Siri can remind you to pick up bread when you get to the grocery store thanks to location-based reminders. It's easy!

Since the Reminders app for iPhone and iPad can use your location to dish up reminders based on where you are, Siri can add location-based reminders for you as well. Simply tell Siri what you need to be reminded of, and where, and you're done!

How to create a location-based reminder with Siri

Siri can set up a reminder for when you when you arrive at a specified location. If the location is one of your contacts, be sure the contact card has an address attached to it. If you want a reminder set to a business or other public building, Siri will give you local options to choose from. Like, nearby Home Depot stores or Rite-Aid pharmacies.

  1. Press and hold the Home button or say "Hey, Siri" on your iPhone or iPad to launch Siri.

  2. Say something like "Remind me to make a shopping list when I get home."

  3. Tap Remove if you don't want to save the reminder.

    Ask Siri to remind you at a location

    Once set up, you'll get a notification when you arrive at the location you specified.

Originally published June 2014.

Updated September 2016 to reflect changes in iOS 10.