Instagram quietly removes option to disable auto-play for videos as advertising beckons

While Instagram's latest update to the iOS app promised improvements, it also seems to have quietly removed something many of us may miss. Checking into the app settings now, there is no longer a toggle to disable video auto-play. For those of us not so keen on Instagram videos, that's more than a little annoying.

So far it seems exclusive to the iOS app, as the current version of the Android app seems unaffected. But, it seems to come at a convenient time. Instagram recently announced that advertising would begin to appear in your timeline, and unless this is an honest mistake, it all seems to fit together a little too well.

Is this a deal breaker for you? Or are you happy enough to keep using Instagram regardless?

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Reader comments

Instagram quietly removes option to disable auto-play for videos as advertising beckons


Advertising is an annoying, irritating part of using many of the "free apps." As long as photos of my grandchildren are posted there I will continue to use Instagram.

Yes I am sure I will find the ads annoying but I also find them annoying in the magazines I read as well as during TV shows...this is called capitalism and they are a business who needs to make money so I will totally live with it.

I think companies should keep crapping on freetards. Slam them into advertisements. Track them and sell their data. If they cannot be bothered to value their privacy and sense of respect why should Instragram?

That seriously is a dealbreaker, if I want to watch a video I'll click it. I think that will be the end of my instagramming.

Everyone saying they are outta instagram is know damn well you're gonna be double-tapping the same as always, ads or no ads.........selfie-game serious!!!!!

i'm not saying i'm stopping but people stop using services all the time. I don't use facebook much at all anymore. It does happen. and someone else could move into the void. And honestly, i deleted vine after a few days 100% because of the auto playing videos.

I don't post "selfies." I use it to really occasionally share things with my clients, colleagues and readers, and follow other creatives in my field. I don't mind paying for the app to be ad-free and I don't care AS much about ads, but I do care about "autoplay" being on because I don't really watch many videos for one, and I certainly don't want to worry about sound popping on if I am viewing in a quiet environment.

Android version is already mirroring what the iOS app has. No more disabling video content.

This sucks as in iOS, there is no way to delete the cache, and with my limited storage (16 GB, with only 600 MB free space), this would make me delete my app once every week. :(

Already stopped using Instagram a while ago. I wish a reasonably priced paid service (, etc) would really take off.

autoplay is annoying as hell. but not a deal breaker.

Advertising a deal breaker? i don't know. I don't want to see them. I don't like it. I can very much see it going the way of facebook for me where i still have the account and slowly never use it and no longer care to check it.

like most things as they take away services and make things less functional i'll just stop using the app.

I updated my Galaxy S3 earlier today. The Android version can no longer turn off autoplay. This is the beginning of the end for me and Instagram. They took away some of the control we had with respect to how we want to use the app. There's no telling how many ads could fill your feed. The ads could outnumber the pics if you aren't following hundreds of people.

It's good that you can auto mute the video. There are going to be commercials on IG.

I've been thinking about moving on from Instagram kind of getting tired of it like I got tired of Facebook.
I'll hold on to Instagram for now and see if the ads are annoying.

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You can set an option for it to auto load the video to "only on wifi" which potentially could be a work around.

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Here comes all the how could they? I'm deleting it right now. It's a business they want to make money that is the way things work. People must have some really fast internet connections because ever since Instagram got videos it has always taken a hell of a long time for the videos to play for me. If you scroll past the video it doesn't play so if you don't want to see just keep scrolling. Sure taking away the choice to play whichever video a user wants sucks but it isn't the end of the world like some will make it seem.