How to limit targeted ad tracking on iPhone and iPad

How to limit targeted ad tracking on iPhone and iPad

iOS gives advertisers the option to serve up targeted ads based on your likes and dislikes. This is done by giving your device a unique advertising identifier that provides useful information to marketers about your habits and likes. Some people don't like this behavior and while you can't completely stop targeted ads from happening, your iPhone and iPad do give you the ability to limit ad tracking.

Here's how.

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Tap on General and then select About.
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on the Advertising section.
  4. Here you can turn the option to limit ad tracking to On by tapping on it.

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Allyson Kazmucha

Senior editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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Reader comments

How to limit targeted ad tracking on iPhone and iPad


First thing I did when my wife got her iPhone. It's disappointing that the setting is so far buried in a very non-obvious place.

I turned this off as soon as I came back to my iPhone from Droid. I don't like how they can simply read my information for the sake of trying to sell me something. As you said, it doesn't block it completely; however, it at least gives you some control to limit it. I bet it helps your battery life too; barely, but definitely.

I have to say games like Fifa 2013 are infuriating because of the ads - I don't know why game developers think they win from it. All it means is that I won't use the app as much.

As usual Ally gives up some more advice on how to make our lives a bit easier using our iPhones. I sure appreciate reading all of her how to articles so once again thank you Ally.

it's always nice when a product I own, which i purchased myself, makes money for other people and I don't see a cent of it...

Thanks. I don't like that there is any add tracking at all. I don't use many apps and I am not against paying for apps that I use so the fact that advertisers will still know what I do Is upsetting. Maybe Apple should have a function where you can turn off ads altogether and for doing that I am not able to download ad supported apps. That would work best for me.

Finally a way for some of those pestering ads from knowing more than what they need to know about me! Thanks iMore!!!

Other Apple gear I use has ways (e.g. DoNotTrackMe) - alike other comments, it's good to see a blocker for iOS. Now, it has to prove itself...