Apple claims iOS 7 is the most popular operating system in the world!

iOS 7 adoption rate ticks up to 80%

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced that the adoption rate for iOS 7 has ticked up a couple of points since the end of December, now standing at 80%. iOS 6 is installed on 17% of iOS devices, while iOS 5 and earlier is installed on 3%, according to the Apple Developer Portal. That compares to what Apple says is single digit adoption of the latest version of Android, KitKat, and, when looked at individually, version to version, makes iOS 7 the most popular operating system instance in the world.

The call is still going, so join us for the liveblog!

Source: Apple Developer Portal

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Reader comments

Apple claims iOS 7 is the most popular operating system in the world!


Something something something, forced update for app compatibility, something something something, not being able to restore the same version you already have installed, and having to upgrade after a restore...

Something something Android does updates differently something something OEMs add "features" but the more they add the less like stock Android and the less likely the device is to receive an Android update something something devices still get updates from OEMs something something just not Android updates something something

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Only Apple could seriously claim this when they don't give the user a choice on whether to update or not.

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Does that matter, though? If they'd said iOS 6 last year would it have been any different?

Is the world better served by having huge legacy Windows XP or Android Gingerbread install bases?

Yes the world is a much better place, it's called choice, freedom to choose what you want.

Being forced into something and then claiming how 'popular' it is, it's not popularity it's lack of choice.

Legacy or not people don't always like the newest thing out (including iOS7 with it's constant daily crashes since launch), so if they want to keep an older version of something then so they should.

You're not forced uto use iOS 7. I know I wasn't and I upgraded because it seemed cool. Now if you were to bring up new devices well most new PCs coming out now are Windows 8.

Actually you are. Anytime you end up in a restore situation>>must update. Persistent settings notification, notification during sync, etc. Sure it could be about making casual users aware of the update, but I definitely feel it being crammed down my throat-all because of OTA.

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You are free to 'downgrade' to an older version of windows though if that's your choice. When it comes to iOS if you don't want to call it forced then your pretty much tortured into accepting it, which I call forced.

Seriously. Very few people bother to properly explain or contextualize share numbers, which makes most of them of little to no value.

Apple was basically positioning the value of iOS again — we have high value, highly engaged customers on our highly targetable platform!