed on the App Store.

Categories remain ages 5 & under, ages 6–8, and ages 9–11. We've been lobbying for a kids category for a long time, and it's great to see Apple doing not just that, but doing it by age, and putting some real effort behind it.

Kids categories should go live when iOS 7 launches, possibly as soon as mid-September. If you're working on a kinds app, let us know!

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Apple tells developers to get ready for the new App Store kids categories


On this subject, I think a little discussion on the ethics of freemium kids apps would be nice too. In my experience, kids apps tend to be more expensive in the long run than any other app because of in-app purchases that prey on children fixation on games and characters.

I do realize that Apple is a business and is not alone in this, kids channels are just as cruel with massive advertisement, but it can feel like a scam from time to time.