How to restore contacts from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad

How to restore contacts from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad

If you use iCloud to back up your contacts, you can quickly bring them down to a new iPhone or iPad in a matter of seconds. There have also been reports of contacts mysteriously disappearing completely, which may require you to push them back down from iCloud again. Regardless of the situation, you can restore contacts from your latest iCloud backup in just a few taps.

How to re-download contacts from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on iCloud.
  3. Turn On the option for Contacts — if it's already on, turn it off and then back on again to trigger a re-download. When asked what to do with existing contacts, choose the Delete option.
  4. If you are asked, choose to Merge contacts.
  5. Launch the Contacts app or the Phone app and verify your contacts are all there.

Keep in mind it may take a few minutes for all your contacts to come down. If you've recently had contacts disappearing from your iPhone or iPad that you know you previously had, this could potentially solve the problem. If it doesn't, you can also try one other fix for disappearing contacts via the link below.

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How to restore contacts from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad


I have heard that we can copy contacts in our outlook address, and once we lost our contacts of iPhone, we can redownload contacts from outlook, I haven't tried it yet. And I happen to see your article, hope it can help me.

If you had the backup file on your computer it might be possible using 3rd party software to extract the app data for a specific app from the backup and copy it back to the iphone (for example, see ), however this wouldn't be possible if your only backup is in iCloud. As far as I know there is no mechanism to do anything other than restore the entire backup from iCloud.

If you've already set up your device, you can erase all current content to go through the iOS Setup Assistant again. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Do this only if you already have a backup, because this step will remove all current content from your device.

Actually, you can recover lost Whatsapp Messages of iPhone in 2 different ways:
If you have ever synced before you deleted data, you can scan and extract iTunes backup to recover contacts from your iPhone.
If you don't synced, you can directly scan and recover deleted contacts from your iPhone. However, you need the help of iPhone recovery tool, otherwise you will not be able to do.

If you have backed up contacts on computer, you can use iTunes to sync contacts from computer to your iPhone. Or you can use a third-party tool like AnyTrans to transfer contacts from computer to iPhone or from iCloud backup to iPhone