The Early Edition for iPad hits 1.1 - Give-away

One of the things many of us have been waiting for when it comes to iPad apps is a great RSS newsreader and with The Early Edition for iPad 1.1, a contender is here. It includes the same great newspaper look and page-turning feel as the launch-day version but adds what amounts to a must-have feature for many -- Google Reader feed import. Here's the full changelog:

  • Sections! Now you can group & view feeds in customized categories
  • Google Reader / OPML feed & folder importing!
  • Feed discovery! Now you can enter a website URL & The Early Edition will search for discoverable feeds
  • There are now four ways to filter your news: Last Fetch, Today, All Dates & Past Editions
  • Saved state! Now when you exit the app and relaunch, it will go back to the page you were on
  • Auto-fetch will now only occur the first time you launch the app on a given day
  • Fetching now includes a progress bar as visual feedback
  • You can now cancel a fetch before it is finished
  • Speed & performance enhancements
  • Greatly improved international character support
  • UI enhancements
  • App Store links now open the App Store instead of web previews
  • New Help menu with answers to frequently asked questions
  • Bug fixes, including some feeds that were causing crashes

I've been beta testing it for a while now and I've been very happy with it, so much so that when I switched to an iPad 3G last Friday and my beta wouldn't load, I missed it.

If you want to try it for yourself, Glasshouse Apps has been gracious enough to pass along a few promo codes. Just tell us some of your favorite news feeds in the comments below and we'll pick some of you at random and give you the codes. (US iTunes Store account needed to redeem, Apple's ru

[$4.99 - iTunes]

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 140 comments. Add yours.

Big iPhone says:

1 of my top 3 favorites is netnewswire. I want to have all the most updated.

FaresF says:

My favorite would have to be feed://
Thanks for this awesome giveaway guys : )

Sebastian Dyrda says:

Awesome Blog for all iPhone-users (specially for german):

zeagus says:

TiPB (asskiss FTW!), Engadget, Anandtech, would've said HardOCP at one time, but Steve Lynch's "news posts" have made me stop reading, Whedonesque (have to keep an eye on that one ;)).

mrburns05 says:

My favorite feeds are tipb, tuaw, & macstories

Mike Brown says:

Engadget & Engadget HD
Channel 10
Yellow Bricks
The Green Button
iPhone Blog
and many many more. : )

kevin says:

daring fireball, engadget, smashing magazine are all good feeds...

chadaw says:

Tuaw, macworld, iphonealley, appadvice. Do you see a pattern? If it's about Mac, I'm following it.
Thanks for the chance.

Jordan Patterson says:

I love Andy Ihnatko's CWOB even though it is currently offline. And you can't beat the Tipb feed.

Mikey says:

Definetely TiPB is one of my favorite feeds :)
I also like Tuaw, Engadget, Gizmodo, BGR, Valleywag, and CNN's Top News.

Joe says:

My favorite and most read feeds would be TiPB, Crackberry, Android Central, PreCentral, Endgadget and Boy Genuis Report.

Joe says:

My favorite and most read feeds would be TiPB, Crackberry, Android Central, PreCentral, Endgadget and Boy Genuis Report. This would be great, while I may be a bit too late for hockey season, it would pay off when college football kicks into gear.

shriya says:

TiPb RSS feed! Seriously we love your work on the site and on the podcasts.

Brian says:

tuaw, tipb, danger room, ilounge

Laurie says:

My favorite feeds are Lifehacker, Time's Top Photo essays, and Outblush.

Jordan says:

Gizmodo, Engadget, TiPB, TUAW are on the top of my feed list

onlineaddy says:

TiPb, of course! I also read Engadget, Gizmodo, TUAW, 9to5mac, etc.

Mike says:

Tipb, engadget, slashdot, CNN, gizmodo, appleinsider

Dan Zimmerman says:

This app looks absolutely magnificent!
Here are my feeds:
Your feed
USA Today
Comic alert

Rob says:

I read Android Central, TiPb, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Consumerist, The Daily WTF, Consumer Reports Money Blog, and some local news rss's

Brian says:

I read too many feeds to choose a favorite! I love them all, or I wouldn't follow them. :) But I'm a big fan of politics and news feeds, and so I like things like the BBC and NPR feeds.

Darrell says:

TiPB of course
I also like Tuaw, Engadget, Gizmodo, BGR

APPCityLife says:

We add local news feeds to our local city guide iPhone apps by partnering with the local affiliates, so now I read my local news through a collection of RSS feeds - so much nicer than having to navigate between websites to get the feeds. Our favorite iPad app news feeds are Reuters and AP.

Ben says:

Well this one is the best, TiPb rocks! Naturally there are the other usual news places for stuff like this but I keep TiPb at the top of the list because there aren't any of those boring, useless stories that I have to ignore. I'm stuck using Byline on my iPad and since it isn't universal I'm stuck reading blurry headlines every morning. A code for this would make my mornings!

Rudy says:

Yeah. I will check out the update immediately. I had been using Early Edition for about 4 weeks and noticed continual increase in performance drops and bugginess. I switched over to Pulse a few days ago because Early Edition became unusable. I enjoyed it originally, so I hoped that they fixed the app.

Mike Krus says:

daring fireball, engadget, smashing magazine
Also Ikea Hacker at

bramzo says:

TiPb (really!!)
Photographers blogs
Belgian "De standaard" news page
And a whole bunch of medical blogs....

Matthew Hanzel says:

So, some of my favorite feeds? Let's see, these should be included: [Mac-Related] TiPB, TUAW, Macworld; [Gadget-Related] Engadget, SlashGear, PocketGamer; [International News] BBC, Time; guess will add some more later on :D

Matthew says:

I do have TiPb along with churchcrunch, churchcreate, macStories, DoggieHeadTitl and BoyGeniusReport

Everett Painter says:

TiPb of course :)
I'm a counselor and enjoy many of the Psychology feeds, in particular Scientific American Mind (Mind Matters).

Ben Berard says:

I have a lot of feeds but I read a lot of lifehacker, gizmondo, engadget, appleinsider, and of course TiPb.

Eric says:

The Superficial ( The writer for this blog always has the funniest reporting on pop culture gossip. Highly recommended.

Orangensaft says:

My feeds- Engadget, Wired, AppleInsider, Giz, TiPb, Android Central, MacRumors

czechoslovakian7 says:

Obviously TiPb. TUAW and Engadget are a must as well.

Michael says:

I enjoy tipb for the ipad coverage. I also like boingboing, engadget and retronauts!

Tim says:

TiPB, MacRumors, TUAW

Kevin says:

Newsrack has Google Reader SYNC - not just import. Far better than Early Edition.

marco79 says:

GrandmaBetty says:

I love gizmodo and engadget for all the latest tech news.

Tina says:

TiPb, iLounge, Google Reader's "cool via recommendations", lolcats, TVSquad, Arthur Frommer Online, Gadling, and so many more!

PaulCostello says:

My favorites are: TUAW, macrumors, and of course......TiPb!

Ashish says:

Engadget, Lifehacker and Uncrate

iavian says:

my Yahoo Pipes RSS feed

rmackay says:

I like getting a local dose of the news in a collection feeds. Here is the one I use for news local to Dallas, Texas...

Clemens says:

Some of my fav feeds are TUAW,, and
Non-Apple related would be and Gizmodo (at least not Apple only)
would like to win an EarlyEdition License :)

Howard says:

I like the google feed, Yahoo feed, financial times.

Doug says:

I love the look, but I need Google Reader syncing in any RSS reader I use. Importing just isn't enough when you read news on more than one device (e.g., multiple desktops, iphone, ipad,...)

Keith says:

My favorite feeds are TUAW, Daring Fireball, Lifehacker and Touch Arcade.

John says:

I use Google reader to track all my feeds, so it's nice they've added support.
Besides TiPb, I keep close tabs on Ars Technica, Daring Fireball, the list just keeps going, but those are a few good ones.

bstephenmitchell says:

I use Google Reader and I am not thrilled with the iPad reader. But like one reader above, I need the syncing across multiple devices and platforms - cannot live without that.
I use feeds like CNN, Huffington Post, and tons of educational feeds - ZDNet on EdTech, and so on.

Josh says:

I am a memehound (if that's a word), so I am always on the BuzzFeed and Reddit feeds, as well as The Daily What.

cvbesq says:

I love Fluent Reader. Newsy, while not exactly an RSS reader, really is great for news. Pulse is also a great one.

Rich says:

I use Newsrack for my RSS feeds, it provides a good way to see everthing that I am interested in.

unchew says:

Can you guys do a rss reader compare with newsrack and some others i love the magazine rack styling of newsrack but i am digging some of the look and feel of the early edition as well.

Andy M says:

I would love a promo code.
All the RSS feeds/news I read is either minimalism, posative thinking or tech related.
Plus it is my Bday! Ha. Hope to win one. Thanks!

iPhone1 says:

I like the Mac AllTop feed. Kinda pushy but good stuff.

trooperoutlaw says:

I like engadget, TUAW, The Cheapskate (from CNET), AutoBlog, and FanHouse.

K.W.E says:

BBC news, slashdot, reddit, macnn, to name a few...

Sabres12bills says:

My favorite is's the best. Updates from all sorts of cool to weird stuff.

SteveWinslow says:

I use Google Reader for TiPB, MacRumors, MacNN

acesites says:

I think this may change the way I read the news

Donato Vytiaco says:

buzzfeed always brings a smile :-)

Bruno Gama says:

I nerd to read dayly engadget and life hacker news feed

rkbrown81 says:

I follow TiPb, TUAW, Engadget, among the many. I also follow sports feeds. says:

Besides Tipb, I also dig VeloNews, Huffpost, and some Perez Hilton ;) Would love a code to try this out!

KillJoy says:

TUAW, iPhone Alley, Gizmodo, Engadget, Slashdot, iLounge... I hit them all daily...

awalkerz says:

I use Google Reader because it syncs from my smartphone to my iPad to my desktop.
Favorite feeds include: TiPB (of course), Wired, Engadget, Tip of the Day, BGR, Google Blog

sfguy says:

tipb, tuaw, cnn, ap, nyt - this looks like a great app, can't wait to get my hands on it!

jasonact says:

My favorite feed is TiPB, naturally, but I also enjoy Engadget, Playbill, Daring Fireball, and TUAW. Awkward Family Photos and Cake Wrecks are also good for a laugh.

Michael says:

My fave feed is a poker feed, CrAAKKer. Thanks.

Philip says:

TiPB of course is top. Then engadget, gizmodo, dilbert, and mac rumors. Also my brand new iPad would love this!!!

Anthony says:

Loves me some TiPB every morning. Then I check out Mippin everything from Mens Health to X17, also Engadget, Gizmodo & BGR!

Anthony Estes says:

TiPb blog of course. Other Apple related feeds include the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, Mobile mac, and a couple of free iTunes store code giveaways (a great way to discover music.) I'm a minister, so I follow several theology related feeds from different from churches, including CNN's new Religion blog. I also receive feeds from Wired, GQ, Esquire, and the Detroit News. Reading feeds is almost a full time job. LOL.

Ben says:

My most frequented are the standard apple press fair: TiPB, Macworld, Darring Fireball, MacRumors. I also use my RSS to keep up with changes on

jeff barnes says:

TUAW, TiPb, Daring Fireball, Ars Technica, Touch Arcade, Yahoo Feed, Google Reader, BoyGenius, Gizmodo, Engadget.

finderman2 says:

a few i've mine are the iphone blog,gizmodo,lifehacker and TUAW
hope i win

Dtrk says:

Daring Fireball, Dr. Who News, Ain't it Cool News, TV Squad, Variety, CNN just to name a few!

LonerATO says:

True/Slant, The Daily Beast, Google News, TiPb, USA Today and Sports by Brooks

Don says:

Fox news, looking for good iPad sources

Blake Webster says:

Favorite Feeds: TiPB, TUAW, ESPN, LifeHacker & Maclife.
RSS Feeds are a key tool that I use for my company, which is in the renewable energy sector. The feeds help me stay on top of all the new technologies, products, legislation and incentives that come out. I would not be able to survive without it.

bergman says:

I use Netnewswire to synch to Google Reader


Cult of Mac , iPhone blog, TUAW, Huffington Post..

Dan Carpenter says:

I like Cult of Mac, Appleinsider, TUAW, Maximum PC, Wired, even Apple's movie feed.

Mario says:

Reeder, Byline and NewsRack

Zachary Abresch says:

I am still waiting for my iPad to be delivered but I use RSS to keep track of my company's 37Signals activities. I also subscribe to TechCrunch, TUAW, MinmalMac, and 43Folders (among others)

John says:

MacRumors, Daring Fireball, Experimental Theology, TiPb, App Advice, SlashDot

Steven says:

Engadget, TUAWB, Gizmodo and, of course, TiPb.

Charlie says:

BoWenWang, Woot, Failblog, Defamer, Cult of Mac, MacUpdate, MacRumors...

Eric says:

TUAW, Gizmodo, TiPb, just to name a few ;-)

DaveDurden says:

MacStories, TUAW, Nerdcore, TiPb :)

Dizbiz90 says:

Appleinsider, Macrumors, TUAW, TiPb, engadget, and gizmodo.

Ali Shafai says:


David says:

I would love to try this out, it sounds so awesome and just what my iPad needs :) Some of my favorite news feeds are Tipd, Engadget, Playstation blog, SlashDot, Apple Insider, communities Canada outer-court and Mac Rumors.
Thanks Guys!

David W says:

Favorite Feeds: MacRumors, TiPb, CNN Political Tracker, NYT, and a bunch of other stuff on my google reader.

gjlowe says:

Engadget, gdgt,, Gizmodo,, dvice.

kyith says:

Some of my favorite feeds:
The Big Picture - Famous Financial Blogger
Trader's Narrative - One good technical analysis blog
Engadget - Most up to date news on tech and gadgets
Android Central - My source for all things Android
Droid Dog - Another source for Android
Touch Arcade - Alot of youtube videos on iPhone Games
Tipb - Source for things involving iPhone
TheAppleBlog -Source for Apple news - Football Tactics and Formations

judiphilly says:

I'm a news/politics junkie, so I like NYT, Huff Post, Talking Points Memo, etc. on my iPad. On other hand, I prefer browsing sites like TIPB on my laptop, so I can download any apps I see via iTunes. Call me old fashioned.

GillouStyle says:

Hi ! Here are my favorite feeds:

  • tipb, and for my dose of Apple addiction
  • scientificamerican for my dose of Science addiction
  • greentechmedia & cleantechies for my dose of sustainability conscience

/me hopes to get picked for a promo code! ^-*

astandy says:

Appledownloads, Mashable, CNET News - Apple, Mac OS X Hints, Mac Gems Weblog...

kevin says:

tipb, macnn, engadget, tuaw

dbng says:

Lifehacker, Gear Diary, Dealnews, Slickdeals, NYTimes, and a handful of my ebay and flickr searches.

jhoffmeyer says:

TiPb, Daring Fireball, Techcrunch, TUAW, NYT

Steeps says:

Engadget, macrumors, maclife, mashable, gizmodo, and TiPb!

Stevereel says:

Macobserver, macrumors, 9 to 5 mac

Jason Rak says:

NetsDaily, TIPB, ENgadget, MTVNews, Rhapsody, B&N Events

Adrian Boucher says:

Tipb, boy genius, android central, & Cnet!

Terry jackson says:

Mine are engadget, ign, cnn, fox news and orange lounge radio.

justcurious#WN says:

Macrumors, daring fireball, engadget, gizmodo, tipb, eurweb, singersroom, 9 to 5 Mac, precentral, android central, crackberry

Drew says:

Lifehacker, Schneier on Security, xkcd, giant bomb, Daily WTF

Wombatdolphin says:

Macrumours, dolphins in depth and of course (since I am a reader in Sydney, Australia) the classic Bryants Australia

phil says:

TipB, Tuaw, lifehacker, gizmodo.
Fingers crossed!

Met Burra says:

Some of my favorites: Gizmodo, Engadget, 9to5Mac, TUAW, TIPB, Macrumors, TouchArcade...

Phelan says:

Ïconic Photos, Cosumerist, Techcrunch, Gizmodo, New York Times

Jeffrey says:

I use google reader too, and I read engadget (Chinese), TiPb, iPad4.Asia, RakunaMac, winandmac, Joe McNally's Blog, Protocol Snow,

Ray says:

Order of the Stick webcomic
TiPb, TUAW. MacRumors, MacStories, TouchMyApps, Daring Fireball, Fantasy Flight Games, and my AppShopper Wishlist

Hussain says:

TiPb, AppleInsider, BBC News

Linden says:

Lifehacker, American Thinker, TiPb, App Advice Daily

Jason says:

yours, engadent, gizmodo, cnn, washington post

LinkTree says:

Many many RSSs..
yours, engadget, gizmodo, babygadget, gearlog, Zune insider, Chip Chick and many many others... :D

Amer says:

techbargains, fark, freshmeat, gizmodo, kotaku, blue's news, engadget, treehugger and of course TiPb!

Lucas Cimino says:

TipB, Tuaw, Mashable and, gizmodo. :)

VFisa says:

Wow. I wish to try It!

MayV says:

TipB, techcrunch, lifehacker, kitchn, nyt, tuaw. Thank you.

David C says:

Engadget, CNET iphone atlas, TipB, Tuaw, Lifehacker, Geekdad, Geeks are Sexy, Nerd Approved

Rene Ritchie says:

Congrats to our winners:
Muero, Ashish, Loner, Greg, Mikey
Your codes have been sent. Use asap as they're about to expire!
More give-aways soon :)