Daily Tip: How to configure Lock Screen info and Notification Center privacy options

Daily Tip: How to configure Lock Screen info and Notification Center privacy options

New to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and curious how to set up Notification Center's Lock Screen and privacy options? To help you juggle the opposing demands of convenience and security, Apple has provided several options for each app. This gives you some granular control over how much -- or how little -- glance-able information your notifications show you.

How Lock Screen info works

  • If it’s a single notification, you get a single popup.
  • If it’s multiple notifications, you get a stacked list view.
  • If it’s a single notification but there have been previous unread notifications, you get a single popup but can view the complete list by swiping down from the time/date bar (a small gripper icon indicates when this is possible.)
  • If it’s a notification along with a secondary action, for example Snooze for an alarm notification, a secondary button will also appear for that action.

You can also optionally make the LED flash go off, or set a sound/vibration as well for a Lock Screen or any notification.

Slide the icon for any notification -- just like Slide to Unlock -- to go directly to the app. (Sliding the icon, or sliding to unlock, clears all Lock Screen notifications.)

Lock Screen info and privacy settings

Note: Not all apps have all the options listed below.

  1. The Show Preview toggle is for privacy advocates. By turning this off, you'll no longer see a preview of the notification (which can include who sent email, tweets, iMessages, etc. and even some or all of the content). Instead, you'll simply be alerted of a new notification waiting.
  2. A Repeat Alert option lets you tell iOS to continue alerting you of the notification at two minute intervals. If you're trying to be discreet, this can be a big problem. If you're trying to make sure you don't miss anything, it can be a life saver. You can set it to repeat the alert up to ten times.
  3. View in Lock Screen is either your best friend or your worst nightmare. It shows your notifications even when your iPhone is asleep and locked, turning on the screen and showing you -- and anyone nearby -- everything coming your way. Turn this on if you don't want to have to unlock your iPhone to see your alerts. Turn this off if you want to keep things on the low down.

Let us know how these tips worked out for you, and if you have any questions, ask them in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Daily Tip: How to configure Lock Screen info and Notification Center privacy options


I'd love to be able to set a time parameter in which the notifications don't do anything. This would be helpful when trying to fall asleep.

This is the exact situation Tasker on Android was designed for. It's the only thing that makes me jealous of Android users.

Sadly there is no "Repeat Alert " function to enable at Calendar alerts!
If I have a meeting it should alert me until I don't push any button/or slide to stop on the phone.
Now I have no option for that, and I'll miss something soon or later...

This notification handling is SO poorly thought out! Truly, mind-bogglingly lousy... I don't want a damned banner that appears in the middle of the screen and reveals too much information, and then disappears (out of sight out of mind, anyone?) unless I set it up for multiple annoying repeats.
I want an icon at the very top - on the same "line" as the battery indicator, and I want it to stay there until I listen to/read the notification.
I am so sorry - for this and other reasons - that I let that idiot salesperson talk me away from the android platform!