Apple's Black Friday Sale goes live in Australia: Save on iPad, iPod touch

Apple 2010 Black Friday sale on iPad, iPod touch

Want to save money n a brand new iPad or iPod touch during Apple's annual Black Friday sale? Well if Australia is any indication, you're in luck. iPad is showing a AUS$51 reduction across the line, iPod touch from AUS$25 to $51 depending on model, and iPod nano from AUS$15 to $25 depending on model.

Since Australia is in the future it makes sense the sales start there and then slowly make their way across Asia, Europe, and eventually North America, and while it's not a lock everyone will get the same products discounted by the same amounts, it's a fairly good indicator.

If you're trying to decide between an iPad and a MacBook Air, or whether to get an iPad now or wait until iPad 2, check out TiPb TV for our advice.

Let us know when your local Apple Retail or Apple Online store Black Friday sales go live and what the discounts look like. Happy shopping!

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Apple's Black Friday Sale goes live in Australia: Save on iPad, iPod touch


Maybe its a stupid question, but why does Australia even get a Black Friday sale? Its the day after Thanksgiving - an American holiday. But either way, sounds great.

@calsccr9 - Black Friday is a consumer holiday, if one place started it, everyone else has to follow suit to stay competitive. At least that's my guess.
@Mr., what's that in American & Canadian dollars? How much of a discount could that mean for tomorrow? I don't speak Ausie, sorry.

Oh, and here's an even more important question...can one add Black Friday discount prices to Education pricing? Cause that's a serious deal if you can, it's just another day if you have EDU pricing.

CURRENCY conversion questions, go to and follow the easy instructions.
@Trevor: That's what I have been trying to figure out as well: .edu or military discounts on top of Black Friday discounted pricing or is it one or the other? My guess is that you can't have both.

Wait for iPad2 if I'd get one at all. The specs on iPad are just to lack-luster, maybe revision 2 will do better. If not the competitors certainly will next year.

I'm Aussie and I tried putting my education discount on top of the special prices. Of course, the savings don't stack up, literally! They just overwrite each other to whatever is the cheapest out of the 2 discounts :(

I am a dead heart fan of apple. All the prodcuts from apple is catched my eyes. And the newest product macbook air are so charming. The look of macbook air is the best part.