iPhone Hulu App: The Next SlingGate?

Rumor is that Hulu is working on a application that will be available in the App Store sometime in the near future. Silicon Alley Insider has learned about it from a "plugged-in industry executive" and it is said that the application itself will be as slick as Hulu's website and it will work on 3G as well as WiFi. Judging from the popularity of Hulu and their really cool commercials, this app could be a huge hit.

This app coming to the App Store may seem a bit hard to believe at the moment based on the whole ordeal with SlingPlayer. Although, there are other apps within the App Store, such as i.TV, that actually stream video, granted the quality is poor. But full length TV shows and movies? Unfortunately, whatever is holding up SlingPlayer from becoming available still remains a mystery. Whatever the case may be, what are the chances of this Hulu app seeing the light of day? And what are the chances AT&T will really let it stream over 3G?

[Via Silicon Alley Insider]

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iPhone Hulu App: The Next SlingGate?


I hate that Apple and AT&T seem to be in bed with each other. I hate that every time a new multimedia streaming app comes along for the iPhone we have to wonder if it will get approved.
Its like these apps are available on other platforms and hasn't caused the world to come to an end and yet the iPhone might not get them for what seems to be no other reason than AT&T wants to push their own agenda and services.

just remember TV is a Huge feature. Apple doesn't release huge features unless their done right. (Which explains no video. mms. push) all that good stuff. so the reason probly is ATT doesn't mind but apple does. and AT&T has agreed to b the scapegoat for the complains. don't forget they need apple. not the pther way around. I guarantee u there is a mobile tv app in the works for fw 3.x. and it will have to work with Apple TV. which is y it's talking so long

if only! if only! This was the one thing I could do on my winmo phone that I miss on the iphone and was something that delayed my switch.

Folks, this one, IMHO, is for real. The only thing keeping Hulu off the iPhone right now is Flash. Clearly, the app is a way around that. AT&T is not going to stop this for a number of reasons:
1) Hulu is not some website but an alliance between Fox and NBC Universal. Blocking them is fighting a war with big media. Both Apple and AT&T HAVE to work with them for the iTunes Store and UVerse respectively.
2) The only thing keeping it off of the iPhone is Flash. Someday the iPhone will have Flash, Flash for iPhone or Silverlight which will make it work with Safari. Apple and AT&T will not be able to block it then because doing so would set a bad precedent and anger customers.
3) Hulu is a website not a video redirection service. They video is paid for by commercials. The content owners run the site and have no issues with using the iPhone as a medium. I don't think we can say the same thing about Sling - they may have an issue with their content being used in an alternative model without payment. In other words, studios, actors and writers don't make money off of Sling but do off of Hulu. So could it be that Sling is being held up not by Apple and AT&T but by big media?
Hulu is going to be done and watch ABC, CBS and even HBO and cable only outlets follow. Sling will have to get their blessing which will come with some license arrangement because it's always about MONEY!

The media companies do make money off of sling box don't they? I mean the commercials are redirected as well as the shows right?

Well, Hulu asked that its content be made unavailable from Boxee, even though Boxee plays the commercials as well, and Boxee was even used to play the content behind Alec Baldwin during their Super Bowl ads...so who knows what Hulu is thinking?
@Matt Hall
A show's producers make the same amount of money off a Sling broadcast as they do off one watched live. It still counts a a pair of eyeballs tuned in; only the place of viewing has shifted. In the worst case, if the viewer records it for later, they can skip the commercials. But, in that case, it is the TiVO doing the shifting, not the Sling.

@ the reptile, if apple/att actually cared about it's customers slinplayer would have been aproved within the normal reviewing process.

@ Erick, how so? If they are threatened by lawsuit from the media companies are they protecting themselves or showing that they don't care about their customers.
@ Matt Hall, yes the commercials get redirected but does the advertiser actually pay for the repeated plays of the ad? I don't think that they do.

I hope this goes through. I will be a very happy camper if I can access my favorite shows via hulu :)

I need help contacting Hulu. I have forgotten my way on, AND NEED TO FIND OUT MY NAME AN PASSWRORD. It keeps saying it will mail me something but never does. HELP!!!

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