GV Mobile + (2.0) for Jailbreak Now on Cydia


We saw the preview, but now it's for real -- GV Mobile + (2.0) for Jailbreak is available via Cydia via the ModMyI repo. Originally an App Store app before the Great Google Voice Rejection of '09, GV Mobile has thrived on Cydia, and the latest release shows no sign of slowing down. What's new?

First, it costs money. The developer has worked long and hard on GV Mobile + and since he can't rely on the App Store for income, he has to get the Jailbreak community to support him. If you like GV Mobile +, please do.

Second, it has a ton of updates:

  • Favorites
  • New tab system for Contacts, Favorites, Keypad
  • Landscape SMS
  • Call & Add Contact from SMS main view
  • International support for SMS (until Google blocks it)
  • Call, Text, & Add Contact from History
  • Voicemail transcriptions, new voicemail screen layout
  • Call, Text, & Add Contact from Voicemail
  • Local archiving of voicemail (doesn’t download every time)
  • Offline dialing (via dialing GV #)
  • Default Area code (for those that don’t need to dial the area code in you area)
  • More data sync options (Interval, Startup, Startup on demand, manual)
  • Multiple Accounts
  • User selectable tab to open to
  • More Google Settings : Do Not Disturb, Call Screening, Call Presentation
  • The core of the updates reside in the back end programming of the app - completely rebuilt from ground up.

[Thanks to @fvc625 and @feedseratonin for the tips!]

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GV Mobile + (2.0) for Jailbreak Now on Cydia


I payed back when it was in the AppStore. I should not have to pay again.
@StayThisrtyMyFriends Learn how to spell. People like you ruin blogs. Kill yourself.

Makes sense that this would be my first jailbroken app purchase. GV Mobile is just too useful to me.

Harsh advice from somebody who misuses paid
Unless of course you were using payed in the nautical sense, in which case you have my humblest (albeit confused) apologies.

The app says I need a dfferent username for Google Voice than my regular username.
I don't have a Google Voice username, only
the username for Google?
How do I get around this to use GV?
Does GV use my regular Google username?

Robert, you need to go to google.com/voice and request an invitation which can take a little while to get. it took me over 3+ weeks to get my invitation.

Can we use the SMS on the google voice and can I cancel my SMS on AT&T would it work sinse it's free who has tried this

R1o, yes you can do this with a few issues.
First, GV Mobile doesn't have push notifications. That isn't hard to get around if you set up your Google Voice accound to forward messages to your Gmail, and then sync it to your mail via Exchange. Conversely, you could set it up via the app store app, Textfree, but that's more complicated.
Second, you won't be able to use MMS (picture messaging) via your Google Voice account.

Both GV Mobile and GV Mobile are in the ModMyi repository. The former is still free as in beer and the latter is $1.99.

while there are no push notifications for this, you can still set it to check for new messages with the "interval" setting. then just leave this running in the background. it only checks every 5 minutes but if you get a new message you will get the number badge on the apps icon. as mentioned above you can also just setup sms to gmail and get instant push. but the answer is Yes you do can cancel sms from at&t and save yourself the $$.

I donated to the cause when he first moved to Cydia and have been using GV Mobile since. Went ahead and purchased GV Mobile+ in the Cydia Store after reading this update (haven't been following the blog, but knew it was coming down the pipe).
All in all, very happy with the progress the app has made. For $1.99, I'd say it's worth it until Google can release their own app.

overall, I love the app so far, definitely an upgrade over the previous version, and worth the $2.
use this with siphon, and you can make and receive all your calls for free. also works fantastically when you are out of cell reception but have wifi.

C'mon... We all know what this app means for all of us.. This app deserves to be more than $1.99

It can't be used on a nonjailbroken iPhone, and while you may technically be able to "dial" from a jailbroken iPod Touch, you will need it set up to dial a real phone. Google Voice isn't voip, it's just a fancy call forwarding service. So essentially, you can probably dial from the Touch, and have it ring your cell phone. That's just my theory, I don't have a Touch to try with, and you'll have to jailbreak anyway.

@Michael: can you list the steps to set this up? I have a jailbroken iPhone, downloaded GV and siphon and am waiting for a google voice invite (if anyone has one to spare in the meantime, that'd be awesome). I get NO service in my apartment and need a solution until the microcell gets rolled out here (ha! Never!!!). Thanks!!

if you get no service in your apartment... GV won't help one bit as it is NOT voip, just a fancy call forwarder as someone mentioned already :p

I've followed and participated in many blogs written by mostly one person over the years. When I switched to the iPhone platform a few weeks back, and adopted this site in the process, I was immediately struck by Rene Ritchie's colorful, concise, yet fun-to-read response to AT&T's ill-conceived reaction to its network problems. Have you ever thought of going pro with your creative writing talent?
At any rate, I just purchased GV from Cydia. Looking good!

Glad I paid for GV+2 but I (personally) like the free version better for my needs. GV1 gave more immediate access to the basics; such as, routing calls.

Just purchased GV Mobile+ and it is fantastic. Sean has really outdone himself. Some of these features are just stunning, like the slide menu bar on the call log and such. If you use or want to use Google Voice, this is really a must.

Oh, and the load-up is 5 seconds for me, which is sweet. I seem to recall the older version taking longer...

@Matt: I don't think you have a clue about what Google Voice is. It is a call forwarder. No more, no less. If someone calls our google voice number, google voice will call all of your phones. So I can give anyone my Google Voice and no matter what phone I'm using ... Whether it be home cel, work cel, home phone, or voip phone; I get the call because it rings all of them. But if you don't have service how is google voice supposed to call you phone? It also has nifty features like voicemail transcription and call screening.

Everyone here is wrong. If you have terrible serivce from ATT, then you can make receive calls over WiFi. You have to setup google voice to forward your calls to voip number (if you were lucky to get a gizmo5 account before the google buyout) and use Siphon or any other voip app to receive the GV calls

Thank you fazle, I knew there was an option with google voice and did figure out you need gizmo (which unfortunately I didn't get). And chris I knew google voice was a call fowarder (or had a clue that it was) I was just trying to look for creative solutions to my problem until AT&T rolls out the microcell nationwide. But thanks for the explanation and taking the time.

I'm a newbie so please forgive my ignorance, but what is GV Mobile and why would/should I use it ? Also, is it from Google ? If not, why is it called google voice ? If it is from google why are only the jailbroken kids aloud to have it ?
Sorry again...be kind :)

@DoubleDown, yes Google Voice is a Google service. GV Mobile is a 3rd party piece of software that includes a dialer so that you can initiate Google Voice calls via the internet on your iPhone. Without it you have to call your Google number, or use Google's web page to place calls. Once upon a time there was an official Google app for iPhone that allowed you to do the same thing. However, in their infinite wisdom Apple removed Google Voice from the App Store claiming that it "duplicated core functionality" of the iPhone. The legal battle is ongoing.
GV Mobile also used to be in the app store, but Apple removed it at the same time as Google Voice. Youtube "Google Voice" or check out http://voice.google.com for more information on what exactly Google Voice is and does.

I jailbroke my phone just to use GV Mobile. I bought GV Mobile + and I'm lovin' it. I've been using the service when before Google bought it and it was called Grand Central. It really is a fantastic service if you know how to use it. I'm actually surprised the service is free.

@Fazzle: Matt thinks google voice will give him voice calling in his house without signal. This is COMPLETELY not true. Google voice will not improve your ability to talk in low signal places. As you said yourself you use VOIP and have GV forward calls to that. He is missing that other part. You still have to have VOIP service of some sort for Google Voice to forward calls to. People here aren't wrong. Google Voice BY ITSELF will not improve his ability to talk in his apartment due to low signal. He thinks GV will help him and people like you are stearing him wrong.

Chris: I don't think you understand that I COMPLETELY understand GV will not help me with my signal issues. I understand this. I am trying to be creative until I can get a microcell. I know I need VOIP. If I am going to have to have two numbers;cell and VOIP) I would rather give my family a GV number that is tied to those numbers so they cam call it and get me rather than have to try both. Now what I don't know is, does GV only work with Gizmo?

@Christopher cox, Matt is talking about having his Google Voice number forward calls to a VoIP number. That WOULD allow him to make calls from home assuming he had wifi. That is what everyone is talking about that you are missing.
He isn't wrong in thinking that Google Voice will help him, because it will allow him to integrate his ATT phone with the voip phone. People can just call his google number and never know they are talking to him on two different numbers. so in a sense, it completely solves the problem of AT&T's bad service.
@Alex, Google Voice is not it's own phone service. If you answer a call someone makes to you with your AT&T phone, you are still using your AT&T phone number. When you place a call, Google calls you, then you answer, and then Google calls the number you dialed. Think of it as a 3-way conference call with Google initiating, after you tell them who you want to call. You are still always using your AT&T number, unless of course you answer the call with a different phone

Thanks Bear. I did download iCall but GV won't allow me to set it up. Is iCall somehow different than Skype or other traditional VOIP?

Great update to an incredible application, but still no ability to listen to VM over bluetooth? Come on!

GV voice just broke today, won't log in. Tried reinstalling, re-entering credentials, etc, to no avail. Hmmmm....

Ugh, my GV mobile broke today. Same problem with George. It isn't accepting my credentials. And when it did, it would crash when it refreshes SMS/HISTORY/VOICEMAIL. Grrr....