How to restart or reset your iPhone or iPad

How to restart or reset your iPhone or iPad

Most of the time you'll want your iPhone or iPad on and ready to go at a click of the sleep/wake or Home button's notice. And most of the time it'll work just fine at that click. But once and while you may want to power off your iPhone or iPad for a period of time, or you may want to restart it — or even reset it — to get it working like it should. Luckily, all of that is easy to do!

How to power off or restart your iPhone or iPad

  1. Press and hold down the sleep/wake button at the top of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Touch the slide to power off button and drag it all the way to the right.

How to reset your iPhone or iPad

  1. Press and hold down the sleep/wake button at the top of you iPhone or iPad.
  2. At the same time, press and hold down the Home button on the front of your iPhone or iPad
  3. Keep holding both buttons until the screen turns off and then turns back on again and displays the Apple logo.

Note: White devices will show a white screen with black Apple logo. Black devices will show a black screen with white Apple logo.

Additional trouble-shooting steps

If a restart or reset doesn't fix your iPhone or iPad, especially if you're working to jailbreak or un-jailbreak, to get around an expired beta, or otherwise need to nuke and start over, there are additional steps you can take to trouble-shoot, including recovery mode and device firmware update (DFU) mode.

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Matthias D says:

I cannot believe you actually had to write a tute on how to switch off a freaking iPhone! How lame is that?

Anyone actually grateful for this? Who has an iPhone and doesn't know that already?

What I would like to know is how to restart… as in not have to wait to power on after it is shutting down. THAT would be useful but you don't know either I guess. Cause it doesn't work.