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iMore show 549: Pseudo-random

How do you protect yourself from hacks, phishing, and other online threats? We go over your best options! Also, where's that spring Apple Event, and HomeKit lights — what's the hubbub with hubs, bub?

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iMore show 547: Switched, with Russell Holly

With Serenity and Rene away, Georgia, Lory, and Mikah invite Russell Holly on to talk USB-C vs. Lightning, Nintendo Switch, and more!

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Apple Talk 24: Big Block of Cheese Day

In the grand tradition of the West Wing, Gartenberg and Ritchie have put a 2-ton block of cheese out in the foyer of the podcast for any and all listeners who may be hungry — or have questions about Apple.

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iMore show 546: Unexpected shutdown

Rene makes fun of Georgia’s recording and then screws up his own. Mikah asks about HomeKit. Lory wants the right to repair. iOS 10.2.1 un-shuts down. And more!

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iMore show 545: iPhone 8 rumorpalooza

iPhone 8 rumors, from transparency to distance charging, WWDC comes home to San Jose, our favorite HomeKit features, and Pokémon Go Gen 2! With Georgia, Lory, Mikah, and Rene.

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iMore show 544: Crossy Borders

Pokémon Go Valentine's event, Fire Emblem Heroes, matte black iPhone 7 and 'chipping', securing your data when crossing borders, and BeatsX is here! With Georgia Dow, Lory Gil, and Rene Ritchie.

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Apple Talk 23: Apple TV, with Jason Snell

Following up on Q1 2017, Gartenberg and Ritchie speak with special guest Jason Snell of Six Colors on Apple TV: What it was meant to be, what it ended up being, and where it goes from here.

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iMore show 543: iPads for pros, with Ged Maheux

Apple's Q1 2017 results, LG UltraFine 5K fallout, iPad drawing apps, and the all-new Linea app with special guest, iMore hall-of-famer and Icon Factory co-founder Ged Maheux!

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Apple Talk 22: Q1 2017 analysis, with Neil Cybart

Special guest Neil Cybart of Above Avalon joins Gartenberg and Ritchie to talk Apple's blockbuster Q1 2017 earnings and where the company goes from here.

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iMore show 542: 'Junk but not malicious'

App Store is bringing responses to reviews, Meitu is junk… but not malicious, and the iPad turns seven. With Serenity, Georgia, Lory, Mikah, and Rene!

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