How to turn of Find My iPhone remotely and bypass Activation Lock

How to turn off Find My iPhone remotely and bypass Activation Lock

If you're running iOS 7 or higher on your iPhone or iPad, Find My iPhone now comes with a feature called Activation Lock that prevents someone from wiping and using your device without your authorization. While it's a great theft deterrent, we see lots of people having issues due to forgetting to turn off Find My iPhone. Most commonly the problem comes up with second hand iPhones that have been bought, sold, or traded. Luckily, the previous owner can deactivate Find My iPhone remotely which should then, in turn, allow you to bypass Activation Lock. Here's how:

What you need to know first

Before beginning, please note that the original owner of the device will need to know the iCloud email address and password that is currently tied to the device. Without that, there is no way to bypass Activation Lock or Find My iPhone. The original owner will need to perform one of the following options, unless you know their iCloud info and can do it yourself.

Also, not all methods work for all people. You may have to try all three before you find one that works for you. So if the first method you try doesn't work, make sure you try the other one.

How to remove a device from an iCloud account using the Find My iPhone app

    1. Turn the iPhone or iPad in question Off or put it in airplane mode. If the device is on and Find My iPhone has an active location, it will not allow you to delete it.
  1. Launch the Find My iPhone app from a different iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and sign in to the account that is currently tied to the iOS device in question.
  2. Find the device in the list and tap on it.
  3. In the top right hand corner, tap on Remove.

That's all there is to it. If for some reason you don't see a Remove option, which some people won't, you'll need to try the method below using instead.

How to remove a device from an iCloud account using

  1. Turn the iPhone or iPad in question Off or put it in airplane mode. If the device is on and Find My iPhone has an active location, it will not allow you to delete it.
  2. From a computer, go to and sign in using the iCloud ID that is currently tied to the iPhone or iPad in question.
  3. Now click on Find My iPhone.
  4. Click on All Devices at the top of the Find My iPhone screen.
  5. Find the device in question in the list and click on it.
  6. On the next screen, click on Remove from Account. You may get a popup over the map instead, if that's the case, refer to below.
  7. One more popup will come up asking you to confirm. Click on Remove.

If you got a popup with device information on the map instead of the device information screen like shown in the steps above, verify the device is Off and Find My iPhone isn't finding a location for it. If that's the case, follow these steps:

  1. Click on All Devices at the top of the Find My iPhone screen one more time.
  2. Find the device in the list again and this time you should see a gray x appear to the right of it. Click it.
  3. A popup will appear asking you if you're sure you want to remove the device. Click Remove.

That's it. No matter what method you followed above, the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in question should now be removed from the iCloud account it was associated with. Try restoring it again and this time, Activation Lock shouldn't be an issue.

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Becjr says:

I never thought about it until you posted this, but that theft deterrent feature could make using a pre-used [iOS 7+] iPhone/iPad tough to use. Thank you for the heads up, Ally.

Ilija Angelov says:

Thanks a lot , this relly works

sanibel says:

Allyson, good article.
Personally, before I buy an iPhone (bought three different ones via eBay), I make sure the seller erases everything first. Wouldn't that wipe out all iCloud settings?

hudss says:

You still need to remove the find my iPhone or they can't register the device.

Sold my old iPhone that I wiped/restored and the buyer contacted me saying they couldn't register the find my iPhone app saying it's already registered on another account.

Allyson Kazmucha says:

If they didn't turn off find my iPhone prior to restoring no. You will be stuck at activation without their icloud ID

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Nabi Khan says:

Hello every one ...can anyone help me out of icloud id activation?? I dnt have owners user id or password?? Plzzz some one help me!!

Sathish Kumar20 says:

Even after removing iphone 5 from icloud its ask to turn off Find My Phone to restore...
i forgot my passcode..
PLZZZZ Help...!!!!!! Thanks in Advance

zdn1042 says:

This is really helpful. I can only imagine the frustration of those legit buyers when they find out they can't use their phone without the original owners authorization. Thank you for sharing this information.

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asuperstarr says:

Great tip, you guys really share some valuable information! Thanks for the tip!

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rich_fletch says:

Another great article Ally, thanks!

On another note you have some really cool wallpapers, can you please share the secret of where they can be found?!!

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1672sunshine says:

Hi, I bought a pre-used 5th gen ipod touch for my son, and it is still linked to old user, I have no way of contacted who I got it from, so what can I do now??????

Adrian Pesici says:

icloud activation is missing now

good job @barutios7

marco s33 says:

ITUNES activation was successfully.

Elenanaria Desousa says:

it w o r k s well

sorry, that i told you as a scammer

Andrew Collin says:

I take this service just too and i was excited. My iPhone 5s doesn´t ask me for iCloud activation now.

Niu Mangh says:

I do it 3 days before and it works. I paid 90 us dollar

Junior Gautreaux says:

hey i have an ipad 2 where can i take it , to bypass icloud security>?

michael pacsons says:

I need to unlock my iphone5 too..pls i need youur helpp with the link to which you did yours...

Martynas Martynas says:

I don have apple id and pasword Iphone 5, can yuo help me?

Peter Deakins says:

this man said its be free of lock with in 72 h i waited more than
now is free :D

jamal31 says:

Yes i waited too longer than 3 days but the result is that all is good

anonymus2014 says:

icloud activation is away... thanks to you

wheneverty says:


Krista Magsonm says:

wheneverty says: this is.....

can not confirm this my Phone is free

Jane Scott says:

Crazy. I couldn't bekieve before in to that. My iPhone is free of lock.

Pam Dooley says:

I highly suspect these comments as they all write in very poor English...

azzuri06 says:

Can anyone confirm if real or scammer ?? I paid by pay pal device still locked

TheSharing Project Elizabeth says:

I paid too, device still locked, isn't answering

TheSharing Project Elizabeth says:

he said his person on the inside was sick to buy time and then said he would refund me in the next 48 hours if the device was still unlocked. He never did.

TheSharing Project Elizabeth says:

This is his facebook if there's anything you know to do ( I tracked him down through an invite he received as a past user through google- it was hard to find)
I personally emailed paypal, and told them that if they collect a lot of reports on this user, they should act. You can email, and you will be one more, maybe they'll do something on his account

azzuri06 says:

hi thesharing-project-elizabeth

I opened a case with pay pal and lost !!! Can't believe it they said

"We've denied your claim because you purchased a virtual, digital or
intangible item, which isn't covered by our Buyer Protection. We only cover
claims involving physical items that can be sent by post and tracked.

We encourage you to work directly with the seller to resolve the problem.
You'll find their contact details on the Transaction Details page"

I'm shocked really as he will continue scamming people he must make 1000s

Big Fist says:

hi i have problem on my iphone 5 stuck at activation screen , and i don't know the apple id can u plz help me?

Hany William says:

I have the same problem with my iphone 5 and i don't know what should i do?
i don't have the apple id and the password

Braulio Andre says:

I also have the same problem as u guys, bought a second hand iphone, and im stuck in the activation lock, im really frustrated by that. i cant contact the guy who sold me the phone, there is a way to unlock it????

Jennifer Baddeley says:

Please help I bought an iPhone 4s and now the guy will not return emails and changed his number... I do not have any of his iCloud info so as of now I have a nice expensive paperweight is there anything we can do to get passed this..I bought it for my son with special needs to use face time cause he can't spell.... Any help would be great... I can't afford to go buy a new iPhone 4s now!!!!

kumar s1 says:

hi guys
i have iphone 4, anybody can help me how to get download software (activate lock bypasser v1.0)
please help me it is very urgent

uhadme says:

hey Apple,
would it be too much to ask for you to add a feature to the emergency call screen?
simply press "send icloud removal request to current icloud account associated with this device"
i notice you have options that allow access or not for camera when phone is locked

if you send the notice..
that would not be giving general public the email address or info of previous owner
and maintain security
while possibly adding to your bottom line

gaining consumers that cannot afford brand new device
and must buy a second hand or last generation device.

Sathish Kumar20 says:

Even after removing iphone 5 from icloud its ask to turn off Find My Phone to restore...
i forgot my passcode..
PLZZZZ Help...!!!!!! Thanks in Advance

Natalia Lipscomb says:

My friend gave me her iphone 4s. The phone and line have been shut off. I went to verizon but they said the phone is still active. What should i do? Help!!