Feedly launches 'Feedly Cloud,' Newsify updated to support new Google Reader replacement

Feedly, one of the leading contenders to replace Google Reader, has announced the launch of Feedly Cloud and a stand-alone web version of their RSS client. Feedly is now beginning the process of migrating users from Google Reader over to their own services, and has announced the first 9 apps across different platforms that are built on the new service. Of interest to iOS users is Newsify.

Newsify pushed an update to the App Store that moves the app over onto the Feedly Cloud service. Users of Feedly need to ensure they have the latest version of the app installed in order for their migration to happen, and new users can still jump in before the big Reader shutdown by heading over to Feedly.com and importing their feeds.

The stand-alone web client of Feedly is just that. No browser plugins or extensions are required, it's just a plain old web RSS reader a similar vein to Google's current Reader web client. We're getting ever closer to Google turning out the lights on Reader, so who's joining the Feedly powered crowd?

Source: Feedly

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Feedly launches 'Feedly Cloud,' Newsify updated to support new Google Reader replacement


I'm in! I tried some other GReader replacements but Feedly seems to work best for me. Works with it's own app on my iOS-devices, some Windows Phone clients (my work phone) and on the web using Safari (OSX) at home and Chrome (Win) at work. Just waiting for the Reeder integration...

I jumped over to Feedly a couple of months ago and it has been working great. Hopefully it will be a seamless transition to their cloud. My husband was not a fan of Feedly so I moved his feeds to NewsBlur and he's been very happy.

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I've already switched to Feedly. I'm also migrating from Gmail to my mostly unused Outlook.com account as well. Who knows what Google services will be dropped next?

Like "FeeddlerPro", I have not found one that is similar. After reading the article I looked for information on the status of Feeddler and found this;
Feeddler status update MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2013
Posted by Che-Bin Liu at 12:45 AM
Long story short: I will submit a Feeddler update soon that should transition well into the post-Google Reader era.
No, it's not Feedly or Digg. Their API is not ready yet. I am aware of Feedly's announcement last week and I did get its API access after the news. But Feedly folks are still working day and night to fix bugs. Their API is also different from Google's, so it will take me some time for integration. ...

After the closure of Google Reader I first tried Fliboard, but then I realized that I do not have time to read all of my RSS subscriptions. But unsubscribe from all of them I can't, because there is important news. So I settled on two readers - Likehack.com or Summify.com