Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Lightroom, Photoshop, Snapseed, and more!

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Lightroom, Photoshop, Snapseed, and more!

The best iPhone apps that offer advanced editing tools for tweaking and perfecting your photos on the go!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you edit and tweak your photos to perfection while on the go? As the cameras in our iPhones get better and better, so do the editing tools that are available to us on the App Store. From making a photo brighter to adding a blur effect and even spot healing, great photo editing apps are leaving less of a need for traditional desktop editing software. An iPhone paired with some great photo editing apps let you instantly share your photos seconds after you snap them. But what photo editing apps for iPhone are the best of the best?

Adobe Lightroom

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Lightroom Mobile

Adobe's Lightroom desktop app is arguably one of the best ways to organize and edit your photos. That experience can also be had in the palm of your hand if you're a Creative Cloud user. Since the mobile version of Lightroom can sync with your desktop version, you can pick up editing right where you left off. Adjust exposure, white balance, highlights, shadows, and tons more just as you would with Lightroom on your desktop. Once you're done all your changes are synced to all instances of Lightroom. Lightroom can even read RAW image files right from your DSLR, which is something many other photo editing apps can't touch.

If you're a Creative Cloud subscriber and want the power of Lightroom in your palm, Adobe Lightroom for iPhone is a must-have.

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Adobe Photoshop Touch

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch brings a lot of the powerful editing features of Photoshop to your iPhone. Add layers, tweak levels, apply filers, and reduce noise in just a few taps and gestures. Many of the same editing tools that are available on the desktop have been recreated for a touch interface including refine edge, filter brushes, and much more. If you've got a Creative Cloud account, you can link it up and sync your edits and changes to other instances of Photoshop as well.

For serious editing on the go of files up to 12 MB in size, look no further than Photoshop Touch.

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Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Snapseed

Snapseed has been one of my goto photo editing apps since forever. My main reason for this is because of the simple interface and ease of use. This allows you to edit a photo and tweak it to your liking in just a matter of seconds. You can even save edits over previous edits for a stronger effect if you'd like. Snapseed also has a robust collection of filters that you can apply if you'd like. Once you're done you can share your photo on many social services or download it directly to your iPhone's Camera Roll.

For basic to intermediate editing tools combined with a decent amount of effects and filters, Snapseed is your one stop shop.


Best photo editing apps for iPhone: iPhoto

iPhoto is Apple's official photo organizing and editing app for both iOS and Mac. With iPhoto you can choose from many presets to enhance and improve your photos or edit details on your own individually. iPhoto's Smart Browsing feature will let folks who have thousands of files find what they're looking for in mere seconds. iPhoto features multitouch editing for many tools and many brushes and filters to help you achieve the effect you're looking for. Once you're done you can even send your photos off to Apple who will print and mail them to you.

If you're willing to forego a few powerful editing options for ease of use and great organizational tools, iPhoto is a great option.

Pixlr Express

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express lets you import existing photos and tweak tons of levels and presets until the resulting image is exactly what you want. Change focal points, add blur effects, sharpen, smooth, and adjust levels in just a few taps. Once you've got the image you want, export the resulting image to your Camera Roll or share it immediately with your social networks.

For quick editing in an app that's simple to use and understand, Pixlr Express will fit the bill for most folks.

Your picks for best photo editing apps for iPhone?

If you consider yourself an iPhoneographer, what apps do you use to perform more advanced edits on the go? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Lightroom, Photoshop, Snapseed, and more!


I've tried other apps but I end up going back to Camera+ for a lot of my quick edits (crop, color/tint adjustments, occasional filter). Just downloaded PhotoShop Express and going to see how that works for more significant edits.

ProCamera 7 (has built-in advanced editing tools so you can tweak/prime photos in the lightbox before saving them to the camera roll), Photogene 4, VSCOCam (has more tools than just filters), Snapseed, Photoshop Touch, CameraBag2.

My most-used is ArtStudio. I have no love for the UI and would love to replace it, but one function I need that I don't see in any of these is adjusting canvas size. My end result is akin to what you'd do for Instagram, a 1:1 image, starting from a non-square image, but sometimes to sample one of the colors (eyedropper tool) and fill in the bars that made the image square (paint bucket tool). Any other photo editors do this well?

I'm normally a fan and regular user of Snapseed, but lately I have been using Darklight a lot. I find the UI very intuitive and easy to use.

Another vote for ProCamera 7... I keep trying other photo editing apps, but I end up going back to PC 7. It has all the editing functions I need and they are all high quality. I also have Fotor and Litely on my iPhone, but I don't use them much.

ProCamera 7 is my favorite all around photo editing app. Camera+ does a few things really well. iPhoto does a few things well. I'm not a filter person. Most filters I don't like.

I cannot find an easy to use app that lets me cut an item out of a photo and place it in another. Sometimes I need to add or remove people in a photo and need an app that will exactly cut an image out. I have photoshop, but struggle through it because it is not intuitive enough for me. Thanks so much!