iOS 5 "whispersync" working for podcasts between iPhone, iPad?

iOS 5

We haven't been able to prove this ourselves yet, but we recently received several tips from regular podcast listeners, all on iOS 5 beta 3, who say they began listening to one of our shows using the Music (formerly iPod) app on iPhone and then went to continue listening later on their iPad, only to find it automagically began playing right where they left it.

We're going to run a bunch of tests as soon as we can. [iCloud](] already does this for iBooks, so if Apple is rolling it out across all media, we'll finally be able to scratch another of our outstanding wants off the list.

(If you've experimented with this at all, let us know the results.)

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iOS 5 "whispersync" working for podcasts between iPhone, iPad?


If twitter is integrated now, would it be possible for iCloud to whisper sync twitter timeline places between iPhone/iPad/Mac?

Something like that is definitely possible, and obviously some apps can do it already. Twitter needs to provide the right API for real-time and enable it across the platforms; iCloud should be more than able to handle something like that.

And, of course, had Apple done this before Amazon, we could look forward to lawsuits for "a method of keeping a place synchronized in content accessible across multiple devices."