Best Buy debuts Black Friday deals, iPad Air starting at $449

Following on from Target, Best Buy has now launched its own Black Friday deals pages, with one of the headline offers being a new 16GB iPad Air for just $449. That's a $50 saving over the regular Apple retail price, and will be available – if you can get it – between November 28 and November 30.

Other savings on Apple products include $200 off the price of a 21.5-inch iMac, $150 off the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, $50 off a 32GB iPod touch and smaller savings on the Apple TV and AirPort Express. Since we don't often get price cuts on Apple products, Best Buy's prices look pretty tempting.

Take a look at the full offering over on the Best Buy Black Friday site at the source link below. Anything jumping out as a must buy?

Source: Best Buy

Richard Devine

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EPJS says:

"Since we don't that often get price cuts on Apple products, Best Buy's prices look pretty tempting."

That last sentence doesn't look right. "Since we don't that often..." Shouldn't it be "Since we don't often..."

WowItsHuge says:

What's with the pic?

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g_gore says:

Sorry but I won't shop at the retailer who's forcing its employees to work on a national holiday. Black Friday starts at midnight on Friday, not at 6pm on Thanksgiving.