Best HomeKit motion sensors 2024

Shouting "Hey Siri!" to bring HomeKit light bulbs to life is truly magical. But if you want to put your home on autopilot, then you need one of the best HomeKit motion sensors. HomeKit motion sensors can turn on your lights automatically when you enter a room — perfect for those times when your hands are full. HomeKit motion sensors can also keep you aware of all of the action in the home with timely notifications from the Home app. If that appeals to you, these are the best HomeKit motion sensors you can buy today. 

The best HomeKit motion sensors to put your home on autopilot

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Make your home truly smart with the best HomeKit motion sensors

Even if you're just getting started with HomeKit, the best HomeKit motion sensors enhance your smart home security and convenience through automation and notifications. Just by walking through the door, your home can spring to life by turning on your HomeKit light bulbs, setting the perfect temperature on your HomeKit thermostat, and firing up your favorite tunes on the HomePod. Need a cooling breeze to flow through your home? Combine one of these smart sensors with one of the best HomeKit ceiling fans — you get the picture, the potential is new limitless.

We love the Eve Motion Sensor as it combines simple Bluetooth and Thread setup, reliable performance, light sensing, and weather resistance into an affordable package that works indoors and out. This versatile sensor works right out of the box with the Home app making it ready to go in seconds, and through the Eve for HomeKit app, you can view a history of all of the motion events in your home.

Have some Philips Hue light bulbs in your home? Then the Philips Hue Motion Sensor is the way to go. This motion sensor is fast, ultra-reliable, and lasts for months with excellent battery life. By simply turning your Hue bulbs on when motion is detected, you can quickly get a sense of what's happening without you needing your phone in hand.

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