iOS 7 design language comes to Mac and Windows... via iCloud web makeover

iOS 7 design language comes to Mac and Windows... via iCloud web makeover

The closed developer beta version of iCloud has gotten a makeover that, at least based on the publicly available login screen, shows every sign of iOS 7's distinctive design language. You've got a flat white box with minimalist, type-centric elements over a blurred layer with a hint of iOS 7-style mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, find my iPhone, and, presumably, iWork behind it.

What's going on inside can only be seen if you've received an invitation to the beta. Since members of the general public as well as developers have received those, I'm frankly not sure what is and isn't under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) at this point, but I'll err on the side of caution and simply suggest that if you can login with your iCloud credentials, do login and take a look around.

And yes, I did try twisting and turning my MacBook around, and no, I couldn't find any dagnab parallax scrolling going on either! (Am I depth'ing it wrong?)


Rene Ritchie

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iSRS says:

HA! As soon as I noticed the fading bubble, I did the same thing!

andrew202 says:

I think they will redo OSX next year because of this.

redbeard says:

And the destruction of OSX begins :(

graigsmith says:

that's a website... not osx.

jakeless.123 says:

I'm looking forward to the iOS 7-ification of some OSX areas!! I am just so in love with the new look of iOS 7 it's not even funny!

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poiman says:

These iOS 7 colours are so bright that they will eventually make me blind.

kch50428 says:

As Rene noted - Anyone that has the iWork apps in their regular iCloud probably has access to the beta... try your AppleID on - worked for me...