How to use Siri to search Google instead of Bing

iOS 7 still uses Google for the default search engine in Apple's web browser, Safari, but Bing is the new default for Apple's virtual digital assistant, Siri. Yes, just like Open Table is the partner for reservations, and Wikipedia for general information, Bing and Microsoft worked out a deal with Apple for Siri search. So, while you can't change that, you can tell Siri to search Google (or Yahoo!) instead. Here's how:

  1. Hold down the Home button to activate Siri.
  2. Tell Siri to "Google" or "Search Google" and what you want to search for. For example: "Google 'Astonishing X-Men'"
  3. Watch those Google results come flying in!

That's it! Yes, you do have to say "Google" every time, but it's not much more mental of vocal work that saying "search" without specifying an alternate search engine.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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sting7k says:


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iDisturbia says:

"...Yes, you do have to say "Google" every time..."

There's something deep inside my mind which makes me run to bathroom every time I hear or say google google google ....

Shoot! Running again .....


Armada says:

Its a shame they spent more time on programming in a joke about Google Now rather than implementing similar predictive results. That's the one thing I'll miss after making the jump. I guess I can keep weather or sports widgets in Notification Center but that ends up cluttered. Sometimes I just want my Buccos score when I need it. I'm sure it'll come. (I hope)

ixtc4233 says:

If I remember correctly, Microsoft gave money to Apple to stay afloat and are quite fortunate today considering where they have made it too and then you have Google, Eric Schmidt sat on Apples board and stole the iPhone concepts to create Android and infuriating Steve Jobs. I'll take Bing over Google any day.

louisnvrr says:

You do realize that Andy Rubin founded android after leaving Danger. I believe it was 4hrs later after it's creation that Android Inc was bought by google. Besides Google has been proven to provide better search results than Bing. I'll take google any day

Vincent Sauve says:

Except Bing doesn't give as good a results as Google does. For example when I use Bing/Siri to find my new web page "Mistakes Cosmologists Make" Bing/Siri comes back with results for mistakes cosmetologist make.

vinny jr says:

Google is by far the best search engine. When IOS7 is jailbroken getting Bing off the phone will be my first implantation. Download Google search and use Google Now instead of Siri. That's what I do. Bing just sucks.

Andreas Pollak says:

Works also fine in Austria in German. Thanks.

abazigal says:

I dunno. I quite like the idea of Apple gradually excising all traces of Google from the iPhone, starving Google of all that precious user data and ad clicks.

MohammedKaram says:

Great tip and found it so useful because bing have little search result and Google and more and more, thanks Rene.

93Aero says:

Being the lover of the physical KB, I use Siri and the voice to text mic in iMessages every chance I get.

ZanKuvy says:

All the iQuestions lead to iMore, search nowhere else.
Thanks for the info.

DaveKernen says:

"Yes, you do have to say "Google" every time, but it's not much more mental of vocal work that saying "search" without specifying an alternate search engine."

Proofread much? About ten sentences in the whole article and you post it like that?