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Best iPhone and iPad apps for college students: Evernote, Notability, iTunes U, and more!

The best iPhone and iPad apps to help college students study smarter, stay more organized, and manage their time efficiently!

Whether you're heading off to college for the first time or returning for another year of study, a masters, a doctorate, or even a post doc, an iPhone or iPad can make for a great companion for studying, note-taking, storing your work, and so much more. The App Store is filled with apps to help set you up for success and be more productive than ever. Here are some of my favorites.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro may be on our list of best apps for high school students but that doesn't mean it isn't college worthy as well. With push notifications to tell you when an assignment or task is due, it's a great way to make sure you stay on top of courses all semester long. You can add your schedule to make sure you never miss a class or recitation with many support modes for semesters, trimesters, and more. Track your assignments in only a few taps and set up notifications for study time or due dates so you make sure everything is ready for when you get to class.

If you have a heavy course load or typically have trouble delegating time to different assignments, get iStudiez Pro.


Evernote is hands down one of the best note taking apps available, with support for tags, separate notebooks, iCloud sync, and more. You can even take photos of a blackboard or syllabus and tag it accordingly for specific courses. With great syncing support, you can access your notes through the Evernote app for iPhone and iPad or directly on your Mac.

If you need a way to efficiently take notes and find them at a moment's notice, there's no better option available than Evernote.


It's essential to have somewhere to store all your assignments and documents. From lecture notes to syllabus' to term papers, Dropbox can store it all. When you sign up, you get 2GB of storage for free with paid options available for lots more storage. Dropbox will give you access to your files straight from your iPhone, iPad, or computer. With apps for virtually every platform and web access for everything in between, you'll never find yourself forgetting an important document or paper again.

If you need a central place to store all your media and documents so you always have them within reach, get Dropbox.

iTunes U

iTunes U is a great resources for anyone, whether your university supports it or not. If it does, there's a good chance you can find lectures and class material available for download straight to your iPhone or iPad. For those that don't have iTunes U support yet, it's still a great supplementary study tool that's sure to have tons of videos and lecture material on topics you're currently studying. You can sign up for automatic downloads for courses you're interested in as well which means you don't even have to remember to go grab new lessons.

If you want a good supplementary learning tool or a fallback plan to study topics you're having trouble grasping, get iTunes U.

Pages, Keynote, and Numbers

You spend a lot of time in college writing papers, preparing presentations, and collecting data. Apple's iWork series is available for both Mac and iOS. With iCloud sync, all your papers, spreadsheets, and presentations will stay in sync no matter where you are or what device you're working on. Since they're available for purchase separately, you can purchase only the ones you need. You also have the ability to export to .doc, .xls, and .ppt formats so PC users can open and share your documents as well.

If you own a Mac or need to use an iPhone or iPad to write papers and put together spreadsheet or Powerpoint assignments, get Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.


Notability is another popular note-taking app that not only lets you take typed notes, but handwritten ones as well. On top of that, you also get options for annotating documents and recording capabilities. This makes it perfect for notating and highlighting papers and lab sheets. As for lectures, using the voice recording option makes it easier than ever to refer to later. It's also a good tool for recording yourself if you need to practice for a speech or presentation. Notability has support for both iPhone and iPad and will sync your notes between the two with no effort on your part.

If you attend a lot of lectures you'd like to be able to record or need to take handwritten notes for math and science courses, get Notability.

Quick Graph+

Quick Graph+ is not only ridiculously cheaper than a graphing calculator, it's a lot more convenient and makes for one less thing to carry around. With the ability to plot graphs and so much more, it's a good option for those taking math courses. Quick Graph+ supports cartesian, polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems as well as hyperbolic and inverse functions. You are also given access to a common function library that makes finding and analyzing data quicker. Quick Graph+ is also a universal download for both iPhone and iPad.

If you're taking math classes while away at college, Quick Graph+ is a must have.

  • $1.99 - [Download Now]( -your-scientific/id541477533?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)

Your picks for best iPhone and iPad apps for college students?

We know there are lots of you out there that are either in college or toted an iPhone and iPad around while you were there. Which apps did you find most useful for taking notes, keeping up with assignments, and helping you study? Make sure you let us know in the comments!

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Jorge Bronze says:

I would really rank Wunderlist as one of the best apps for university. Combined with Evernote there's not much more that you need!

jgabler5025 says:

I'd include Office Mobile. A lot of schools provide discounts on Office 365 U, and even if they don't, Microsoft does, and it works quite well with Mobile. I did some last minute edits to my Philosophy paper this past year using it.

austeane says:

I would include NoteSuite.
It is new to the scene, and basically copied Notability for its notetaking services. I think it is as good as you could want for notes, and then it adds great productivity/to-do list functionality. It is great because it deeply links your notes and assignments with your to-do lists.
Its basically Omnifocus-lite and Notability-lite, in one app.

emjayess says:

I'm surprised you didn't mention that the handwriting app, Penultimate, was acquired by Evernote and is nicely integrated; therefore, this eliminates the need for Notability--nice though it is. I used to use Notability, but now have no need for it with my Evernote app etc.

linsiris says:

Besides Dropbox there are other options that not only let you store but also edit your files, like SkyDrive and Google Drive and as for space "Copy" gives the more storage for free, starting with 50GB with a free account 5GB per referral, unlike dropbox that gives you only like 250MB. All of them have iOS apps.

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Eli Benson says:

I'd check out as well. Really easy way for students to carry on with their day and earn income every hour. Every college student should know about AdMobilize.

parametr says:

I would also add Campus Quad, Wordfolio and Sleep Cycle to this awesome list.

David Yana says:

With your iPad you can also use iTakeClassNotes released in June 2014 which is a free complete course notes app that uses all the media features of the iPad (photo, mic, drawings) and allows you to share the notes on the cloud (Dropbox, GoogleDrive) or social networks (Facebook, Twitter)