So you think you can podcast? Win a guest spot on our show! [contest]

Want to be a special guest spot on our iPhone Live! or iPad Live! podcast? Here's the thing, Rene and Chad are fine and all but I need some new blood, some fresh opinions. Could that be you?

If you think you're the one, if you think you could handle being on a live internet show, then make us a quick video titled "TiPb Podcast Contest Entry", upload it to YouTube, and paste the link in the comments below.

Keep the video short -- 1 minute is plenty -- but show us what you've got. Show us why you should be on iPhone Live! or iPad Live! Give us a rant. Give us some insight. Give us something compelling about whatever TiPb-appropriate subject you like best.

Make it creative. Make it fun. Most importantly, make it entertaining. Hell, use a muppet if you want!!

We'll pick our favorite and you'll get a guest spot on our show and all the fame and bright lights that go with it.

So why are you still reading this, get moving!!!!!!

[Thanks to @iTroldahl for the idea!]


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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stephen007 says:

Great idea! I LOVE you Renea & Georgia but I miss the Chadster. I think it's more fun to have more people & more points of view.

iTroldahl says:

So do I get a free guest spot for the idea? ;)

Georgia says:

You still have to enter!!!!
Im excited for this contest should be great fun Woot

Rene Ritchie says:

Can't wait. We have so many fantastic viewers. This is going to rock.

Andrew Wray says:

Nice video Rob! Awesome stuff!

iphone4idiots says:

I'd love to represent #TeamJailbreak. If there is anyone that proves jb is easy and you can't mess up your iPhone no matter how hard you try its me :)

Freiteez says:

Gonna make my video this weekend and hopefully have it uploaded by Monday :)

DavidSights says:

I hope you pick me! :)
If you want another video entry about my ideas and opinions about Apple and their products, feel free to let me know!

Georgia says:

Watched all the entries so far and they are great!!! Rob Kenny and David !!! Its going to be a touch choice already.
Cant wait to see the rest of the entries... who will be joining us =))

DavidSights says:

@Georgia I'm glad! Tough choices are what make contests so much fun. :)

Alan Grassia says:

Howdy Folks!
Here's my submission for the podcast. Hope to see you online soon!
Alan G

Jeff Higgins says:

Interesting to note that Rene appears to have more viewers than everyone else. Interesting... very interesting...

Brian Tufo says:

Great videos thus far guys. Keep them coming!

Little Timmy says:

Maybe I'll get a tattoo. Wins every time!

Vactor says:

Here is my submission -
and I was having so much fun I created a trailer for my submission here -

Cesar says:

Wow...that trailer Vactor did was off the chain! He should win just for that alone.

ToeJo says:

Here's my entry...
Had some real fun with my daughter making this one. Hope you like how we ham it up...

Stephen Robles says:

Top 5 Reasons I should be on the next podcast:
Also, love what TiPb does - keep at it!

@likewise7 says:

Until when do we have to submit the video?
Hope it's not TOO soon,
Recent Apple enthusiast.

JeremyEGuzman says:

Ok so finally got YouTube to work right. here is the real video. had to delete the previous.

theJDman says:

Question: Will my last post be held for Moderation because it had a link(which you asked for) to a video?

Seth Clifford says:

So I figured I had to do this, as I was thinking about it last night before bed. Here you go, what little free time I had today went to this. :D

Ed Barrick says:

Alright... here is my entry for the contest... looking forward to joining you guys soon...

Georgia says:

Ok those were Chad Awesome !!! I cant wait to see what else we get.
Hurry and get those entries in !

Greeniemax says:

I would love to enter but my voice is for silent movies and my looks are for radio.
You lucky good looking people :(

DavidSights says:

If I had known the contest would be open for so long, I might have invested more time into my entry. A part of me is considering re-entering. :P

Alan Grassia says:

Georgia hasn't announced the winner(s) yet.
Alan G

rmxrider says:

Here is my entry. (and yes, that's android on my iPad):

robCal says:

ahhhhhh rmxrider ricked rolled us!

Stubbs69 says:

OMG I thought i had done something original. sigh maybe i should look at other entries before i submit mine next time.....

iphone4idiots says:

Sooooo, did you decide the logistics were too difficult and didn't think we could figure out how to uStream into the podcast? Or, did lawyers and insurance people decide it wasn't a great idea as who knows what the person might do or say without a dump button?
Too bad - would have loved to join