iOS 7 beta for iPhone available to developers today, iPad in coming weeks, everyone else in the fall

iOS 7 beta for iPhone available to developers today, iPad in coming weeks, everyone else in the fall

During WWDC 2013, Apple announced the completely redesigned iOS 7 and the beta will be available on the iPhone to developers beginning today. The beta for iPad will be available in the coming weeks. For the rest of us, we must wait until fall for the official release.

iOS 7 will be available on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, and 5th generation iPod touch.

Fall can't come soon enough!

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Dionte says:

Guess I won't be installing it on my iPad tonight, darn.

bigrobstunner says:

way to go Apple.... Womp Womp

HBennis says:

Once it becomes available to developers, is there any way us regular users can install it? Is the beta signed for certain devices/and or Apple IDs?

v1nn1e says:

Most likely not. You have to register your device UDID w/ an Apple developer account. If you install a beta version of iOS on an un-registered device, it'll basically brick it until you re-install a public release.

HBennis says:

Great, how to register as an Apple developer then? ;-)

Joshua Massre says:

Anyone can register. It just costs $99 a year.

HBennis says:

This might be worth it! Any geographical restrictions? Is this for US developers only you know?

Joshua Massre says:

As far as I know, it's for all Apple developers (I'm in the US so I can't say for sure).

I'd caution you though, since the iOS Betas can be extremely buggy sometimes.

giramixlive says:

Just sign up for a developer account (free one)
Then buy UDID registration, google it 8-10 dollars.
I used the one at appledrunk
Got response after 20mins (yesterday)
Then download the beta 1 img (google it)
Install new version of itunes, put phone in DFU mode, (alt) restore in itunes and choose the file :)


Tyler VD says:


Register your UDID here for iOS Beta Download!

Download available here for iOS7!

iPhone iPad iPod Touch!!!!!!!!!

Joshua Massre says:

I already had an account that I use for my app. So it wasn't any cost for me.

wet250 says:

Just to say, iOS 7 could be downloaded, for absolutely no cost whatsoever and without the need of being a developer with a subscription of $99/month. There is this website with the download links for the ipsws. For the convenience I will even post it here. Links below this: (Make sure to put the link together when you copy it because it becomes spam when I post it if I dont put any spaces at all)

iPhone 5 (Model A1428) [Mirror] nz/#!HwRW3Bqb!U_PBaVaYun-i3v1AM5e-rWpAQkYeI2Xdnxcksm_ZmT4
iPhone 5 (Model A1429) [Mirror] nz/#!kANRQCLA!QfScRhDM8mgkN6leI6tW3D7eEYs0bhfaF53L1yf-RtY
iPhone 4S [Mirror] nz/#!1Y0jlQ5B!Z5iu61VRwnZGaYiFDVQHxi1I4E8oHHPdBE3mUx6EEnU
iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A) [Mirror] nz/#!xZtxXbBJ!MgwEX2jNfNc9C-450SwrqnAXPvYdIuDeKQ1AOun8fTE
iPhone 4 (GSM) [Mirror] nz/#!4Z1yBJ7B!NloFjUSjaPh7y-DUcVj3PR1coyoemggdfNctxyIVIzE
iPhone 4 (CDMA) [Mirror] nz/#!GhYRwARb!YvRWUEVLB7BbeumyT0shQHnVphQwuVPjHk8EgFi08n8
iPod touch (5th generation) [Mirror] nz/#!IV1hwCKT!HUmA8hV3LEBNN3KmKUsuMDB2bWheholUBeBhkRr2NiU

All for you non-developers out there ^^^^
The way to get iOS7 beta installed is by updating your iPhone or iPod to iOS7 not restoring. To update your iDevice manually on iTunes in Windows [SHIFT] + [LEFT-CLICK] in Mac [OPTION] + [LEFT-CLICK]. Once updated your done. Enjoy!

will_hope94 says:

Yes you can, wait for some rednecks to upload the IPSW file to their website, should be around early hours tonight im in UK btw, or tomorrow morning, you download the file then follow instructions for installing the iOS 6 dev version, involves restoring phone and shift clicking on restore to restore using a different IPSW file, iOS 7 as opposed to iOS 6 in this case. YES there is a chance it will brick your phone, YES there is bugs. But its probably all worth it and working as a deterant, because as I saw in the other reply the deterant and words alone moved you away from the unregistered use and onto paying $99 for developers. I used iOS 6 the day it came out for developers, I am not a developer. My iPhone 4s is still very happy and not a brick. Have fun!

Jayden Smith says:

No you have to be a developer. There are many sites that will let you get it for a small cost of around $8 when they get a hold of it. Im currently waiting for my Dev licence to renew. I could help you out if you like :)

Dionte says:

Do a little search first, there is a free way. I don't think we can say on here.

Charissa Cook89 says:

You can do it now...There are website for it that don't cost anything. There are keyboard tricks you will need to know though

Nur AbuLaben says:

Yea you can go to this website for other devices and when apple releases ios 7 beta1 for iPads than download it from there also here's the YouTube tutorial your welcome and good luck have fun

cgalloni#IM says:

This freaking sucks!! In FALL!! Are you kidding? is not even Summer officially yet! . We are talking about 4-5 months easy! .

GlennRuss says:

They have been developing this for a time. I am surprised so long a wait useless it will be a new product to go with it, or may be it still is in very early stages, and needs bug testing by developers. Fall still seems too far away.

mikeymca says:

Thank god it's available on iPhone 4 onwards! Got a little scared there

jorbjorb says:

Fall? That sucks man

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floydstyle says:

if you think it's too long to wait, then just pay the 100$ to be developer and you will be able to install it! I'm thinking about it myself hehe

Brandon Stuch says:

same. but the developers website is currenty down.. wonder why.

kilcher says:

You need to own a Mac too, right?

reddmoney says:

Where do you register to become a apple developer so I can get the beta version of ios 7?

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reddmoney says:

Where do you register to become a apple developer so I can get the beta version of ios 7?

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sting7k says:

The iPhone 4 is still still kicking!

ernbrdn says:

Yeah but unfortunately it has already been dropped on the feature list. Airdrop will not work on a 4S, and that's a pretty cool feature. I'm almost scared to see what isn't going to make the cut when the OS is actually released along with the new hardware.

rj5570 says:

has anyone been able to login to their developer account? seems like the server has been smashed!

reddmoney says:

How do you get a developer acct?

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HBennis says:

OR, you could look in ebay ;-)

UDID activation for less than 5 dollah!

Tyler VD says:


Register your UDID here for iOS Beta Download!

Download available here for iOS7!!!!!

iPhone iPad iPod Touch!!!!!!

gfletch80 says:

Looking forward to hearing of what "major" bugs there are in the beta. I obviously expect to hear some apps don't work as they need to be upgraded for iOS 7 but I'm hoping there are no issues with making/receiving calls, texts and data. And no major wifi issues.

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GlenMartin32 says:

Anybody any luck downloading ios 7 beta yet?

floydstyle says:

hehe dev website is soooo down

Alex King1 says:

well, im still waiting for the download

techscity says:

i have the iOS 7 i just downloaded it and i also have apple developer account if interested make an offer

fakiesk8r333 says:

free e-hug for udid registration? :)

techscity says:

Follow us on twitter @techscity and like us on Facebook @techscity and email me your udid at and I'll register ur udid tomorrow morning :)

Amanda Tyson says:

Not sure if you guys want it, but IOS beta is now out. You can get it from here.

pistolro says:

I love my apple devices, and i love to read about what people think about them. Sure apple devices are not perfect and have many faults. I would love to get my hands on an android device but dont have the money for it, so i have to settle for my apple devices. I downloaded ios 7 today, and so far i have mixed reactions. I am the type of person who likes trying new things especially when it comes to my apple devices. So far I like it and not like it. Since I dont work for apple or have any say in what goes and what doesnt, there isnt much I can do but just accept it and move on. If you have ios 6, you will notice the difference right away, it has a different feel to it. And yes it will take some time to get used to it. For example, in the setup, i was trying to slide to the next page, but instead of sliding right to left, i had to slide left to right. There is new stuff i also wanted to try, like the control center, which you get from sliding up. Right now, i basically am just trying out the new ios 7, and seeing how it is, and not sure if it is me or the device of the ios system, but some things doesnt work or doesnt work as you expect it to work. I am trying to get siri to work but cant get it work. But i do like how the weather app is and how interactive the screen is. It is currently raining in NY and i like how it shows the rain. I like how the screen pops out and how the multitasking is like. So far it seems ok and just another ios i will get used to.

Mike Castillo says:

Selling UDID activations for $5!

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novocane5 says:

If anyone needs to register their UDID I can do it for $10.
email me if interested

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Jakub Kupec says:

If anyone needs to register their UDID I can do it for $4.99
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John Brookes says:

Apple now require your UDID to be activated FIRST, so register yours here:
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SherryFerns56 says:

Can IOS 7 come on a iPhone 5 that you already purchased?