AT&T's A-List is Now Available


Starting today AT&T has flipped the switch on their A-List unlimited calling feature. The complete details are as follows:

  • Individual plans 900+ minutes ($59.99 and over) per month, and FamilyTalk plans 1400+ minutes ($89.99 and over) per month qualify for A-List
  • No extra charge with your qualifying plan
  • Add up to 5 numbers on your individual plan
  • Add up to 10 numbers on your FamilyTalk plan
  • Add any domestic number, on any network – including landline numbers
  • Update your list online as often as you want, right from your myWireless Account

For those of you who do meet these requirements, you can now log into your online account and set up your A-List! For those of us who are less fortunate and do not meet AT&T's required plans, would you pay a few extra bucks a month to get A-List?

[Thanks for the tip Gregg!]

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Reader comments

AT&T's A-List is Now Available


Don't need it when I have ~4500 roll over minutes. Most of my phone usage is at night or weekend anyways.

Yeah I never use that many minutes. I also read that its 10 numbers "per family member" So if you have 4 phones you get 40 numbers.

This is a big bonus from me, when you sign-up, it says calls 'to' and 'from' which is great.

I'd pay $10 a month for it.
We were just looking at upping our minutes which would have been $20 and been too many minutes. So we were hesitant.
BUT we're on a qualifying family plan. So free is better. We're gonna have so many rollover minutes now....
(I read it as 10 total for a qualifying family plan, 5 for qualifying individual.
And AT&T clarified the other day that it's TO and FROM your numbers)

No, I would not pay extra. I think AT&T messed up with this one though. Why couldn't it be based on the revenue they receive from you like all their other products. Even the rep I talked to was baffled as to why they did it this way. I guess I could cancel my Unity plan and get the 1400 minute plan (up from the 700) but I really don't guess I don't understand their logic.

...I pay $177/month, but because I'm on the FamilyTalk 700 I don't qualify. I hate to leave my iPhone, but I'm changing to Sprint and getting HTC Heroes for my wife and I. $130/month + fees for both phones with 1400 minutes and unlimited texting, MMS, and data on both phones, versus $157/month + fees (which brings the cost to $177 or more every month) for 700 minutes, 1500 texts on my iPhone, unlimited on wife's and my mother's phone (she's changing to her own plan anyway), and the Any Mobile, Any Time goodness.
If only I could find such a plan and keep my iPhone, but I think the Hero will be a nice replacement anyway.

@BBYM, yeah there was some confusion with it. People were saying on AT&Ts facebook it was 10 per user on Family. And AT&T responded to it. But it looks like it could have been understood either way. here is the clarification...
Customers on qualifying current individual AT&T Nation, Unity, or iPhone 3G plans of $59.99 (900 minutes) or more can choose up to 5 A-List numbers. Customers on FamilyTalk AT&T Nation, Unity, or iPhone 3G plans of $89.99 (1400 minutes) or more can choose up to 10 A-List numbers for the entire FamilyTalk group.

I use less than 200 minutes a month, I have close to 5,000 rollover minutes I'll never use, and most of the people I talk to have AT&T also. However, they won't let me send one text message without charging me an additional 15¢ (or whatever it is).
Uhhh.... no thanks.

Yay google voice. I only need one phone number on my A list and I can make all my calls free!! Yes!!!

I guess they want us to talk more and use less data, talking must be cheap, 10 unlimited numbers is like have an unlimited plan

Wow it is funny when people get the smug ... "uhhhhh no thanks I use less than 200 minutes a month", (from another forum) "this plan sucks why add this when I don't use more than 500 minutes a month and have rollover minutes" or "no thanks I have lots of minutes in rollover"
So what? Nobody cares about YOUR usage. This is an awesome idea I always run out of minutes a month and I have 1400 minutes on a family plan.

I think this plan is awesome for people who are eligible for the plan. For me it does not make sense to upgrade. I am currently using the 700 min plan & the next upgrade is the 1400 min plan. That is what I don't like! They need some sort of in between plan, b/c going from 700 min to a 1400 min plan is crazy. If i did upgrade it would not matter if I signed up for the A-List program b/c I would have 500+ rollover min each month..... AT&T just needs better restructured plans & dare I say FREE SMS!!! Thank you Google Voice :)

Most of my friends are AT&T, so no minutes used there, and with rollover, I've got enough talk minutes to get through the worst of mid-life crises! I more of an e-mailer, anyway.
Where's my MMS? Friday? Really?

Anyone with a teenager on their plan would be happy to have this.
In our case, we overbought when signing up for our plan, and have 10 thousand roll-over minutes banked, and most of our calls are business calls to a wide variety of numbers, so this would not work for us. We may cut our plan back to fewer minutes for a year.

@Christopher Cox:

Wow it is funny when people get the smug … “uhhhhh no thanks I use less than 200 minutes a month”... So what? Nobody cares about YOUR usage.

Did you read the article? The last sentence asks "would you pay a few extra bucks a month to get A-List? Why would you believe your answers are more important than others' answers? Never mind. Nobody cares. :roll:

I went from the 450 minute to the 900 minute plan just so I would qualify. I talk to my mother for an hour every day - on her landline. That's 1200 weekday minutes right there. And no, due to time difference and social commitments, we can't talk at night. This is a godsend for me.
Adding in a Google Voice number as a VIP number? It's like saying unlimited talk for $59/month.
Those of you still hungering for text messaging - try WhatsApp for your iPhone contacts. It amounts to free sms.

AT&T should be coming out with an iPhone App update to allow you to change your settings from your phone.

AT&T: :x "Those of you who have given us hundreds of dollars too much and would now like to send a few measly text messages out of your thousands of unused rollover minutes... screw you! We won't even let you send ONE text in exchange for a thousand of your minutes! But you can cough up another $20 if you'd like!"
Now you know who's paying for your "FREE" A-List numbers. You're welcome.

Not worth it to me. I have the 450 plan. The last couple of months, I have been dipping into the rollover minutes. If I upgrade to the 900 plan, there would be more than enough minutes. I periodically add and subtract the $8.99, 7 PM N&W. That lets me build my rollover for when I need them.

If one signs up for the A-List, do they still get unlimited mobile to mobile minutes? I did not see it mentioned, even when searching the FAQ, so I wonder if you would lose it by being on the A-List.
For me, the A-List would save me about $60 a month as I could consolidate my wife's unlimited minutes plan into my family plan and use the A-List to make up for her no longer having unlimited minutes, especially since a big chunk of minutes go to her Google Voice number.
If being on the A-List takes away the unlimited mobile to mobile minutes, then the A-List is not as appealing since I use a lot of minutes talking to other AT&T mobile numbers.

1400 = too many minutes for a couple under a family plan, and 700 minutes = almost not enough, yet there's no A-List. Really dumb.

I would pay 10 bucks for the feature, I am unwilling to spend an extra 30 to get it for free.

It's really great to see Sprint leading the way with everything plans--I knew that would spur competition and lower prices for AT&T's plans. I know this will benefit many people...especially folks that love to talk lots. I have a 15% discount on my monthly rate plan, and I only have the 450 minutes/5000 weekend minutes plan, but pay $33.99 for it monthly. Already paying lots for the iPhone data plan and 1500 monthly texts, and I have tons of rollover minutes. Besides, my calls are normally on weekends and nights. Great plan, hope the competition keeps up--consumers always benefit.

I've always hated Att plans but I don't know why anyone would get mad about this plan! They're not ever charging for it! Me and my wife have people that we call alot on sprint and we are always close to going over by the end of our cycle and we have 1400 min. I'm happy we finally won't have to worry about minutes!

And you are making your misguided assumptions based on .... ? 1400 minutes is not enough. A-list is freaking awesome. If you can't make use of it ... Then you can't make use of it. It wasn't there before and people were fine. People just need something to whine about.

Who cares I don't pay for my phone bills AT&T does haha but my iPhone 3gs wasn't free. THANK's 4 Paying my phone AT&T.....

The A-List feature is not listed for me. I called AT&T and they said that they are having issues with it. Can they role anything out without screwing up? I have the 2000 minutes national plan. Is anyone having trouble adding this feature with that plan?

The A-List feature is not listed for me. I called AT&T and they said that they are having issues with it. Can they roll anything out without ******** up? I have the 2000 minute national plan. Is anyone having trouble adding this feature with that plan?

wait...sprint is doing unlimited mobile to mobile and we are just doing A-List of "5" people? Why...oh that's right, we have the iPhone, duh! Put the noses in the air and look down upon thee....

This is awesome. Im on a 1400 family plan and come close each month to our limit. Most months, were are using roll over minutes by the end date. This will help us save a ton of minutes.

I for one am really happy about this. I don't have a landline and I'm on a family plan that has 2100 minutes and we ALWAYS cut it very close...very. We have rollover here and there but most of the numbers I talk to are landlines because my friends all get shitty reception in there house (Verizon).
I can then jump down to the lowest qualifying plan once I see a real savings in minutes used. I'm happy. See me smiling?

iPhone, why do I need unlimited minutes for a few people? I just text anyway....... currently at 1188 rollover minutes.

i use my iphones on a family plan for work and such... i always use close to or over the 2100 minutes... hopefully this'll let me cut down to the 1400 minute plan. i was able to set this up last night but my numbers are still Pending... it's almost been 24 hours... hope they activate before i head into work in the morning!

Great for me bc I do have a teenager on my plan who is burning up my minutes talking to his girlfriend. Also, the rollover are expiring bc I rolled them over last year BEFORE I added a line for him. Haha. So the A-List couldn't come out at a better time for me. I am pleased. I am however really agitated about the 3G Microcell. I wanted it bc I live in the country and have close to no service bc I live off the road, but I refuse to pay a monthly fee to use it. Ridiculous.

yeah i second the google voice thing. i just wonder if at&t will find the origin of the google voice number, tell apple that you jailbroke your phone, thereby voiding your warranty.

Sounds to me a little bit more of a push to bring people from other who have similar feature. I'm on tmobile with 300 min and myFav I use less then 100 minutes a month. With unlimited 3g and text I pay 80 and change after tax per month. Considered switching to At&t for a wider 3g coverage area but paying an extra 30 to 40 a month is a turn off. This makes it seem a little less painful.

no they wouldn't do this. #1) an apple spanking really doesn't scare most people that jailbreak. #2) apples warranty is only 1year anyway. #3) if you bought an apple extended warranty then (slap) you should have bought it through because they don't care what you do with your Iphone. If itsbroke they fix or replace by cutting you a check for full retail value. Bring on AT&T investigation. I use 7-10gb of my (fair use policy) unlimited data plan and they have said jack. Paying 167.00/ month for family550 and still have 1233 roll over and still banking more each month.

I would pay $10 for the a-list. It would also be nice to have a family plan between 700 and 1400 minutes per month

Nah, give me the Sprint Unlimited mobile to mobile. I guess the A-list be unlimited anything if you set your google voice number as one of the numbers for unlimited. Another reason to jailbreak and add GVMobile :)


How is FREE not worth it? Are you that stupid?

Again, read the article. It was ask of those of us NOT qualified if we would be willing to spend the extra few bucks for this. It was never asked to those of you who ARE qualified "Hey, would you guys be against having something for free?"
Josh isn't stupid. He read the article. Did you?

And why are people getting away with calling people ignorant, and stupid, and idiots? Are those the only visitors TiPb wants left around here when everyone else eventually leaves because of it?

Not to be an a-hole, but this isn't iPhone news. Or, if TiPB is going to post crap like this, would TiPB do the rest of the world a favour and post little promotions and deals from all our regional carriers, too? Or change nothing and I'll just stick to reading TUAW's iPhone news.

Wow. I never read so many complaints about getting something free. I know it's not for everybody, so it's good to have a choice. I've been happy with Sprint for 10 plus years but once I got the itouch, the iphone was soon to follow. Still was slow to change, but with the A-List, it made it an easy choice. With 10 numbers for a family of four, I hope to watch the rollover minutes add up. Best of all, what will these companies do next to win us over?

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Everyone hoping to use google voice with a-list better realize that incoming calls, despite showing up as your google voice number on your phones caller id will show up as your cell phone number on the atnt bill and go against your minutes.

That is the answer to the question I have been trying to answer for the past hour. The next is, are you sure? How do you know this?

I know this is 8 months late, but:
Shanghei is completely wrong. Unless you did something really dumb like port your AT&T cell number over to Google Voice instead of accepting a unique Google Voice number, it's just another number to AT&T or anyone else. If your cell number is 123-456-7890 and you use it to call your Google Voice number (or use your Google Voice number to call your cell number) which is 098-765-4321, and you have 098-754-4321 on your A-List, none of your banked cell minutes will be used.