Images and videos eating up all the storage on your Mac?

With iCloud Photo Library you never have to worry about running out of space again. Thanks to "optimized storage", Apple can intelligently keep track of and manage your free space, ensuring your recent, favorite, and frequently accessed images and videos are immediately available on your device, while your older, less frequently accessed one are kept safely off your device and up on Apple's servers, just a download away. It's not magic, but if you're tight on space, it'll absolutely feel that way.

Best of all, "optimize storage" really is "set it and forget it". Once you turn it on, you can turn off that part of your brain that worried about how many photos and videos you could store on your Mac. The part that constantly stressed you'd run out, or need to delete older content to make way for new.

From now on it'll just work, so all you have to do is just shoot!

How to turn on optimize storage on your Mac

If you only have one Mac and it has a ton of storage, you may not need to worry about "optimize storage". If you have a MacBook you use for travel, or don't have a lot of storage, you'll also want to consider turning on "optimize storage" to save space and keep an online backup.

  1. Launch Photos for OS X on your Mac
  2. Go to the Photos > Preferences menu (or type Command + ,)
  3. Click on the iCloud tab
  4. Click on Optimize Mac Storage

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