Best alternative mail apps for Mac: Airmail, Postbox, Inky, and more!

From quick and easy to productivity powerhouse, these are the best alternative mail apps for Mac

OS X Maverick's comes with the perfectly serviceable — unless you're a hardcore Gmail user, but for some it's either too much email client... or not enough. Luckily, there are several really good email client alternatives for the Mac. But which is the best replacement for you? Here are our favorites!


Best alternative Mail apps for Mac: Airmail

Airmail is one of the most feature rich emails clients you're going to find for Mac that supports a plethora of different account types, including Exchange. If you archive mail to search later, you'll love the send and archive feature as well as the option to delete or archive mail via keyboard shortcuts. You've got a unified inbox, an unlimited number of accounts, support for aliases, Gmail shortcuts, and more. Airmail also integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, CloudApp, and Droplr for attachments.

If you want complete control combined with lots of versatility, or need Exchange support, get Airmail.


Best alternative Mail apps for Mac: Inky

Inky aims to streamline the way we handle mail by sorting things by relevance, setting your work, social, and other kinds of emails into separate groups for you to deal with as you need to. One of the most convenient features of Inky is the unified login process. Create an Inky account and it remembers your settings. Need to set up Inky on another computer? Just sign in. That's it. All your account settings comes down.

If you need help organizing or compartmentalizing your email in order to know what needs your attention right now, get Inky.

Mail Pilot

Best alternative Mail apps for Mac: Mail Pilot

Mail Pilot, which is currently in public beta, can help you organize your inbox and keep it that way. For people who rely on email in order to conduct business or form their task lists, Mail Pilot's unique lists feature can help you do so. Combine that with the option to manage your inbox like a task list and integrate with Mail Pilot for iOS and you'll be organized in no time. Mail Pilot supports all standard IMAP accounts, has gesture control options, and support for aliases.

If your want a task list more than do an actual inbox, take a look at Mail Pilot.

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Best alternative Mail apps for Mac: Postbox

Postbox is very much like Mac Mail but with more features and better actual, you know, mail handling. For Gmail users, Postbox supports labels, Gmail specific keyboard shortcuts, and more. Postbox also supports Dropbox for attachment handling which results in emails sending faster. One of my favorite features of Postbox is the Summarize feature when composing messages. You'll see all replies below in a quick to read summary without having to dig through past messages first. Postbox supports any POP or IMAP email types.

If you like Mac Mail but find it missing some basic functionality, Postbox is what you want.


Best alternative Mail apps for Mac: Unibox

Unibox is a different kind of email client for Mac that focuses more on a great visual experience than anything. Like all the others, your inbox is unified, but Unibox actually sorts by timeframe. Unibox currently supports Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail, IMAP enabled Exchange accounts, and more. Attachment handling in Unibox also allows for larger thumbnail previews inside emails without actually having to open anything. Unibox may not be a productivity power house but it wasn't meant to be.

For casual email users that want a more visually appealing experience than what Mac Mail offers, check out Unibox.

Your picks?

We know how much of a personal choice using mail clients are and while these are our favorite choices, we want to know what you use. Did you pick one of the mail apps mentioned above or do you use something else? Let us know what you use and why in the comments!