HomeKit brings the power, security, and ease-of-use of your iPhone into your home!

HomeKit is Apple's home automation hub and it lets you control any compatible lights, plugs, thermostats, sensors, alarms, locks, and other connected devices with a tap of your iPhone or—thanks to Siri—the sound of your voice. Better still, it does so in a way that ensures privacy and security for your network and your home. More and more HomeKit accessories are coming out all the time, and here are the ones you can get right now!

Last updated on March 11th, 2016

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

These enhanced bulbs have been upgraded from 600 to 800 lumens and provide varying shades of white and color ambience, compatible with any current light fittings using a 10W screw base. Included with this starter kit are three bulbs to use around your home that can be controlled via Siri, and used with third party HomeKit-enabled apps.

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Caséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit

Lutron's Caséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit includes the HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge. It, combined with wireless Lutron lights, lets you control the ambience on a specific lamp, room, or the entire house. As such, you can make sure the kitchen light is off — or all the lights — even if you're not in those rooms. Caséta Wireless can also control the Lutron Serena remote-controlled shades along with select thermostats.

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Insteon Hub

The Insteon Hub lets you easily add devices with the tap of a finger: You can create and control multiple rooms and zones throughout a house, or if you're really lucky, multiple houses. Quickly build scenes and adjust several devices at once, along with scheduling scenes to repeat on specific days, weeks, or dates. There's even a comprehensive dashboard view so that you can easily see and control your home automation system.

With HomeKit, many of these functions can be performed by asking Siri for help. Magic!

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Elgato Eve

The Elgato system includes Eve Room, Eve Weather, Eve Door & Window, and Eve Energy sensors. Eve Room lets you monitor indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity, all measured by a sensor that analyzes volatile organic compounds (VOC). Eve Weather keeps track of outside temperature, and air pressure; Eve Door & Window lets you monitor whether your doors and/or windows are open or closed, and monitor stats for time and duration; and Eve Energy tells you how much power your appliances are using. All of these products can be controlled with the Elgato app or, thanks to HomeKit, with Siri.

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ecobee3 smart Wi-Fi thermostat

ecobee3, a Canadian-designed smart thermostat, tries to one-up Nest by coming with remote sensors, allowing you not to only measure the temperature of the room or hallway the thermostat is installed, but also any other room as well. As such, you get more granular control and better comfort and energy efficiency in your house. With the new HomeKit-enabled version of the ecobee3 hardware, you get full support for Siri control, including the ability to trigger actions with your voice.

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iHome iSP5 SmartPlug

The iSP5 SmartPlug is part of the iHome Control line: It lets you control lights, fans, and any other home appliance that has been plugged into the smart plug. With HomeKit, you can turn the plug on or off — including with a Siri command — which commands any lights, fans, or other appliances to also turn on or off. You can even group multiple SmartPlugs into a scene to control all the connected accessories in your house by putting them on a set schedule, or by using a single command.

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ConnectSense Smart Outlet

The ConnectSense Smart Outlet features internet-connected sockets that allow you to control devices plugged in using Siri from your iPhone or iPad. Use any standard plug-in home essentials including fans, lights, TV's, and more while having complete control from your devices. Since this smart outlet is HomeKit-friendly, you get safe, end-to-end encryption. On the side is a single 2.4A USB port for charging an extra device.

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iDevices Switch Connected Plug

Using the iDevice's Connected App, this smart outlet works right out of the box with any of your devices around the house. The iDevice's Switch responds to Siri, making it a simple and efficient way to control your connected devices via your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can even set up scenes if you want a specific lamp to turn on when you come home or wake up.

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Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge

The HomeKit-enabled Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge from Lutron is a great way to connect and manage all your smart home accessories including lights, shades, thermostats, and more. Schedule timers around your home, and even enable geofencing to have your lights turn on/off when you enter or leave the house. This Smart Bridge is also compatible with Nest and select Honeywell Thermostats.

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Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat

Honeywell is a well-known home appliance company, and has recently added its popular Lyric Round Wi-Fi thermostat to the HomeKit family with the second generation.

Like ecobee3 and Nest, Honeywell tries to cut down on energy use (and, subsequently, heating bills) by intelligently applying heating and cooling at the right times. In addition to HomeKit compatibility, Lyric is also compatible with SmartThings (which is now owned by Samsung) and can be controlled through an iOS or Android app.

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Meeting the highest industry rating for security and durability is the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt that features built-in alarm technology that can sense potential door attacks. It's designed to work with Apple HomeKit and can hold up to 30 access codes at any time. Set up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to unlock your door(s) using Siri, and take your pick of different deadbolt styles including Century or Camelot, available in satin nickel or matte black.

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Hunter HomeKit Enabled Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan

"Hey Siri, turn on my fan." A HomeKit-connected ceiling fan may not be at the, ahem, top of one's list of connected accessories, but when it's enabled alongside the lights or thermostat in one's living room, it becomes an integral piece of a larger whole.

Available in satin nickel "Signal" or fresh white "Symphony" color schemes, the Hunter HomeKit Enabled Ceiling Fans are standard 54-inch, three-blade fans with so-called WhisperWind motors for quiet operation even at high speeds. Each fan includes two dimmable LED lights, and a remote for non-smartphone connectivity (though why'd you want to go analog when you have so much digital potential?).

Expected to ship in early June 2016, Hunter's HomeKit Enabled Wi-Fi Ceiling Fans retail for between $299 and $349 depending on the color and finish.

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