iOS 7 brings all new design to Messages, Calendar, Mail, and more

iOS 7 brings all new design to Messages, Calendar, Mail, and more

iOS 7 is hands down the biggest update to iOS we have seen since the introduction of Notification Center in iOS 5. For the first time ever, every single one of iOS' core apps are getting a completely overhauled design.

In iOS 7, Apple has completely revamped what we'll be seeing in our main core apps. Messages, Mail, Calendar, and more will receive new translucent keyboards, new colors, and a design that manages to simply get out of the way and lets you focus on your content.

By using a series of grid-like guides, Apple has taken all the core apps from icon design to how you view them to a new level. That means your content is now the main focus, across all apps, with menus and text getting out of the way.

As we know more about each individual app, we'll be sharing it via our WWDC live coverage so make sure to check back often to see how each individual core app is going to change with the introduction of iOS 7.

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Reader comments

iOS 7 brings all new design to Messages, Calendar, Mail, and more


Apple sucks, I hate simplicity....And hate iTunes...And I am really allergic to apples, maybe that's why ? lol I'm first ! lol

I generally love the new design. Much simpler and more consistent and (as usual) looks great. I'm not at all a fan of translucency though. To me it's just distracting, annoying eye candy serving no functional purpose that I can see. Hopefully I'll be able to turn it off. Probably won't be able to. Not a deal breaker though.

What I really want to know is whether the messages will be actionable notifications or not. I know Rene posted in their live coverage that Maverick would have actionable notifications but I haven't seen that detailed anywhere for iOS 7. Everything else is slick though. Can't wait to find out more.

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Love the new functionality (except for apps auto updating), hate the design. Too plain, the colours are too bright and the corners of the icons are too round. It looks cheap and childish, like something from a picture book for very young toddlers.

Like wise on the apps auto-updating. I hope this is a feature that one will be able to toggle on and off. Because many times when devs "update" an app they make it less functional an add something which is not useful.