How to put your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode

What happens when your iPhone or iPad is completely non-responsive, even when connected to iTunes? Or perhaps you need to downgrade from beta software. Any of these scenarios will require you to put your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode. No need to panic though, we can walk you through each step of the way!

  1. Turn your iPhone or iPad off.
  2. Hold down the Home button and plug it into your computer. Keep holding the Home button until you see a screen telling you to connect to iTunes.
  3. iTunes should show you a popup saying that there is an iPhone or iPad that is in Recovery Mode and needs to be restored before you can use it. Click OK.
  4. Click on Restore iPhone... — or Restore iPad if that's what you're using.

That's all there is to it! Just wait for your iPhone or iPad to reboot and you should be good to go again! Keep in mind if you're using Recovery Mode to downgrade firmware, this may not work if you're trying to downgrade to a version that Apple is no longer signing. Older firmwares are not supported and only the most current official version will be verified correctly in iTunes.