How to disable Notification Center on the Lock screen of your iPhone and iPad

Notification Center collects all of the notifications your receive on your iPhone or iPad into one easy-to-access place. By default you can even pull down Notification Center from your Lock screen to see any messages or other notifications you may have recently missed. If, however, for privacy and security reasons, you prefer Notification Center not be accessible from the Lock screen, there's an easy way to disable it!

How to turn off Notification Center on your iOS Lock screen

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Touch ID & Passcode.
  3. Enter your passcode when prompted in order to continue.
  4. Under the Allow Access When Locked section, turn Off the options for Today and Notifications View.

Now you should no longer be able to swipe down to access Notification Center on the Lock screen. If you still want to see upcoming events for your day, you can always leave Today View turned on. If you don't want notifications available on the Lock screen, just turn off Notifications View.

How to get more help with Notification Center

If you need more help setting up, using, or trouble-shooting Notification Center on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac, head on over to our iOS forum and ask away!

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How to disable Notification Center on the Lock screen of your iPhone and iPad


Well, you could also turn off lock screen preview--worth mentioning. That offers a level of privacy, while still enabling you to view notifications.

For instance, a new iMessage will be displayed without the message preview, instead it will read 'iMessage'

Just saying..

We really need something big in the iOS community with all the blog sites making these really simple tutorials because it's getting old

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Wow this post actually helped me out. I was just browsing this site for the first time. And this article stood out from the other articles. I'm glad you have different posts for everyone. Thanks =)


Are you aware of any Apple or Facebook updates recently that changed what shows on the lock screen when you receive a Facebook notification? I used to get something that would show, so and so commented on your photo, "looks like you are having fun!". Now I just get so and so commented on your photo with no info on what they said. It's super annoying to have to open the app every time to view what was said on a photo, status update or comment thread I'm receiving notifications from. If you have any info I would greatly appreciate it.