Cyber Monday game and app sales for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

We somehow survived Black Friday, and the weekend of savings finishes off with Cyber Monday sales. We're here to point you to the best deals on apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac in the App Store. We'll be updating this list all day long, so feel free to let us know in the comments about any sales on iOS or OS X apps you find. Be sure to act fast - these price cuts aren't sticking around for long. Updates will be made at the bottom of each list, so refresh often and keep scrolling. If you're looking for hardware, be sure to check out our massive round-up over here!

Without further ado...

iPhone Cyber Monday sales



iPad Cyber Monday sales



Mac Cyber Monday sales



Any of your favorite apps on sale?

As we find more of our favorite apps and games on sale, we'll keep adding them to the list. If any of your favorite apps or games are on sale, let us know in the comments below!

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Cyber Monday game and app sales for iPhone, iPad, and Mac


Pocket Informant are having a sale, Friday/Saturday.

Pocket Informant Pro - $6.99
Pocket Informant Go - $1.99
Pocket Informant 3 for Android - $6.99

Thank you very much for the list! I'm thinking of getting Limbo and Rayman Jungle Run. I remember playing Limbo on my PC and it was a blast. And, I've read a lot of reviews of Rayman Jungle Run and almost all of them have given it a very high rating.

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I just got Megaman X but I wish iOS 7 controllers are enabled. I'm gonna pick one up soon and it would be so much more fun with one!

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NHL2K, don't bother it's half backed. The text on the menus are a mess and render the useless.
Save your $ and move on, they should be embarrassed releasing this mess.

Thanks for the information I plan on buying a App Store card tomorrow and I'll be downloading some of the games you listed thanks again

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Exactly the list I was looking for. Got one if the $50 iTunes cards for $40 today and was looking for things to spend it in already :)

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Hi, Could you please post also our apps on Black Friday list, they are all on iPhone and Android:

Quick Diet Low carb: Now 0.99$ (before 2.99$)
Quick Diet Paleo: Now 0.99$ (before 2.99$)
Eatly: Now FREE
Quick Diet Lose weight: Now FREE

Thank you,

Thanks for the list. I think I'll get babel rising 3D, Rayman jungle run and sid meiers pirates. All the games look like pretty good games.

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I jumped on Biscuit after seing the screens on the link.
It's the best Reddit client for iPad I've tried so far!
Thx a bunch.

iPhone and iPad

SALE: NOW $0.99 (Reg. $3.00).
Partometer - camera measure tool for measuring on pictures/photos. Extends applications of your camera to size, angle, area, circle measurements.

SALE: NOW FREE (Reg. $2.00).
Millimeter - screen ruler for iPhone and iPad. Useful app for quick measurements. Use touch screen as a ruler to measure, to split objects into equal parts, measure object ratio (W/H), area, estimate diameter and angles, split circular objects into equal parts. Can be used as a Thread pitch gauge (TPI and Pitch).

Caffine has been free for years and does the same thing (prevent your Mac from sleeping)

Sine Mora, Pandemic, and Lone Wolf are all $2.99. Pandemic is too much fun, and Sine Mora is a pretty slick iOS shooter.

Just grabbed Mega Man X, and definitely getting Limbo...I just need a wifi connection which I don't have at work. I haev been wanting to get this game (Limbo) for a while, and totally forgot about it until I saw this article!

Wow awesome, already knew about infinity and downloaded right away' now I'm interested on air supremacy and pirates and civilization but don't know which one to get, the iPad or the iPhone version.
Thank you so much for this info, awesome deals.

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I've been wanting to try papa sangre. I have no clue whether or not I'll like it but it sounds incredibly unique.

On sale:
Kingdom Rush HD - $ 0.99 (from $ 2.99)
Kingdom Rush Frontier - $ 0.99 (from $ 2.99)
Kingdom Rush Frontier HD - $ 2.99 (from $ 4.99)

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I just got Limbo & Rayman Jungle Run, amazing games!! Thanks for the info iMore!!!

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As noted yesterday in the blog... Garmin & Navigon GPS apps are half price until Midnight Central Time (US)...

If you like Pimp Your Screen, and just got an iPad mini, its back in the app store. Just make sure it is pimp your screen by Apalon Apps, not wallpapers by pimp your screen. It disappeared from the app store for a wile, and is back, and free. It is not perfect, but does not download a bunch of wallpapers at once. I like it.

SmartKid Maths for iPad is free during the weekend. SmartKid Maths is a math game for preschool, 1st and 2nd grade kids.

I was waiting for Gist to go on sale so I could snag it. At .99 cents, it was too good to pass up. Thanks for the heads up guys!

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a significant number of these are no longer valid as they were Black Friday-only and not extended to/through Cyber Monday. almost the entire iPhone Apps section is no longer on sale.

Yeah, unfortunate as I missed these on Friday. Would have totally picked up XCom and a few others. Can these be updated? Shame the deals didn't carry over to today.

For some reason, I just really cannot stand that App Store picture that is posted for this article. Something about it just annoys me. lol. Sowwy. ;-)