Control Center in iOS 7 brings quick access to Settings, Brightness, Media Controls, and more

During WWDC 2013, Apple announced Control Center in iOS 7 that brings quick access to common settings including airplay mode, wifi, bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb. Additionally, Control Center includes a slider to adjust brightness, as well as media controls, Airplay, and recently used apps.

To access Control Center, you simply slide up from the bottom of the screen, similar to Notification Center.

Who's excited about Control Center?

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Control Center in iOS 7 brings quick access to Settings, Brightness, Media Controls, and more


This is awesome. If this the only change I would do the update. I'm constantly drilling down into Settings to switch Do Not Disturb (because I'm not one of THOSE cell phone users) and WiFi (because I don't want creepy, sleezy marketers tracking me in their stores).

webOS had this feature. It was a gesture swipe from the top right corner. This is a great implementation for iOS.

It's good to know that we as the users don't get completely ignored. We might have to wait for a while before we get what we need but we do still get it. Happy to see this control center be implemented because hitting settings then home button then settings again then home button again was god-awful.....

This is the most Microsoft updat apple has ever made. Let's put the steering wheel in the trunk,

There is no simple way to get to brightness or music unless they are launched or... Perhaps they are there just in the trunk Is there are 12 year old available?

Does anyone know how to downgrade to iOS 6?

Nice that it looks cleaner, but so what when you make this like a Microsoft word upgrade, why I stopped using office in the first place.

Total fail.