If you subscribe to either Rdio or Spotify, you can instantly turn all the music you tag through Shazam into a playlist.

Tying your Rdio or Spotify account to Shazam not only creates that playlist for you, it lets you to listen to entire songs right inside the Shazam app as well! You have to have a paid subscription to either Spotify or Rdio in order for this to work. You won't be able to play full songs or listen on-demand if you don't. If you aren't sure about a subscription to either service, both offer free trials you can take advantage of first.

How to turn Shazam tags into Rdio and Spotify playlists instantly

  1. Download Shazam or Shazam Encore if you don't have them already — Encore is a paid version but ad free.
  2. Launch the Shazam app.
  3. Tap on the My Shazam tab in the bottom navigation.
  4. Tap on the Settings icon on the top right corner.
  5. Tap on either Connect to Rdio or Connect to Spotify.
  6. Tap on Play Full Tracks.
  7. Sign into either Rdio or Spotify on the next screen.
  8. You'll receive a confirmation at the top of the screen that a Shazam playlist has been added to either Spotify or Rdio.
  9. You'll find the playlist in the Playlists section of either the Rdio or Spotify app.

How to instantly turn your Shazam tags into an Rdio or Spotify playlistHow to instantly turn your Shazam tags into an Rdio or Spotify playlist