How to remove Activation Lock and turn off Find My iPhone on iPhone or iPad

How to turn off Activation Lock with Apple

If all else fails, Activation Lock is turned on, and you can't turn it off, you still have an option:


You can either call AppleCare or go to your local Apple Store and present proof of ownership. From there, Apple will confirm that it is indeed your iPhone or iPad and, if satisfied, remove the Activation Lock for you.

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  • Can we say how stupid it is that Apple won't let you sign in to from an iOS device? Most people think signing in in settings will merge accounts. They should let you sign in on a friend's phone and at least ONLY access FMiP and turn it off.
  • It is stupid, but if you do need to do it then you can download a browser which lets you customise your useragent string, so the website thinks you're browsing from a computer
  • How unlock activiation lock my i phone
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  • Hey guys i just got my hands on an iPhone (i've never owned an iPhone but my missus has a 7Plus i'm assuming mine is a 6s or even a standard 6 as the screen is about 5" or maybe a lil bigger. BUT ANYWAY.... i'm an Android man never owned a single apple product so it's ALL Alien to me & my girl is no tech savvy person what-so-ever so no point worrying to put any questions 2 her! Sooooo i need sum1 to help me unlock th1s phone! i mean the chinese do it ALL DA TiM EM =TEY LiTERALLY HAV 90% OFF ALL iPHONES DAT get boosted from around the world end up there!
    just 2 be clear the one i got iS NOT HOT! i got it on GUMTREE from a backpacker & i think when she got home or to wereva she was going she pulled a SCAM & lockd me out of da phone so she could get a new one from APPLE as aftEr a few days a screen came up say1ng phone was locked.... SOOOOOOO... HOW DO i RESET THE PHONE (LikE THOSE CRAFTY CH1NESE i'VE BEEN READ1NG ABOUT LOL)j iT SAYS = iPhone is Disabled-Connect to iTunes
    SOS 0nly (into left corner of screen)
    EM ERGM ENCY in middle of screen under iPhone is Disabled-Connect to iTunes
    CAN SUM 1m PLS HELP ME =MANY THX!! [contact info removed per rules]
  • Sounds like you have a locked phone due to it being either stolen, or account locked.  We cannot help you unlock - you need to work through Apple.  Anything else would be against our site rules.  Good luck.
  • I forget my apple id. And phone is stuck in icloud activation mode. Any way i can unlock my phone?
  • Also this video can help to unlock iPhone if you forgot the passcode, and the activation lock can be removed. YouTube ID: jkPAB7tCRig