Instagram updated with official iOS 7 support, brings larger images and higher resolution

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Instagram has just announced on their blog that they've released version 4.2 on the App Store which brings with it official support for iOS 7 as well as an updated look and feel to match the new design of iOS. Even more, the new design now allows for larger image sizes all around which means better resolution, according to Instagram:

In this update you will find that we’ve increased the size of photos and videos in your feed so that they expand to the edges of your screen. We’re also happy to say that increased size means increased resolution, so photos and videos will be clearer and more vibrant than ever.

From what I'm seeing, slow motion video still isn't supported natively. Until that happens, there are workarounds to get slow motion video to work with Instagram. It isn't pretty but it gets the job done.

We aren't seeing the Instagram update in the App Store yet but if you do, let us know in the comments!

Allyson Kazmucha

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There are 16 comments. Add yours.

dc9super80 says:

Glad to see the apps updating. Still waiting on What´s app and Viber

Joker022 says:

It's in the App Store now!

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Heisenberg says:

If it doesn't show up in the updates section then just search it for it and it'll have an "update" button.

bedo_14 says:

Am I the only one who thinks that Instagram's icon sticks out like a sore thumb in a now iOS 7-world? I had to move the app to the second page because it was just hideous next to all the other apps who have updated to iOS 7-style icons.

andefreels says:

You're definitely not alone. Seeing that they're sticking with the old 3D icon I also just moved it from my home screen. How did they miss that?

evorc says:

Everything is perfect about the update except the old icon. WTF?!!! The same happened to Pulse News. Makes no sense whatsoever.

rdstryr says:

Don't see it yet in SoCal.

andefreels says:

I got it in SoCal, had to force quit the App Store app then it showed up. Hope that helps!

Adriean Lewy says:

Ios 7 didn't even made a week out of apples server and there's already an update for instagram. Microsoft windows phone 8 is two or more years old and still doesn't have it... When developers really want certain companies to succeed they play it dirty

CORYK333 says:

LMAOOOO!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaa, sob........

cinnabubbles says:

Got the update. 'cept they seem to have forgotten about the icon. Yikes!

mistergsf says:

If it supports larger photos for better resolution, why can't you pinch and zoom on a photo?

theKHMERboy says:

And to add onto that why can't Instagram make it so that you can swipe to look at a next picture!

MsLoveTech says:

Love the new update its very nice and Clean

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PrettiiBadOne419 says:

I got the update earlier and so far the last couple hours it's been running better on my 5S !!

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xhz056x says:

Updated earlier when I saw this post... Pleased with the look but disappointed you STILL can't swipe to look at the next picture and still can't pinch and zoom.

Major bug problem with the videos though! If you try to upload a video from your own library to post to Instagram, the videos are now stretched wide due to the new larger style from the update and the videos look terrible. Hopefully they get this fixed quickly.