Awesome iPhone and iPad apps and updates - August 19, 2010


We're shifting our focus from iOS 4 compatibility updates to any iPhone or iPad app or game, new or updated, that seems especially awesome.   So if you guys see anything you think deserves some special attention, let us know in the comments and we'll look at including it in a future roundup!  Continue on to see what we found this time!


Pandora recently updated their current app to support hi-res images on the iPhone 4. It also fixes several issues with the last version of Pandora. This will also change control settings for volume control and fix crash issues. Since downloading this update, Pandora's been a lot more stable for me. How's it been for you guys?

[iTunes Link] is a great service for sharing files and viewing them on the go. They offer free accounts as well as paid accounts. There's a lot of options for file storage and sharing out there, and is definitely a worthy competitor. This update adds fast app switching as well as some tweaks to the general UI. It also adds speed improvements for viewing files by adding caching. If you have it, grab the update, if you don't, try it out and let us know what you think!

[iTunes Link]

Cannon Cadets

Cannon Cadets is a new game coming to us by the same people responsible for Little Metal Ball. (If you don't have Little Metal Ball, check that one out too!) Most of their games are physics based games that require maneuvering and use of the accelerometer. This game combines a story into puzzles and 80 graphically awesome levels. Definitely worth a try. You can also choose an in-app purchase that'll allow you to unlock all the levels if you want to skip around instead of playing in order. If you pick it up, let us know what you think!

[iTunes Link]

Photoshop Express

Photoshop has long been a favorite of many graphic junkies, and while the iPhone and iPad (yes, I said iPad) versions of Photoshop won't do you any good for hardcore editing, for on the go picture editing and adding fun little tweaks to your pictures, Photoshop Express is great. This version adds compatibility for iPad too! This version also allows native uploading to and Facebook. The general UI seems to be revamped a bit as well as some of the workflow spaces.

[iTunes Link]

Dragon Medical

This app is mainly focused on professionals in the medical industry. You can use voice controls in order to look up drug interactions, diagnosis information, and much more. It aggregates from some of the more popular databases on the internet. So if you're a medical professional or student in the medical field, it may be an app worth a second look.

[iTunes Link]

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Awesome iPhone and iPad apps and updates - August 19, 2010


I wish developers put as much work into applications for other mobile devices as they do for iOS. I don't want thousands of applications on my smartphone but I want the 5 or so that I do have to be amazing. In that respect you guys have it good!

@JM after my brief foray with Android, i completely understand. especially as a 3 year iPhone user, it was hard having to scour for "quality" apps. that was the biggest downfall of android i think. people complain about the App Store's approval process and strict guidelines, but in the end, quality apps are produced. i respect that android is completely open but when users have NO guidelines or restrictions, it allows junk to flow into the market. when people can post other developer's work and charge for it (i read that happened recently), there's a problem with that. i DO think apple is a little too strict and limits developers to only what core functions they "want" them to access, and they need to loosen up, but android needs to put some kind of approval process in place. blackberry app world is ok but blackberry apps are always expensive and there's a big gap in functionality from what i've seen.

It still costs a bit less to buy with AT&T contract and then pay the early termination fee, than it does do buy an unlocked version overseas.

Great article allyson....did you happen to Check out cool educational app for kids called Josh and Emma go to the beach. I bet all 2 to 6 year olds love it!