Is iOS 7 functional — and stable — enough for you?

Is iOS 7 functional — and stable — enough for you?

Full disclosure: I live on my iPhone 5s. I'm on it almost constantly. I have very few problems with iMessage. I don't get a lot of crashes. And while I have a Nexus 5, when I'm on my iPhone I don't find myself missing much if any major functionality. (I am missing a bunch of minor stuff, but I'll address all that specifically in future posts.) Maybe I've molded myself to match the machine in hand. Maybe I'm just in the sweet spot Apple designed it to address. I don't know. What I do know for sure is that it's dumb to assume my experience and my use case translates to anyone and everyone else's. Pretty soon all phones will be smart phones, and given the many and diverse needs of billions of potential customers, no one device or feature set will fit them all. Bugginess is one thing, and absolutely has to be addressed. Expectations are something else, and those can only be managed. They're also two very different things, so lets address both!

Some people are experiencing crashes with iOS 7. Sometimes it's Springboard/Backboard (the iOS interface and windowing system) crashing. That's when the screen goes dark, the Apple logo appears, and it takes a few long seconds before you're back on the Home screen. Sometimes it's an app that crashes. Memory, especially on the 64-bit iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini, seems to be part of the issue. I'm not smart nor savvy to know how much of a part, or what else in iOS 7 might be going on to compound it.

To get a rough understanding of how often it's happening, I asked around. From my incredibly mainstream sister to my uber-geeky friend, almost all of them could only recall it happening about once a month as well. That's anecdotal, of course, and some, likely those who hit the resources hardest, are experiencing the crashes most frequently.

Apple is advertising iOS 7, in part, based on its stability so making it rock — or deep water — solid simply has to be a priority. Hopefully Apple will kick iOS 7.1 out the door ASAP so everyone can enjoy its improvements.

The expectational part is tougher to address. I saw iOS 7 and thought it a leap forward, others simply confusing. Neither opinion, or any in between, is right or wrong. They're simply reflections of our individual tastes and needs.

I have immense respect for my colleague, Phil Nickinson's passion for Android, and my MacBreak Weekly co-host, Andy Ihnatko's decision to switch to Android. At the same time, I have my own, what I feel are equally valid reasons to stick with iPhone.

I used to think iOS wasn't designed for geeks, but eventually I realized it was more nuanced than that. It was designed for the mainstream... and for very specific types of geeks.

There will be people who just want a free phone, maybe to text, maybe to Facebook, and they'll pick up whatever Android device the carrier offers them, no or few questions asked. There will be people who want to get into mobile and feel Apple be the safest, easiest way to do that, and will just work for them. There are people who want to tinker and customize, who want as much choice and as much control as possible, and Android provides that. There are people who are tired of tinkering and customizing and want the known target Apple provides. And there are people who love technology and want to move back and forth between all the platforms as often as the mood strikes them. None of them are stupid or misguided or wrong or anything else. They're just people looking for, and sometimes finding, what suits them best at any given time.

I get gamma-bomb-mad at Google sometimes because it chokes on my having 7 different accounts logged in at once, which is entirely not the normal person scenario all their services were designed for. So, I can easily understand why people get enraged at Apple for not having surfaced XPC inter-app communications, or deployed the print-to-PDF feature, or allowed default apps to be set, or enabled persistence enough for their SSH or IRC flow, or any of a thousand other, specific things. I understand frustration over iOS the same way I understand the very different frustrations over Android.

Mostly I understand what I said up front — that I can't speak in broad generalities and I certainly can't speak for everyone. So this is where you come in. If you're currently running iOS 7, how stable is it for you? If it's crashing, how often? And how functional is it for you? Are you routinely hitting up against walls? If everything is fine, don't be afraid to say so. But if you're experiencing any pain, I — and I'm pretty sure Apple — would love to know about it!

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Is iOS 7 functional — and stable — enough for you?


Yeah, I have a friend who gets a lot of Safari crashes. I haven't gotten any. He thinks it might be because he has a ton of tabs open.

Anything specific you notice about when/how Safari crashes on you? (Also, which version of iOS 7 are your running?)

Perhaps I have too many tabs open but that isn't always the case. I am on 7.04. Try opening Crash. A lot of onswipe sites are crashy. If I start scrolling before the images have all loaded, it can crash. It crashes to my favorites screen. I will be selling both iPads this fall probably when the new ones come out as hopefully they have more RAM. Love your site. I have restored with no difference. There are threads on Apple support about this. Ios 6 on last gen ipad was not this crashy for me.

I unjailbroke my iPad and updated to iOS 7.1 beta 3 out of frustration and - so far - it's been much more stable. I haven't had a Safari crash yet. I still think their decision to only include 1 GB of RAM is just insulting. Every third or fourth app I open kills an app that was state paused, so using an iPad feels a lot slower than using an iPhone.


The iPhone 5s is my first iPhone after a few Androids, preceded by Windows mobile 6, Blackberry, Treo, etc. I went with iPhone because my wife has a 5 and in a year has never once rebooted or had any issues. I had no plans to go with an iPhone but at the unveiling when they said, "64-bit" there was no question. I've always been a power user on computers and knew I had to have it.

I do love the phone but I do get the crash to the Apple logo pretty much once a day now. I must admit I push the phone to the limit in doing all I can in opening, closing, and all I can do. I feel the phone and OS can take it and mostly does.

I get the crash mostly when I go to the camera from the lock screen but periodically it just reboots while it's on the desk. I'm sure they will get this resolved and even with this it's the most robust phone I've ever had. I can't but feel there is a memory constraint in the 64-bit and honestly might not be totally resolved until there is more memory with new hardware, but, the Apple engineers do amazing things and 7.1 might totally clear it up.

But, it answer your question, yes, it is functional and stable enough... by far. I have been into computers and computing devices since the early 1980s and it's more computer in my pocket than I had on my desk just a very few years ago. It's amazing it's as stable as it is.

Perfect? No, but from having tried many others it is as close as we have right now.

Safari has been rock stable for me on a iPhone 5. Currently averaging about 20 pages open. Jump back and forth on pages daily with no problems. Currently running 7.0.4

Devices: iPhone 5S and iPad Air (latest versions of iOS 7)
Safari: Crashes multiple times a day. I reboot and continue with my life (a mild annoyance)
Springboard: I get 1-2 Apple logos a day. Always when I double tap to multitask. I hit the home button twice, and nothing happens...then, like the early warning signs of a seizure, I start to think "uh it comes." and about two seconds later...Apple logo. This is worse than a minor annoyance, it is a pain. If it is a memory issue, Apple should have put 2GB in these devices!

I too notice crashes quite often in Safari while accessing my usual blogs and sites. Less often I've seen the iPad turn off and reboot.

Safari is crashing randomly and many times a day in my ipad air 64gb and in specific websites like nine inch nails site. This is happening with A LOT of people and there is a 100 pages thread in apple official forum. Error logs reports low memory. Looks like 1gb ram is definitely not enough to deal with 64bit A7 chip.

iOS 7 is very stable. never any crashes. safari is the only app i have had crashing. i love the new password saving feature.

I've had springboard crash on at least one occasion. Safari several times (today, in fact). Not to mention tons of graphical glitches I can't even describe. To be honest, I expected a bit more from iOS when I came from Android.

It hasn't traditionally been this bad. I've had more crashes in iOS 7 than any previous version combined. For what its worth 7.1 has been solid for me.

This Springboard problem happened a lot for me. I'm on my third device from Apple because of it. They replaced it a number of times in the apparent belief that it would resolve the issue.

It hasn't happened in a number of weeks, but I'm not sure what to think now. It's happened on this 5S, so it's certainly not free from the problem.

I wonder if this will be resolved in 7.1. I've generally been treated fairly badly by Apple as part of this. It's a pity and I expected better from them. They're awfully keen to hand out new hardware but their customer service weakness is if you have a software issue. They're not set up well to deal with it.

Thanks for asking, Rene, I'd like to weigh in here:

I drive around seeing clients all day and I use my 5s constantly and just recently picked up an iPad mini with Retina display that goes in my jacket pocket (!) to replace having a laptop etc. (The thing is amazing!)

The 5s rarely crashes or hiccups. When it does, it's really not very annoying. When I switched from Windows 7 and the Palm Pre/webOS world 2 years ago to Apple, I was amazed at what I had been missing all those years (my kids and son-in-law finally pushed me over the edge into Apple's ecosystem)!

#1 is the ecosystem. Period. Sometimes I start taking it for granted, but it still amazes me how Apple has made my life and work life easier, more secure, and simplified so many things.

I've had the 4S, the 5, and now the 5s. They keep getting better and I trust that all the complaints or missing features we most often list about iOS or the 5s (which, to me, are minor) will be addressed by Apple eventually. Again, the ecosystem's strengths make me a very patient man with Apple as we wait for the problems to be addressed.

When I have to sit down at a Windows PC or I watch people use an Android device, I just sit amazed they put up with it--and not because something like a Galaxy S3 or 4 can't do a lot of cool things; it's just that other mobile products are not as elegant and don't communicate quality and great design like an Apple product. At the risk of sounding like some "fanboy" or cult member (really condescending labels), I go naked with the 5s and it just feels great in my hand and is a joy to use for even simple things.

So, yes, different strokes for different folks, but I'm relatively new to the Apple world and I'm convinced those problems you listed, Rene, are not that big of a deal compared to all that rocks the iPhone.

Over and out....

So let me get this straight. You're amazed that people "put up" with Android devices which actually have more functionality? There is more to something than design alone.

iPhones are great but so are lots of Android phones.

Where do you see Android not having form? Heavily bogged down OEM skins, right? A Moto X/Nexus device would change your perspective on Android.

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Rene- iOS 7 is not an upgrade in any fathomable way. Apple added pretty much ZERO FUNCTIONALITY to iOS. All they did was make it UGLIER. It is GLITCHY as hell, and is an absolute disaster. The Safari gestures are a NIGHTMARE on my iPhone, and the reminders app is SO BROKEN it's a joke. It's unbelievable that they haven't fixed this stuff yet. Joany I've and Cookie should be downright EMBARRASSED.

That's the challenge with iOS 7. Everyone knew it was going to be divisive. People get bored but they also hate change.

For example, I love the Safari gestures, and the consistent back gesture in general, and it's muscle memory for me now. If an app doesn't have it, it feels broken.

iOS 7 UI is a matter of taste. User experience is a new feature. If iOS 7 improves that for you, it's the biggest new feature ever. If it doesn't, it's maddening.

However, there's still AirDrop, and especially the new background multitasking stuff. There's no way to argue that isn't a huge new feature, right?

Agreed. I absolutely love AirDrop; it makes bump-to-share look archaic. I also use the Command Center daily. I really can't imagine using pre-7 versions again.

I love AirDrop, but despite working in an environment with hundreds of iOS devices around me, I find it useless because almost no one turns it on. It is set by default to only work with people in your contacts, and unless you are a business user, most people's contacts are useless or empty most of the time.

I was once giving a talk in a room with hundreds of people with iOS devices at a major University and when I turned on AirDrop, I could see four people, two of which were my coworkers that I had come with.

Unless by default it allows us to just see who's around, or unless Apple can find a way to get regular people to use their contacts like they all work in Silicon Valley, it isn't going to take off at all. Most of my non-technical friends are not even aware of the feature or that they have it on their devices.

I do know what you mean about the lack of available devices, with AirDrop enabled. But I don't think the point is simply finding people, with whom to share items. The idea is that you're engaging a colleague or friend/family in conversation and want to share a doc, pic, web link, etc. You then ask to AirDrop them an item you'd like to share, possibly prompting a "Huh?" After which, you instruct the other party to swipe up Control Center and engage AirDrop (preferably for everyone). The experience, with the dozens if people if turned on to the feature, has been nothing short of "Wow, that's awesome!" In contrast to the bump-to-share feature (my own nomenclature), seen on other devices, it truly is laughable. My in-laws all use Galaxy S4s (which are nice phones in their own right). One day last summer, I remember biting my tongue, while watching them smack their phones together, attempting to share a photo with my mother in-law. I don't see AirDrop going anywhere. In fact, I believe it'll only continue to gain widespread traction, right into mainstream use.

I actually love the look of iOS 7. When I go back to a device running iOS 6 it seems so outdated. I guess everyone has a different opinion. As for the gestures I haven't had any issues. I have had crashing periodically (maybe 3-4 times since I bought it on launch day). Which to me hasn't been to much of an inconvenience. I do wish it didn't happen but compared to other OS's I've used its minimal.

I've had my iPad Mini (gen 1) re-spring when opening multitasking, going into app, and then back to the old app too quickly. It looks like it has switched back to the original app, but then resprings

This is where I see many of my device crashes as well. I have both an iPad Air and iPhone 5S. For me it is the multitasking card UI. Double click the home button, then crash. It's not every time, but enough to avoid using that feature. This never happened on my iPhone 5 or iPad 2 so it must be a bug in the 64-bit devices.

I have numerous crashes on both my iPad Air and iPhone 5s. Resprings and app crashes happen to me almost every two days. It's quite annoying I hope Apple fixes these things as soon as possible. By the way I love iOS 7, just wish I had less problems. I also think I've just been spoiled with Apple products; never would I ever want to have anything other than Apple.

Just as long as it's stable, they can kick it out the door tomorrow, but if it's not stable it's pointless. But they've been very slow rolling out the 7.1 betas, so i just hope that means it's going to be stable.

It's getting there. The animations are a huge improvement each new beta that comes out. There are still a few obvious bugs though. Like Notes on iPhone: it's UI is visually buggy on a couple of fronts. And I'd like the ability to be able to paginate home screens as the icons are flying in when you unlock, like you could on iOS 6. That alone would be a huge time saver.

I have had a 5s with 7 since release day (well, the Monday after), and upgraded my mini the day 7 came out. I have had 1 springboard crash on my 5s, and get the occasional safari crash on both devices- not enough for me to consider it a major hindrance though. I am a combo business/leisure user (my phone is mainly email, text/calls and safari, with the mini being safari/video/books). I am by no means a power user, but I definitely put both devices through their paces and rely on them heavily. Neither has failed me to date (touch wood), and as far as features go I am yet to find a major flaw/complaint. It all "just works", something I am willing to put up with the minor issues for.

That's not to say I haven't had major issues- I have had 2 iPhones replaced and my MacBook is currently broken and in for repair. But I know if I have issues, I have an Apple store nearby and I will get a replacement iPhone/iPad that day, with my MacBook being 3 business days (hopefully!). It's a combo of things being uncomplicated and working 99% of the time for me, with excellent support in a very short time if not that keep me hooked on Apple. I don't think any other provider at this point could offer me the same thing.

No, it is not. I have had very inconsistent battery life. The phone would randomly power itself down when it sometimes has 20%, 9%, or at one time, 36%. Sometimes when this happens, you can turn it back on again. Often times, it would say I have to charge the phone. Beyond frustrating. It is like a timebomb figuratively speaking.

iOS6, despite shorter on feature list, was a lot more stable and functional to me, in my opinion.

Did you restore from a previous device's backup or set up as a new iPhone? Are you in an area with solid cell service or does it drop low sometimes? Does the phone ever get warm/hot?

Hi Rene, I believe, I had wiped the phone clean, as the initial update did not take. So I did an erase and update, then restore from previous back up I believe. I am in an area with solid cell service. Under heavy usage then the phone would be warm. And I am on a iPhone 5.

Weird. I know it's an incredible pain in the ass, but maybe try restoring as a new phone and see if its more stable? An iPhone 5 isn't 64-bit, so it shouldn't have the wacky memory thing.

Multiple crashes on both iPad Air and iPhone 5, sometimes related to audio sometimes other apps take down the phone to the point it reboots. Disappointed honestly, while they added some functionality it definitely isn't boasting a new feature set that is inspiring.

Actually i think ios7 is AMAZING of course it has some glitches but i just dont care that much as they happen very distant from one another, and ios7 is actually the first ios i've ever used this is my first iphone after years with blackberry and 2 great years with a samsung galaxy, but i couldn't be happier!, ios and the iphone and ipad are GORGEOUS and really easy to use i miss some things that android has over ios but the apple experience is all worth it and that's actually the best feature a mobile device can have!, i hope and i want apple to release ios 7.1 asap but we'll just have to wait, anyway i love ios!! :D

Functional - yes, stable - no. I get Safari crashes all the time, but the most annoying thing is the multitasking crashes. It really doesn't matter what app, just once a day or so I will get a soft reboot (Apple logo, but short time period. Doesn't count as a full reboot as I don't have to reenter my passcode on 5s.)

Then there is bluetooth - if I press the play button on my car stereo there is about a 25% chance it will crash, reboot and have to reconnect.

The thing is I didn't have these issues with the iPhone 5 on iOS 7, so I am pretty sure they are 64-bit issues. Just not enough QA time from Apple.

I have an iPhone 5, not 5s and I do get periodic reboots. I've seen it happen on its own while charging. Nothing more than a momentary annoyance so far, but there definitely was loss of stability after upgrading and not just 64 bit devices.

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I was having a lot of crashes until I went on to 7.1b 3. They cannot push it out soon enough. I think if anything springboard should be updated for 2013. Give people the ability to customize it a bit more if they wish like they do with the Mac. It doesn't have to Android-wacky, but I think Apple could find a nice middle ground. Perhaps have something like Google Now as part of the home screen. Not so much widgets, but perhaps something more predictive or allow you tell if to organize according to what you're doing. Perhaps something crazy like allow app icons to expand like Android widgets or live tiles and expose more functionality if you wish. Everybody's needs are different and not always the same all the time. If I'm at work I need iMessage, email, calendar, chat, Evernote, etc. At home though I use an entirely different set of apps like Facebook, Twitter, games, etc. Really, it just needs a way to intelligently organize it beyond rows and rows of icons.

Also, the ability to set new defaults would make me a happy camper more than anything else. I would really appreciate to be able to change my web browser, email, map app, etc. I think they could have a setting like they do for notifications and have everything centrally managed there if you ever need to change it back. My family have Macs and often never change their defaults, but I do a lot. I would appreciate the ability to tell iOS that I'm capable of handling a little more.

I have to agree with Andy Ihnatko, I think iOS needs an update to give it the stickiness that OSX has. OS-X is wonderful the first week, three weeks, months, etc, but after that the more you learn the more capable you become. Even six months, 1 year, etc. I'm still finding ways to enhance my experience on OS-X. Some things I keep simple like Mail or Calendar, but in other cases I use Dropbox for files, 1Password for passwords, Mint on my menu bar, and Aperture for photos. iOS needs the ability to let users grow into it. I would say more on the iPad than the iPhone.

I have an iPhone5s and wife has one also, the issue that bothers us the most is that the screen does not register the finger tap sometimes, especially in the camera app when trying to switch between cameras, sometimes we have to close the app completely and try several times until it works. It happens on both phones.

I'm running iOS 7 on an iPad 3, iPhone 4, and now on my iPhone 5S. Naturally it runs slowest on the iPhone 4 but all 3 devices run well. The iPhone 4 had iOS 7 the longest but is now used little due to the 5S, but it was very stable on iOS 7 as are the rest of my devices. The worst I've had is app crashes and that was maybe happening 3-4 times a month. I'm am retired and on my devices several hours every day running apps such as AutoCad 360 as well as Numbers, iMovie, several photo apps, AT U-verse app for remote programming my DVR when not at home, Apple Maps, Mapquest and Netflix. Outside of not liking the new icons the iOS has been great and extremely stable.

I will add there are a few times the quick reboots have caused issues. I enjoy doing lots of nature photography with the iPhone and a few times I've seen an animal and quickly slide to unlock to the camera and the reboot happens. The reboot is quick, but, not quicker than the subject getting away. I've missed a few shots due to this.

I've also once was recording an audio file and there was a random to logo reboot and stopped the recording. I of course could restart but missed quite a few seconds of audio I wanted.

But, these are relatively rare and I can live with them but I must admit I was hoping for even more rock solid reliability from all I had read about iOS in general but I do feel it will come. I'm sure many people inside Apple have the same thing happen and hopefully that will hasten the fixes.

But, of the very long list of smartphones I've used, this is the best by far and I'm very quick to recommend it to others and will continue to do so.

iOS 7 has pushed me over the edge and my next phone will be an Android. I am keeping my iPad because it's still the best tablet (though as soon as one comes out from someone else that is comparable and has an SD slot I'm ready to jump ship there, too). I'm tired of the slowdown screech to a halt when I am using Safari (on both devices) and aesthetically I don't like the look - and the fact that it's a-ok for them to just change that without giving me any options. It's just one minor thing, but what put me over the edge was Notepad, which I use daily. It had a neat legal pad look to it, and now it's just black text on a blank white sheet. It's harder to read now and it infuriates me that just because some guy at Apple wanted to change it and thinks it's "good for me" or whatever it just is taken away. More options = good! changing the one option I have without my consent and no way to get it back = to heck with them. It was the straw that broke the back of my tolerance for Apple's need to treat me like a child who does not know what I like or want.

Try the new Galaxy Note 10.1. It's a little laggy out of the box, but updates have made it smoother. Install Nova and it flies :)

Sadly, Chrome on my Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 is super-laggy. There's no silver bullet. Just different types and kinds of frustration.

I was complaining loudly about Chrome and Gmail at CES last year and Brian Klug came up and put my N4 into dev mode. The screen went bright red. They were re-drawing screen elements 2-4x more than they had to. I believe Google's graphics pipeline guy has been on a tear about this as well for the last year.

I hope that's something ART addresses? I'll admit I haven't read up much on details since it wasn't possible to enable on older devices, but iirc it was supposed to speed things up a lot.

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Fortunately, there's lots of other browsers to choose from. I like Dolphin myself... never any issues. Even better once you root and install an ad blocker.

Chrome on ios on my 4s crashes all the time for me. By all the time i mean virtually every single prolonged use of it.

I have an iPad 2 and an iPhone 5s, both running iOS7 and I love both of them and have no issues. Previous I had an iPhone 5 and previous to that I owned 17 BlackBerrys. I use my phone all day for work and personal with no issues. Having come from BlackBerryland and having to hack the software and constantly upgrade to fix issues, the world of Apple is amazing. Everything is user friendly, efficient, upgrading apps and iOS is simple and/or automatic...just can't express how much I love it.

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Great piece, Rene. I'm an Android phone user but Apple for everything else. Bought an iPad Air and it crashed constantly--mostly on Safari (with only a couple tabs open) but also on other apps like Spotify and Notability. Traded it in for a retina Mini, which also crashes, but not nearly as much.

I think my expectations are reasonable, and iOS7 has not met them. I understand bugs are to be expected, but regular crashes with simple browser use is ridiculous. It'd also be nice if Apple would acknowledge issues rather than insisting they've not heard of similar complaints.

On both iPad and iPhone with iOS 7.0.4 I'm irritated by the Music app crashing every time I edit a playlist to remove songs or add a song using album view followed by pressing Done. Using song view also crashes the app (after adding a song and pressing Done) but if you tap any other view then return to song view it doesn't crash (after adding a song and pressing Done). Using artist view or composer view doesn't crash the app (after adding a song and pressing Done). It is nice though that the songs are at least added to the playlist when I relaunch the app.

While on the subject of the Music app, the two enhancements I hope Apple get round to doing soon is the ability to bulk delete songs on a playlist and the ability to add 'Up Next' songs. This feature is great in iTunes and is also present in the iOS Remote app that controls iTunes or AppleTV, so shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Couldn't leave it out; Safari app is crash happy and the Video app could do a better job with streaming when roaming between different wifi stations on the same network (seems to be ok if you pause what you're watching first before it switches).

I've had my iPhone 5 for a year and really like ios7. I've had a few crashes, can't recall what I was doing when they happen as they are infrequent. Received an iPad Air for Christmas and it too is rock solid. Before this I had several Android phones and had no issues with them either. But since I had the original iPad, I moved to the iPhone 5, though I keep my contacts, mail, calendar, etc all in Google and prefer the Chrome browser.

I've had very few issues with iOS 7 on my iPhone 5. The only one I can truly complain about is apps randomly crashing (usually memory-intensive games or media on a website). But that's been it for me. I'm looking forward to iOS 7.1's color changes I've seen (too much "neon" coloration in the current edition).

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I've had a 5c for two months, no issues whatsoever. I have at least 10-15 safari tabs open at any given time, no problems. Matter of fact I haven't experienced any crashes, at least none I can remember. So overall, yes, it is very stable in my case.

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I get the occasional reboot on my iPhone 5 and Retina iPad Mini. I'd say maybe once or twice a week... But the reboot time is very quick -- I'd say only about 5 seconds. The fact that it happens randomly and unpredictably (for me) is a bit annoying, but it is nothing more than that -- a minor annoyance.
As far as app crashes go, I can recall only a handful of crashes (between all of my apps) since the release of iOS 7. In that respect, I would argue that iOS 7 is just about as stable as iOS 6 was. Thinking back, I can recall Safari crashing only a handful of times as well.

Overall, however, I'd say that iOS 7 is probably the buggiest iOS release yet, but not by a long shot... it is certainly not unstable beyond use. I'd argue that, given the fact that this is a huge change to the fundamental design of iOS, as well adding some great new functionality, I can justify these errors and crashes. For what it's worth, the Apple Engineers did a solid job at rebuilding iOS from the ground up in less than a year's time.

All is forgiven if they can stabilize the OS and fix the random reboots in 7.1. I believe that, by the time iOS 8 is released later this year (presumably), that iOS will once again be crowned the undisputed king of stability and reliability.

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iOS 7 works great, but I get that crash back to the boot up screen a little too often. Sometimes an app will crash, I think iOS 7 needed 2 gigs of ram. This fall apples new iPhones will have 3 gigs, and all will be well.

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Rene, your paragraph on the types of smartphone users is spot on. Having said that, I have always switched between iPhone, Android and Windows Phone rather frequently. However, I always seem to come back to the iPhone at the end of the day. I actually love iOS 7 despite the amount of negative feedback it has gotten. Control Center is a great addition and it has an overall clean and clear feeling which I enjoy. I rarely get crashes, but then again I am not always a heavy user either...can't wait for more updates to come!

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I absolutely love my iPhone 5s. I waited in line for 10 hours on launch day to acquire mine. I love iOS 7 and all the beautiful new functionality that quickly disappears into the background as if my life has always been this convenient. My sole complaint is that I frequently get the Apple logo restart when I use iTunes Radio. If I listen for several hours a day, it'll typically restart 3 or 4 times. When it was first released, my phone was crashing on me multiple times a day while I used iTunes Radio. However, this rarely- if ever- happens when I stay away from the radio.

I have faith that Apple will quickly perfect the new iOS.

I really like what Apple did with iOS7. It's looks great (though I think it will even be better if there's an option for night mode), fun and refreshing.
> Some of the issues I encountered so far with iOS7 are some Springboard crashes when I use VLC player to watch 720p/1080p movies.
> Sometimes when I try to close 2 apps simultaneously through the Multitasking feature, the card will be removed but the icon would still remain now with a blank space. I had to flick the same app again to remove it completely on the Multitasking interface.
> And there's also some occasional weird glitch about Assistive Touch. When I try to use Assistive Touch while a folder is still in animation or when I just closed an app, it's not displaying the Assistive Touch menu at the center of the screen like it's supposed to (half of it is off screen).
Overall, yes the crashes can get really annoying but I still love iOS7. Hoping 7.1 will fix those bugs for us.

For the most part it is stable enough on the iPhone 5s. Though trying to repeatedly apply wallpaper from images in photo stream resprings the OS. Once I was on a phone call when I noticed this issue while trying to apply a wallpaper. The strange part was, I was able to continue with the call, so it wasn't a very bad crash. Never had any such issues with iOS 6 or below.
Having said everything, for a first version of the OS it is stable enough. Just hope they do something to bring back iOS fluidity into iOS 7.1

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Well I am very happy with iOS 7.1 and I don't find nothing more useful on any android. Not even when I used to have the S4 or the HTC One. I can't compare the iOS app to any OS app because all iOS app are better. Well without mention the original app from google that I love it in both iOS and OS

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I bought an iPhone 5s after having been an Android phone user exclusively since May 2010. There are several reasons why I wanted to try an iPhone, but the gist of it is that i like the way iOS works out of the box. Sure, you can hack Android for a lot of it... do not disturb mode, notifications on lock screen, etc. But why do all that work when iOS gives it to me for free?

I haven't had any issues with stability since the 7.03 update, but functionality is a different story ... I knew (or at least thought I knew) about all of the iPhone's limitations going in, including the ones you mentioned, plus several others. I was okay with that, since I didn't have much of a need for that stuff anyway. However, there are two limitations that keep me from using this phone as a phone - things that are so basic, I didn't even think to ask about them:

1. No LED notifications. So when I walk into a room where my phone is, I can't just glance at it to see if I've got any new notifications. I actually have to pick up the phone and turn it on. WHY, APPLE!?!?! I've heard you can use the LED notification on the back as a workaround, but that sounds like a terrible idea for several reasons, and I never bother to try it because of the second limitation ...

2. Inability to change default notification tones in most 3rd party apps. This was the deal breaker; I simply can't handle Google+, Google Voice, and several other apps using the default tri-tone sound. Some of iOS's other limitations (like no 3rd party keyboards) I can understand, but this is just f**king STUPID. You already have a panel in settings to customize every notification .... WHY CAN I NOT CHANGE THE SOUND on non-integrated apps!?!?!

At any rate, because of this, I bought a used Moto X and basically use the iPhone as an iPod touch. Maybe when iOS 8 comes out ...

I'm still curious about LED notifications. For me they've been useless because they don't provide enough information. I know I have an email, not whether it's really worth my time/attention. So, mine stayed on nearly permanently.

That's interesting about the sounds. I'll look into it, thanks!

In my case, it's a work phone. So if I've got a notification, it's probably important :)
Even still, you can install Light Flow on Android, so at least you can tell which app is generating the notification(s) by having it blink different colors. That's also possible in certain custom ROMs, like AOKP.

But you're right... phones in general REALLY suck at separating the good stuff from the junk, and is my #1 complaint with phones in general. Even more so than the crappy battery life.

I see your point on #2. You're almost seeing the two extremes with iOS and Android. One philosophy where the OS maker has maybe far too much control in certain areas and the other which doesn't have near enough.

It doesn't crash much on my iPad, but my 4s iPhone has problems. If I get a Passbook notification on the lock screen from using my AMEX card, swipe to unlock always crashes springboard. Any app using the camera crashes a lot. Instagram crashes at least 33% of the time, maybe 50%. Instagram even notices it previously crashed and gives you a message telling you how to reboot the phone!

I've been running ios 7.1 beta since it was released. I noticed a lot of bugs in the early versions but on beta 3 I am really impressed. It seems very stable and all the visual tweaks really stack up and refine the UI. This is primarily on my iphone 5 but I am also running 7.1 beta 3 on my iPad air. I've noticed some crashes and a lot of bugs but i think that's just the 64 bit compatibility that they need to work out. As far as stability goes I haven't seem much improvement on my iPad from 7.0.4 to

Yes, it is stable enough for me, but it seems markedly less stable than previous versions.

- More Springboard crashes than before. Still not a *huge* number -- I probably average a little over one a week -- but enough to be noticeable, and of course always at inopportune times.

- Safari crashes or hangs far more often. I have not been able to come up with any rhyme or reason why, but frequently I get to a point where Safari is completely unresponsive to any input, and I have to open up the task switcher and kill Safari and restart it.

- More app crashes. Hard to separate the responsibility here between the developer and Apple, but anecdotally, more apps crashes occur in iOS7 than I recall in iOS6. (Even first party apps -- Podcasts is exceptionally bad. Delete two podcasts in succession, and watch it crash, every time.)

32 bit (iPhone 5), set up as new phone. The problems are not so bad I'd want to go back - Control Center alone is worth it - but enough to worry about a trend if they cannot clean it up over the next few point releases.

When I updated my iPad 3 to iOS 7 I hated it and wanted my iPad back. That didn't happen until 7.0.3 made it somewhat useable again.

After the iPad Air launched, I thought it would be the answer to all my problems with the iPad 3. Faster and Lighter. I was instantly hooked. Started with the 32gb model then eventually ended up with the 64gb cellular model to meet my needs.

Before I knew it I ended up purchasing an iPhone 5S. I've never owned an iPhone before coming from several different Androids Samsung, Nexus 4, HTC and 10 years of blackberries.

My workflow couldn't be better with iOS, when I switch back to my other devices they just don't live up to the speed and consistency of iOS.

As a heavy google user, running google apps has been a bit different than on Android obviously. I prefer to use the stock iOS apps where I can and enjoy the instant push email on mail.

Is iOS 7 perfect ? No. In a simple sense it needs a lot of work. Mainly the "rock solid" part. Safari / WebKit is a nightmare on the iPad Air and I can easily make both of my devices crash on demand while using Safari.

I have had other crashes occur from other applications including messages, maps, music, mail and games.

There are shortcomings with the ram and lack of extra ram which should have been standard for devices being released in Q4 2013 that are by no means cheap.

Springboard crashes are also annoying. This issue is at random and has occurred an equal amount of times on both my iPad and iPhone. Once I got it from pressing the home button so Apple has to get this fixed.

I've been beta testing 7.1. While the overall performance is better it brings it's own set of bugs and Safari still crashes, springboard still crashes. I've had to do a hard reset for the first time as well when my screen totally froze on my iPhone. My keyboard has also completely frozen on me while typing in comments or and email. It will freeze and stutter for 10 seconds and eventually recover or I get the black screen of death and springboard reload.

The phone app is also a bit buggier on beta 3.

Anyway overall iOS 7 does it meet my needs and work well enough for me. Yes. Does it need some fine tuning and optimization. Oh Hell YEAH!

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I just recently received my 5S, about 2 weeks ago. I also have an iPad mini (non retina). I have had no crash issues yet on iPhone 5S. I have had a couple I multi tasking crashes on the iPad mini. Nothing that has been annoying though. I have had an iPhone since the original launched. Also an iPad since original. They have all worked properly and I have been happy with the quality and performance of apples products. Just my 2 cents.

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Running 7.0.4 on an iPhone 5, iPad 2, and iPad mini.

No system crashes at all. Flipboard crashes once in a while, but no more than in iOS 5 or 6.

I got my iPad 3 screen fixed and went to picked it up the other day. The guy at the register used a card reader and when I swiped my card I had to sign for it. As soon as I started signing the Apple logo came up. I was pretty shocked by it but I haven't seen that but a few times at 7 came out, granted I don't use my iPads too often to be a good resource though.

I also don't count restart crashes when I'm working on an app in Xcode. I chalk that up to me doing something bonkers most of the time.

Rene- iOS7 has been rock solid on my 5s. I jailbroke it a couple weeks back and still am having no troubles with it.

I'm really interested in reading your opinions on the Nexus 5 and KitKat. Even though I have had no problems with my iPhone, I'm still tempted by the allure of something new on the other side.

I'm running iOS7 on my 4S and I only had one or two crashes while playing a game. So I don't know how people with more advanced 5S could experienced so many problems with it. Mine just simply works fluidly with no noticeable lag whatsoever. To me iOS7 is a lot more beautiful than its predecessor.

I've experienced apple's "it just works" twice in my smartphone ownerships: iPhone 4s, and now, with the Moto X

It's tolerable on the iPhone but on the iPad it's too much stutter and too many dropped frames. And on the iPad if you go to settings and tap wallpapers & brightness twice it will crash every single time without fail. Id like to see improvement mostly for things like that as well as a little bit of customization abilities because the bright whites and neon colors don't fit everybody's preferences. But updates to fix this remains to be seen and probably won't be until iOS 7.1 for dropped frames and stutter and iOS 8 for the lack of customizability... best case scenario.

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In my opinion, its far from being stable. Not with all these safari crashes paid way too much for a browser that works half the time. I know it'll be fixed soon though.

I get crashes often. Safari, words with friends, and a few others crash when I have multiple windows open. It happens on my I5S and mini retina.

IPhone5 for me, iphone5s for my wife. Neither of us have experienced a crash to the apple icon screen. We are moderate users on our phones with an occasional crash of an app but not an ios7 crash. I don't know what you people are doing. Reboot your phone every week or two and close down some of the 50 apps you have ruining once in awhile. That may help.

since 7.0.4 I may have had one springboard glitch (including that short restart) and every now and then really minor hiccups like when you switch between apps and the one that opens up falsely comes up in landscape mode instead of portrait, just as an example. That's really no big deal though, minimize the app, go back in and it's fixed... that's basically all I come across in very rare moments. Pretty sure I have not had one safari crash on my iPhone 5C as opposed to my retina mini where it does occur every once in a while but really not a big deal or putting me off in any way. I'll patiently wait for 7.1 to further improve the experience. In my mind there's no rush though, I'm absolutely content with iOS7 so far. Extremely reliable on the phone, just fine on the new Mini.

iOS 7 is way nicer looking overall. But way less stable than iOS 6, needs to be rebooted once every week or so, and mail apps seem to hang. That being said, still far more reliable than any Android phone my wife or I have ever had.

If I remember correctly the 64bit version of iOS 7 uses more memory so it's prone to crash more. Hopefully they'll fix that with 7.1

Love it on my 5S, but it's only okay on my rMini. Looking forward to 7.1 and 8 as well as an updated Tweetbot for iPad.

Works great on my iPhone 5S.
On my iPad Air it will occasionally crash an app, stall on a few apps-just freezes for a few moments, and Safari burps once in a while. Other wise, I love it.
iOS 7 on both devices is very fast and smooth. A massive improvement over my poor old iPhone 4!

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I've had safari and springboard crash my phone. It tends to happen at least once a week right now if not more often. I think in the last week it's happened about three times. It's annoying but I'm positive Apple is working to fix it.

What I'm really upset about though is Siri. I've been in love with Siri since they unveiled it and use it throughout the day to text people. Ever since iOS 7 though it has been more buggy than it was when it first came out. Sure it would get some words wrong when it was in beta but now it will miss entire words, sometimes several, in the my sentences. They could be missing from the beginning, middle or the end at any time. While the word issue is due to my lack of ability to properly pronounce words, the missing whole sentences is annoying and not my fault.

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Before iOS 5 I loved how with every small iOS update like 4.2 to 4.3 would have some new feature that made me excited about my phone again. After Steve Jobs passed that started to decline and then Scott Forstall left and all cool new features stopped. Sure iOS 7 brought Control Center but that's just Apple's rip of SB Settings. I just want to see innovation that gets me excited about my phone again. Not even jailbreakers are coming out with good stuff anymore. The question I keep asking myself is, "have we reached the technological limit with the iPhone?" But in times past, Steve would come right back and make me eat my words. Nowadays, I'm just hungry

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It´s kind of funny, Apple with a fully controlled hardware and software still crash so much, can you imagine if they had to handle with different manufacturers, like android, or windows??

I'm stuck between Android and iOS 7. I love them both for different reasons. In fact I have a 5S and a Moto X and keep swapping the sim back and forth. I've been having the random crash issues on iOS 7. Chrome on my iPad mini retina display crashes almost consistently after about ten to fifteen taps of the screen.

But the camera on the iPhone, the ease of use of iOS 7 and the iTunes/Apple TV et al integration is much easier for me than Google Play. But, not by a lot. Ugh, if Apple would put Android on their hardware I'd be done swapping!

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I have iOS 7 on a iPhone 4 and I think it made the phone better. I rally like iOS 7 a lot. I don't use safari anymore or the built in email app because I am a google fan. I use chrome and the gmail app and I think they work better then apple's versions of mail and browser apps. I have no battery problems but, the phone can be a little slow sometimes. I'm looking at getting a 5c when at$t gives me an upgrade. This article was well balanced. Thanks for posting it.

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I screwed myself into updating (long story), but ultimately I'm just really lucky I had a friend who was willing to trade me for another, identical iPhone 5 still running iOS 6. When I was using iOS 7, the stability was much better - but still not how it used to be - under 7.1, but certain design decisions were infuriating.

The reminders app was basically unusable with syncing errors, the loss of the ability to view by day, and the interface is rather annoying. The fact that you can slide the entire lock screen has resulted in me accidentally swiping away alarms and notifications when taking the phone out of my pocket. The lack of slider to access the call options when receiving a call has resulted, once again, in my accidentally hitting these. It's interesting to see how much the idea behind the lockscreen has been broken with this update. The new gestures, while incredibly helpful (especially the swipe-back one), really get in the way for me when attempting to do just about anything on my phone. I miss the ability to swipe the lockscreen back down when using the camera shortcut, and the ability to swipe-right for the camera roll in the camera app. I miss shadows, (not haphazardly put together at the last minute as an accessibility option) button outlines, the rock solid stability, and industry leading battery life (and believe me, I disable most things on my phone so I know how to conserve). But most importantly, using the date/time picker wheel is the single most infuriating thing I have ever had to use with an Apple product. Whoever chose to put a vertical scrolling wheel in a vertical scrolling page needs to lose their job, immediately. That is a broken system and always does the opposite of what it's supposed to do. This is an asinine oversight that never used to happen.

These are just a few that I could think of off the top of my head but there are a lot of little things that manage to make my phone an irritating device to use now that it never used to be. There are things that I like about iOS 7 (purely features) like Control Center, AirDrop, and the new per-app cellular controls and readouts. But for the most part, it ruined my experience and soured my relation with Apple. If I ever have to get a new device, I will buy one off eBay running iOS 6.

Unfortunately, no, iOS 7 isnt functional or stable enough for me, at least not in its current form.

I'm a former iOS user who switched to Android after two years of having an iPhone 4, so I know my way around iOS. Now I have a Nexus 4 and I've had numerous issues with it and decided that I don't want to deal with Android issues anymore, so I decided to try going back to iOS. So then I recently got an iPhone 5S, after a year and a half of being exclusively on Android. I hadn't used iOS since iOS 5 when I had my iPhone 4, but iOS 7 wasn't all that different and my hands "remembered" how to use it right away.

The main problem I immediately noticed in iOS 7 was that everything seemed laggier and slower to respond, with a little bit of hesitation before it would respond to my touch inputs. I noticed some touch input lag on the keyboard too, which bugged me because that had never happened before on iOS 5 with my iPhone 4. And I was disappointed with iOS 7 because this is not the level of stability, quality, and fluidity that I remembered having in iOS 5.

I had a few crashes and random self-reboots too, including one that happened right in the middle of a phone call, which was infuriating. And it surprised me because crashes were very rare when I had my iPhone 4, even toward the end when it was 2 years old and starting to show its age. I rebooted it a few times and even did a couple of factory restores on it, to no avail. And I thought, "This is a brand-new iPhone 5S, not an old Gingerbread-era Android phone. It's not supposed to lag or crash like this." Very disappointing.

And the smaller (narrower) screen and lack of a Swype/SwiftKey-type gesture keyboard made me dread having to type on the iOS keyboard. I found myself either ignoring the 5S entirely or just using it as a phone, and if I wanted to type a lengthy text or email I would pull out my Nexus 4. And I couldn't stand not having a notification light on the 5S. I had underestimated how much I had come to rely on those features and functionality over my past year and a half with Android.

So I returned the 5S and went back to my Nexus 4, and the search continues for my next phone. It's unfortunate, because I really liked the overall fit and finish of the hardware, the convenient fingerprint reader, the battery life, and the camera of the 5S. I look forward to seeing what improvements the next version of iOS will bring, and I hope Apple will make a reasonably bigger iPhone with about a 4.5" screen, and some sort of Swype-type keyboard. Then maybe I'll give iOS another go, we'll see.

I get springboard crashes on my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Retina around once or twice a week (per device). It's mildly annoying and makes the OS feel somewhat unfinished and half baked, but it's not the end of the world.

Worse for me are Safari crashes. I don't use Safari much on my iPhone as the screen is far too small, but I do a lot of browsing on my Mini Retina and Safari simply can't handle heavy web pages. Take for example Culture Japan (, this page will crash Safari pretty much every time I go there. Other heavy pages, such as The Verge and Polygon can also bring Safari down. Maybe it's just a memory thing, as Apple are always pretty stingy with system RAM, but whatever it is, it feels very wrong for such expensive devices.

Aside from that, I generally like iOS7, even if some of the apps (such as notification centre and Maps navigation) feel like pre-alpha level software which has yet to be touched by anyone from the art department.

I'll just add that I also get a lot of crashes in the music app. It will freeze the moment I load the app, even after I kill it and restart the phone. The only fix I've found is to turn off iTunes Match, reload the music app, then re-enable iTunes Match.

So many bugs Apple.

I get the Springboard/Backboard crash once everyday without fail, usually more than once a day too. I have to say it seems to happen more with the mail app, if I tap Mail and I get the apple icon it can guarantee it will happen again a second time if the first thing I do is try mail again. I don't use safari either I use chrome which is rock solid for me.

The only crashes I get are with the google plus app. It crashes relentlessly. I find it very frustrating as it is my social net of choice. I can honestly say, though, other than that, I've had no problems.

I don't remember having iOS7 crash on me ever. It may have once but again no recollection. I have had Safari lock up but that seems fully fixed with 7.0.4. Now maybe I'm old school but I am not a huge fan of iOS 7. I think some usability was thrown out for style points. Yuk. That said I used an iOS 6 device yesterday and I do now see that as a little clunky. Apple missed the balance between UI and UX and hopefully they will fix that soon.

I don't feel any frustration with my iPhone 5 at all.
It has crashed ones for me.
It's another case with my iPad 3. It appears to be slow, and not that stable at all.
But I am sure apple will fix this, because iOS 7 was a really great update for us!
Compared to my brothers Htc one, it's actually much more smooth :)

I have a iPhone 5 and I use Phoneclean 3 which cleans out the trash left behind by updates, and temporary files. It has a process at the end to tune up the IOS. Plus the fact that I am a developer and 7.1 beta 3 is stable and battery life is really good.

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LOVING the iPhone and iOS7. Very Stable for my needs, Just wish they would change that "bottom dock".....SMILE

I just wish Siri could set a location based reminder for somewhere other than my house and the notification actually work. Siri will create the reminder but I have to manually go into the reminders app and edit the reminder and physically put the location in for it to work. And no it doesn't help if the location is in my address book. I have the occasional reboot but nothing serious. If they could get the Siri/location based reminders relationship in harmony I would be happy.

Running 7.0.4 on iPhone 4S 32gb... I experinced springboard on at least 2 occassions. Am guessing this maybe due to the fact that my iPhone had less than 1gb of memory left.

NB: I can't comment from my iMore on my iPhone as it asks me to login first. Evn when I'm already logged in. Can't even log out as the screen is maximised for iPhone 5. Sigh

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IOS 7 crashes for me about every 2 days (springboard). Then again, I'm throwing tons of tasks at it. I'm by no means an average user

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iOS 7 is apple's Vista. My old iPad mini is a pain to use. iPhone 5 is fine. The 5S is less stable. The new iPads just crash too often.

I only got a 5S to upgrade the kiddo. She got my 5. I sometimes think she got the better device. The iPads I took back. These were the lte high end ones. But I cannot justify the cost. I'll probably sell the old mini and replace with a lte 16gb retina mini (wifi hotspot) and be done with tablets. Btw I've read your use cases and apps used on iPads Rene but do you feel good about spending 700-929 on one? In several instances you prefer the mpb.

There's a part of me that feels tablets are a phase or that they need to become much better. Especially the os which really feels like an after thought this time by apple. I've bitten on a MacBook Pro though and it's just so much better to use.

Lucky enough i don't have any iOS 7 crashes anymore. I had a few on my iPhone 5 when iOS7 came out but after the first or 2nd Update they vanished. My iPad Air never had any, but i try to keep my Safari Tabs as small as possible because of the Ram. Both devices run 7.0.4.
And i really love the redesign and focus on gestures.

I have some crashes @iPad Air and none @iPhone5. It's a matter of 64bit machines which will be addressed with 7.1. (both iDevices @7.04).

I get 3-4 springboard crashes a week on my 5s. I don't use Safari, so no issues there, but my crashes seem to happen quite randomly - can be when opening apps, running apps, or when using multitasking. I also get crashes when just unlocking the screen. By no means the end of the world, but can be very annoying when it's while I'm doing something in an app.

I'm the type to want to switch from iPhone to Android based on how I feel. I always find myself going back to iPhones though. I jailbroke my iPhone 5s and love it! There are a few hiccups, but it is because of the tweaks not fully compatible, yet. iOS 7 has been good, I think it still lacks the smoothness that the hardware can handle. The software hasn't caught up with the hardware. I a still a fan!

I have an iPhone 5 and iPad (3rd gen). iOS 7 has been one of the less stable iOS releases I've had on my various iDevices, but it's not overly bad. I've had random app crashes (oddly, they all were "iOS 7 only" apps) and a Springboard crash a couple of times in the past few months. The thing that annoys me most is that it feels slower than previous releases. iOS 6 on the iPhone was pretty darn speedy. iOS 7 seems like it takes too long to do its animation thing, and even with those turned off, it still seems like there's a delay between when it's done fading in/out and when a screen tap will actually register. It just doesn't feel as responsive as iOS used to. I'm hoping that 7.1 addresses this at least partially (reports I've read states things are a little more responsive and the animations don't take so long to play out), but I'm still getting used to the radical change. Some things I like (Control Center, swipe to go back, etc.) and some things I don't (new multi-tasking (the old way was faster for me to quit apps en masse), superfluous animations, all the blurring effects, how the keyboard and status bar appearance change, etc.). I guess that's kind of par for the course.

I've experienced multiple springboard crashes, safari crashes, missed calls (no notifications at all showing up other than the missed call showing up on the phone icon), texts and emails sent from work and friends not showing up for HOURS later (and sometimes the next day), unresponsive screen, etc. AND I'm on my second iPhone 5 (the first was returned to apple and they said it was a hardware malfunction that they've been experiencing in other customers iphone 5's). A couple of months later and the new phone has started doing it. I want to change phones, work has offered up an iPhone 5s or my choice of Androids, but I'm going to try and tough it out until the 7.1 is released. I, like most everyone who has had an IOS device, am deeply involved in Apple (itunes purchases, icloud, apple TV, Ipad, music match) as are my family members whom we share the music match account. Hard to leave all that behind. Waiting (somewhat) patiently for 7.1......

Hey guys

I have a hulk green iPhone 5c which I adore.

No problems or issues at all. It has never crashed or rebooted in the 5 months or so I've owned it. A friend has an iPhone 5s which does occasionally crash or randomly reboot. He says it is only a minor annoyance.

No safari issues either.

I am no expert in this area but it does seem from the comments like the rebooting and crashing issues are much more prevalent on 64-bit devices. All the 4S, 5 and 5c owners are reporting no crashing period.

Is this perhaps some sort of teething trouble with the new architecture? It seems most users are satisfied anyway and it is only a minor annoyance.

Hopefully it will be ironed out in the next release

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Rene, thank you for this article. My phone crashes a few times a month. It doesn't happen all the time so each and every time it does happen I think to myself that if it happens all the time I will have to get to an Apple store, but since it doesn't I deal with it. This article opened up my eyes that it's probably the OS and not the phone itself.

Reading all posts including author's, I think the subject should've been: Is "Safari" in iOS 7 functional — and stable — enough for you?

Much better now .... OK, it used to be shit until I found this:

It's gonna ROCK your iDevices.

Yup, over 99.9999% of all Safari crashes are due to Google Ads and their troops who try to shove them to us!

Kill the Ads .... and MOST issues will be automatically resolved.

P.S. How iMore (and or your most fav web sites) will or can survive if we kill their Ads? Well, that's a completely different topic they have to come up with a better solution.

No crashes for me yet, few times multi lag when closing programs, thats all.

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I have been using the iOS betas since 7 and now for 7.1. Yet my iPhone is stable and I have only had springboard crash less than a handful of times. Luckily having owned an iPhone since the 1st gen and also being Jailbroken since the 1st gen. I have always been mindful of what and how many apps are running. Being a little more knowledgable about tech I also understand the limitations of technology. I know how much memory is on the phone and I quit memory hogging apps and only keep a certain amount of apps open, my usuals. On my iPhone 4 I kept it at 4-5 open and now on my 5s 8-10. I'm not claiming it's the solution but it is the way I use my iPhone. Working in IT I deal with 80 iPhones daily and I think they are more indicative of average users usage. I normally find lots of apps open while checking problems. So many users, millions, means OS installations of all types, larger chance of corrupt data, a motherload of different apps running. Most users will not go through the inconvenience of re-loading or purging their data. Using old apps that haven't been updated since really old OS versions can play a part too. Which puts Apple in a tight corner because what is a solution that doesn't cause the user pain? Not to mention the fact most users wont understand this and some will just not accept it as the answer. If specific website(s) crash Safari the problem doesn't necessarily have to be mobile Safari. But how is that explained to the user? The good thing about Apple is that unlike a lot of other companies they have ways to leave feedback. So if something is crashing submit feedback. Getting in touch with the app developer is also another avenue of action.

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I get consistent soft system crashes with iOS 7 coming out of nowhere. But the advantages it brings the system brings are worth the growing pains. Its not as much a continuation of iOS, but a fresh start for it. A new 1.0 release for its second era.

I love the look and feel of iOS 7 on my iPhone 5s running 7.0.4. That being said, I definitely have noticed way more stability issues with iOS 7. It is mainly with 3rd party apps crashing, but occasionally with the operating system itself. I understand the 3rd party app developers having trouble with the new A7 chip architecture, but Apple not being able to make the operating itself stable is definitely frustrating, since that was the main reason for me sticking with iPhone. Hopefully Apple can fix this in 7.1 and beyond.

I am running ios7 on my iphone 5, never crashed or even hung once. Also running it on my iPad 2 and my iPad mini 1, also never had a problem on these either.

I have both an iPhone 5C and a Google Nexus 4. I use the iPhone for "personal" things and the Nexus 4 for "work" things. I believe strongly in separation of church and state that way. Also, it helps that I get a monthly cell phone allowance from my employer. It allows me to indulge my geeky side. :)

iOS 7 has been quite stable overall for me. I experience the odd Safari crash or Springboard restart, but otherwise I've noticed few problems. I really like iOS 7 and the direction Apple is taking. iOS 6 and earlier was becoming an unorganized hodgepodge of stuff and it needed a house clean. iOS 7 brings a lot of coherency. There is still work to do though, and I hope Apple keeps on with it.

For a Canadian user, Apple's ecosystem and unity is unbeatable. I really find that it works best and cleanest for me. I enjoy Android, and I like keeping up with what's happening in that world, but personally, I find it a hassle and nowhere near as seamless as Apple. Music is the biggest sore point in this regard...given the incompleteness of Google services in Canada. I've tried other music service subscriptions, but why I should I pay for an incomplete catalog when all I have to do is turn on iTunes Match and all my music is everywhere.

I liked in this article the fact you emphasized the choice is a personal preference. I have to admit that I skip the comments areas on many tech websites due to the vast number of ghouls who devolve by conducting personal attacks on people they don't know, just because tech needs/interests don't align. I can't believe they mean what they say a lot of times...maybe it's just a way to get a rise out of other people with no consequences. Anyways, I digress. I enjoy your writing Rene and the balanced outlook you bring.

I have an iPhone 5s running iOS 7.04. In general, iOS 7 has been stable for me - I've experienced a few crashes, but not very often, maybe once a month on average. Annoying, yes, but not horrible. Can't say that every new thing in iOS 7 is a step forward, but I've gotten used to it, and overall, feel that it is a positive step forward. And remember, we're still essentially on the first rev of 7 - it'll get better, more efficient, and more fleshed out where necessary.

Also, have to put in a plug for Apple Maps - I've been using it exclusively lately, and at least in and around the Rochester, NY area, it works wonderfully. I have Google Maps installed, but have not felt the need to use it in quite some time. And I love the iCloud sharing feature between Apple Maps on the Mac and on the iPhone - that's the way iCloud should work.

iPhone 5c no issues so far (only had it for 2 weeks) 4s before that, no issues whatsoever. My iPad Air (2 months old) used to crash to the Boot screen, but it has behaved rather well for the past month. Very pleased with ios7 so far. Came from WP8 and had numerous Androids

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I jail broke my ip5 and never looking back till 7.1 hits, I can now say everything works as I would like and also looks nicer, no speed drops either everything is still smooth

just for clarity are you saying you're jailbreak made ios 7 "look nicer, no speed drops" or did you roll back to ios 6 and that "looks nicer, no speed drops...?" I was a take confused.

Yep. Lots of crashes on the ipad mini. Games, browsers, etc. Frustrating.

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iOS 7 is stomping all over my 4S battery too, but at the same time [for me] it is a 4S.

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I've only had 2 instances of the sudden Apple logo-dark screen-to-Home screen.
So far, iOS 7 is quite stable and enjoyable for me & my usage.
The biggest gripes I have are lack of improved Parental Controls and the inability [for some ignorantly stupid God forsaken numbskull, an ostrich w/my head in the sand this isn't a problem] to clear out cached "Documents & Data" in apps on our iOS devices. Go look at your weather & news apps, Netflix, Apple Remote & Trailers (just to name a few). These apps bloat endlessly & the only way to get that space back is to delete & reinstall.
[throws iPhone across the room]

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No issues on my iPad Mini, and some erratic springboard crashing on my iPhone 5. The springboard crashes usually come after being outside for a while and my phone is cold.

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I don't really care for new "flat" look of iOS 7 (it's even worse with Office 2013) but generally I like iOS 7. Stability and functionality are good. I've noticed a few of my favorite apps frequently crash on first launch but seem to run fine on the second attempt- I don't know if that's app or iOS problem. I like the improved app switching and and the control center. I used jailbreak software like Auxo and SBsettings heavily prior to iOS 7 so I was happy to see them incorporated. Even with that functionality incorporated, I was very excited to be able to finally be able to jailbreak this past week.

iPhone 5 runs like a champ. iPad Air is kind of iffy. Crashes sometimes at random. Both running 7.0.4.

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I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad 2, both 16GB models, both on iOS 7.0.4. I haven't had any system crashes with either, but I have had a larger than prior number of application crashes on them since updating to to 7.0.4. Moreso on the iPad than iPhone.

Good reflection/article. My iOS on both my iPad 3 and my iPhone 5s crash quite a bit - several times a day. It is frustrating but I still drink the Apple koolaid. I do have a dev license so I think I'll install the updated version today and see how that goes.

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I find ios 7 on the 5s to be somewhat buggy. Safari crashes constantly especially when zooming in to read text. Springboard crashes daily. Camera app crashes regularly although not near as much as safari. Typing can be slow to the point where there is a delay between the input and seeing it on the screen. Phone app is still very laggy. I feel like I have the stability of a jailbroken phone without the extra features. Somewhat disappointing even though I enjoy this device a lot.

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Your 5S should not act that way. Mine is incredibly fast, with no lag whatsoever. It sounds like something's wrong with your device. Step 1: back it up to your computer, wipe your phone to factory-new condition, then restore it from backup. If that doesn't work, Step 2: take it to an Apple Store and get a free replacement phone.

I really dislike the flat look.
stabililty wise it crashes at times 4s.
Kills the battery on my 4s
bigger issues are the look of it for me.
the all white causes eyestrain. I'd kill for a black theme.
album art is overused. Makes lists in music player overly long. doesn't fit my eye.
no reason for the notification center from the top and pull up menu from the bottom.
laggy on old hardware,
I simply don't like the flat look with no depth
wallpapers movement thing is bad
i have a harder time typing cause i have poor eyesight and something about the keyboard doesn't fit my eye.
speaking of poor eyesight, the thinner font in places i have issues reading.
many symbols they use mean nothing to me.
buttons in the music player are poorly places so i accidentally turn on shuffle all the time.

i have another 64g 4s i didn't upgrade and i'm pretty glad i didn't. That's my daily driver. If it had toggles for wifi it'd be great. but i miss nothing else.

I can count on one hand the number of crashes I've had on my iPhone 5S since I bought it. I do sometimes close applications by flicking them up in the "double click" view, so maybe I'm taking it easy on my device. But I'm really happy with it - best phone I've ever had.

My iphone 5s and my ipad air are very stable. It is unusual for it to crash....

The others with issues - are your devices jail broken?

I'm even running mobile iron to access a corporate server for email and it works great...

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Setting dynamic wallpaper always engenders a crash for me (iOS 7 on iPhone 5), and has since the first day. Apple's Remote App is very crash happy, generally crashing about once out of every three times I access a function using it. I also get random crashes with other built in apps but much less frequently.

There are quite a few Apple Apps that are so useless I don't even use them however, so those might be crashing also but I wouldn't be aware of it. I also get lot's of weird freezes and screen re-draw issues. At least once a week I get stuck between one app launching and the home screen which gives you a ghosted out view of both states as the process has frozen "mid-animation" as it were. All these are completely repeatable, reliable glitches and all of them have persisted through all the updates we've seen so far.

Personally, I am more upset at the "broken" design of iOS 7 and the frustrating, nonsensical or dogma-related decisions they have made than glitches. The glitches will be fixed soon enough no doubt. What I'm waiting for is iOS 8 because only then can they start walking back some of the horrible design decisions they have made with iOS 7.

After having an iPhone 4 and then the 5, I decided to go back to Android because I could customize so much. There are some really cool features, like animated wallpaper. But I soon got tired of having to burrow through layer after layer of settings for every single app and function. In addition, I was very uncomfortable dealing with the Google non-security.

Worst of all was Android didn't cooperate with my MBP and iPad. It was totally out of the loop. I hadn't realized how much I depend on iCloud syncs. When the 5S came out, I paid full price to buy my way back into the iDevice fold - and haven't been sorry. I'm running beta 3 and it's really finessed the original iOS7. It's stable with many visual improvements. Many of the complaints with 7.0 have been addressed. I think the finished iOS7.1 will be a significant improvement for all users. PS - I especially appreciate the improved camera/flash in the 5S.

The number one missing feature is sharing the same device. I think this is simply a matter of greed on Apple's part.

Hi Rene. both I and my wife are in the age 50+ category. I fall into the constantly changing devices category of use, usually switching phones every thirty to sixty days. My wife, however, is solidly in the mainstream user "don't change anything on my iPhone or iPad!!!" category. I almost literally have to sign a contract to get her to let me take a backup of her devices.

My main issue with iOS 7.x.x is the crashiness of certain apps, safari being the main one. I've had many third party apps crash on me at seemingly random moments, I haven't been able to discern any rhyme or reason. This has been on all of the following devices that I have upgraded to iOS 7.x.x: iPhones 4S, 5, 5s, iPad 2, 3, mini, air, and mini retina.

On the other hand, my wife took a tour of iOS 7 on my phone(s) and iPads. For her, the text message app is unusable because of the white-on-green color scheme for the "me" side of the SMS messages. No upgrades have been done to her devices (iPhone 4s and iPad 2) as a result, she's stuck on iOS 6.x.x until those devices die or Apple gives us at least some small amount of customization capability.

Recently her iPhone 4 has started getting a little flakey (I think its battery is dying for one thing) and she knows that a new phone is inevitable at some point. I caught her eyeballing my Galaxy Note 3 a few nights ago as I was using it... She took it and played around for a few minutes, handed it back, saying, "I like that better than your iPhone with its wacky colors!"

'Nuff said.

I have both an iPad 4 and iPhone 5s, and both devices crash on me about every 1-2 days now, but I believe it's due to certain apps that I have running at the time frame. It mostly gives me problems with Google Maps, Safari, and PDF Reader(iPad only).

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I've had my 5S since launch and it's never crashed on my. Neither has my iPad gen 4 since switching to iOS 7. Again, like everyone else I too live on my devices.

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I really dislike ios7 compared to ios6. There are positives of course, but as an everyday user, I feel most of the changes have been steps backwards. Safari regularly crashes for me. Even with just one tab open. Google is a common culprit as are many/most embedded YouTube videos. Several other apps I use regularly, also regularly crash. Having to tap the address bar in safari twice to type a new address, where before it was a single tap, drives me up the wall. There is a significant keyboard delay in messages, and other times I try to type. It also seems that I hit the delete key and it doesn't actually delete the letter. I do this regularly, and never had the problem before. The globe keyboard selector sometimes takes several times before it recognizes. These delays all when opening the app.

I have a few other complaints that weren't there for ios6, but they don't happen often enough for me to come up with them off the top of my head.

iPhone 5 btw.

I consider myself a heavy user of my iPhone 5S - I use it for everything with a lot of apps. (I'm the sort of person who has become tired of tinkering with settings and interface tweaks over many devices and many years as mentioned in the article).
iOS7 is crashing for me about once every other day. I find it happens usually when I try to do something faster than the phone wants. e.g. Start the camera when I'm streaming a music track or similar multi-intensive tasks. I think nearly all crashes for me come down to multitasking clashes of some sort.

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I ought to add that one crash every other day is absolutely incredible as far as I'm concerned (when considering the demands put on the device).

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I waited until 7.0.4 to update. It's been pretty solid for the most part. My iPad 3 sadly doesn't have the nice soft blur effects on everything, though. Not a big deal, but it was talked up big time, and then I don't get it :(

Pouty face.

It's still a good update I think. Crisper and cleaner than the gradient-heavy appearance of iOS 6. Kinda funny really, Mac System 7 added color to the UI. iOS 7 tends to remove it.

Es preety goood.

Safari crashes multiple times a day (iPad Air on 7.04, checking daily for 7.1). Had iPad 3.1 (Limited Edition, pre-lightning); original iPad Mini; iPhone 4S, 5, and 5s. Always an early-updater. Safari crashes worse by far on Air in ios7, but that's what I use most: more use = more crashes. Hopeful that imminent update will alleviate this problem. Very few resprings; on both Air and 5s. Every week or two, maybe. Not a big deal.

iPhone5: solid as a rock
iPad2: not quite as solid as it's been under iOS6 but nothing that would bug me big way

iPad Air: Overall solid (i.e. no springboard crashes I'd recall)
BUT: Safari on the iPad Air drives me crazy!

Many websites stay unresponsive/frozen for several seconds before I can start to scroll around. That's something I've never experienced on iPad2 but on my iPad Air it happens on a regular basis. It's seriously nerve wracking at times and isn't related to the number of open tabs, as far as I can tell.

As much as I love iOS7 in general, this problem just ruins the experience on iPadAir for me, on a daily basis.

Can't wait for 7.1 to be released.

I get a lot of the Springboard/Backboard crashes on my iPad Air specifically in Safari. It happens about once a week. What I've been far more annoyed by though is how when I switch from Tab to Tab the other tabs tend to lose their place and have to reload when I go back. Happens a lot on the MN forums.

On the topic of functionality I really wish the Notification Center interacted with the rest of the phone. If I clear a notification there it should really clear elsewhere. I also don't like how it always seems like apps have to load and refresh after I pop out of them for a while. I'm not seeing the benefit of the new multitasking.

I really don't like how "Touch ID" needs to be use every time I lock my iPhone 5s. Even when I just lock my phone 2 seconds ago. I want to be able to delay password with "Touch ID" enable for 15 minutes. Unfortunately you can only do that when is "Touch ID" off. Bummer, so I leave it off and delay password for 15minutes. Random restart and freezing both on iPhone 5s and iPad Retina mini are killing me slowly. It's happening at least once a day now. iOS 7 has a very inconsistent UI. Some beautiful some not. Wish Apple would do more things on iPad. So much space on iPad vs iPhone. IOS7 animations are way too slow even on iPhone 64bit hardware. I prefer "reduce motion" just to have the fade app affect and speed things up a bit. I love the 3D effect of the icons but hate the zooming in and out of the apps. Wish apple would separate these settings.

My iPhone 5s does not have any issues. My iPad air 64 gig though was a mess. I just returned yesterday from the Genius Bar and they gave me a new iPad air. Safari crashed consistently numerous times daily. When closing apps by pinching four fingers they would close about half way and a hard reset was necessary. It finally arrived at a point were at times the screen would not even show apps. The Genius Bar could find nothing consistent and stated many apps were crashing and offered a new iPad within 10 minutes. My problem is that he stated that since some apps I had were not made by Apple, such as Google, then it was possible they caused my many problems. When I advised that thus was an advantage over android, apples control, he agreed but stated it could be a rogue type of app. I am loyal apple customer with 4 total apads bought and two airs, I am disappointed to say the least. The iPad air us fast, clear and unstable.

Running ios7 on an iphone 5, 64gb. I have a big problem with the battery or the way its turns off at 25% often/weekly. Battery when not on wifi drains extremely fast!! A 20min drive home from a restaurant and i lose 40%, and never even touched the phone. Yesterday i was on the capitol beltway, it was at 65% i sent one photo message and it instantly dropped to 29%. When i got home and plugged it in, it jumped right to 60%!!! Just very unstable!
My other large issue is sending pictures from the photos app, you can only send multiple pics one time in a 24hr period. When you try to do it again, nothing happens at all! I've closed the app, reset the phone and nothing, just have to wait or go into the message app and pull pics one at a time which is slow and annoying!
Lastly, sometimes when sending a pic to more then 2-3 people, it will not send either, (from the photo app) it will create a message page to all your friends that you have selected, but nothing will be in the content, you have to pull it while in the message app. Again really annoying and against the way that i've always operated.

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I find iOS 7 to be stable, but still lacking in the functionality that I desire. It is a great leap forward in many ways from previous versions. I came to iOS 7 from Android Jelly Bean and I had a jailbroken iP4 on iOS5 prior to that. Now my iP5 is jailbroken to obtain the things that are lacking once again, but I gladly admit there are far fewer tweaks and apps I find myself in need of this time around as Apple has included many of those functions. I think Apple is moving in the right direction, but I do wish they would put a little more faith in their user base and allow for more fine tuning on the user end without the need for a jailbreak. Why can't I assign custom tones to each individual email address or to my apps? Why can I not select a different system wide font? Why don't I have a file explorer? Why do I have to jailbreak to get these things and others like quick compose functionality and the ability to choose default apps? I do not understand why it takes Apple so long to include such features out of the box when they have been standard on so many other platforms.

I'm enjoying everything about iOS 7 but Siri sucks for me. Can't understand ppls names screws up voice to txt a lot and needs to be a lot smarter all around. I want to see an update to Siri to make her smarter understand better and do more. I have had a few minor crashes spaced out pretty far but other than Siri iOS 7 has been awesome. *i have an iPhone 5

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I'm prob gonna get flamed but I noticed a ton of people who mentioned crashes with safari. I have been an avid Chrome Browser user for a few years now and never has a single issue. I'm a current 5s user who recently came from a galaxy S4 so I'm unbiased in my opinion!

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iPad 4 crashes and reboots on its own on iOS 7.0.4. While using the iPads built in media player. Also Simpsons Tapp Out crashes going in to Krustyland or when tapping the buildings for money quickly. Sarai crash specially on google or a wiki site. Already fully reseted and wiped the iPad 4 completely without using an back up. Any ideal to solve these problems

I've had a 5S for almost two months now and iOS 7 has been running beautifully. I've had no issues whatsoever with the OS or the native Apple apps. I have, however, had two or three rare 3rd-party apps crash, most recently a scanner app yesterday that doesn't like me deleting scans too quickly. Same with my previous 4S: iOS 7 and native apps ran flawlessly, with the rare 3rd-party app crash. Only one 3rd-party app crashed so badly and frequently that I had to remove it from my 4S, and I've not wanted to reinstall it on the 5S.

The video app is enormously buggy for me. When I stream something it often doesn't work or you get ominous Apple logo appear. My iPad 3 can't seem to handle downloading and playing something else at the same time.

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The video app is enormously buggy for me. When I stream something it often doesn't work or you get ominous Apple logo appear. My iPad 3 can't seem to handle downloading and playing something else at the same time.

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I have, and 4 of my family members also, the issue of my phone dying at random percentages, all higher than 0. I've had it die and say 43%. As soon as I plug it in, it will power up and say the battery isn't actually dead.

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For me iOS 7.0.4 is both functional and stable on my iPhone 5S and iPad 3.

Lets talk about functionality first. I've always considered the need to jailbreak as the litmus test of functionality and completeness of an iOS. Now, for the first time in iOS history, I have run out of reasons to jailbreak my device.

As for stability, I've had a few 3rd party app crashes but never a crash and reboot. My 100 carefully selected and perfectly working apps in each device are proof that buggy apps are the likely culprit for app crashes. From the comments submitted, I guess the general consensus is that power users who like to "abuse" their devices may have some problems with reboots. However, I cannot see why anyone would want to have 20 tabs open in Safari at the same time! Be kind to your device and it will be kind to you!

I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad air that both run great on ios7. I wouldn't say I'm a power user, but I do use the phone quite a bit during the day. Safari has been solid but I rarely have more than 5 tabs open as I find too many tabs annoying.

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I agree, it's really bumpy. Crashing almost daily. For the first time ever, I've considered looking at another brand. For the first time, I consider it unreliable.

Using iOS 7.0.4 on an iPhone 5.

This is my second iPhone 5, my first barfed when I put iOS 7 on it, the on board mic and the Bluetooth failed (so I could only make and take calls with the Headphones). Fortunately I have an Apple Store in my town, and it was still under warranty, so I got a straight swapout at the Genius Bar (and iCloud backup worked like a charm).

Stuff iOS 7 improved/fixed

The "back" gesture swipe
The "At a Location" UI in Reminders (you can move the pin, and increase the trigger circle, which I always do)
The multitasking cards
The Control Center
The bars auto hide in Safari

Stuff iOS 7 broke

The Buttons don't look like buttons any more, they are just coloured text. I only know they are Buttons because I've used iOS 6 and there used to be recognisable Buttons at those places on screen.
Some of the in app icons are meaningless. I mean WTF are the Safari icons?
(These last two points can be summarised as "flat is good, but too flat is just confusing". Why get rid of the graphic outlines of Buttons, but leave On/Off toggles as graphical? It's inconsistent)
I don't mind everything being white, but the backlight brightness slider doesn't allow you to turn the backlight down enough, especially at night.
DatePicker and Listpicker either don't recognize a gesture to get them to roll and the page/form scrolls, or they don't recognize taps to stop them rolling. Totally bust.
If you used Google or Bing search in Safari, the address bar shows your search terms. So if you need to cut and paste the URL of the search, you can't.
Click on a text field in Safari, and it will regularly hide the whole field behind the address bar. Dumb, just dumb.
Battery life is now down to about 6 hours usage, even with a load of stuff turned off.

Stuff that was broken in iOS 6 and is still broken

Safari crashes way too much. And the keyboard still sometimes does that thing where it hides again a second after you tap on a field, and the only fix is to force close Safari and reload.
The location field on Calendar entries has no concept of the GPS or the Maps app. Why can't you set the location as a pin on a map, or tap to open in Apple Maps to get directions to your meeting?
You can't edit a phone number in the Dialler before tapping Call.

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I'm running Ios 7.0.4 jailbroken on an iphone 5. I had crashing problems when I first upgraded due to instability in the jailbreak. Since the substrate was updated though, I've had no crashes or unexpected resprings. Safari does occasionally crash on open, but this is rare. Interestingly, the one app I had that crashed like crazy on ios 6 and 7 at first has stopped doing so now. So that's a welcome change. Control center is a wonderful improvement and more than makes up for the 5th grade kiddie look that this OS has.

iOS 7 was not ready to be launched. Plain and simple. The music app and syncing issues are absolutely absurd and then add to that:

Safari crashing on both (4s and iPad Air) - no reason Apple's own apps should crash
Random rebooting - very annoying
Keyboard inconsistencies (maybe the developers have to adopt the new keyboard, I get that)
Calendar functionality is limited and non existent when attachments are on meeting invites.
There is a lot of drag/lag when taking a picture then tapping the arrow to do something with that photo
Inconsistent when showing contact photos in the phone app when receiving a call.....

and there are other real noticeable flaws that tell us it wasn't ready. The sad truth is....I won't even consider switching to another phone/brand. Apple probably gets that, but they have to sure up this iteration of iOS and stop removing functionality and introducing limited or impaired functionality.

BlackBerry put out such inconsistent OS builds and buggy phones and look where it got them.....sorry, but Apple was not up to its own standards with iOS 7. Looks great, but doesn't work great.

And I still managed to forget something! How did I forget this one, it's a biggy...

The on screen keyboard.

When a website called doesn't just exist, but thrives, then that should be a 20 storey tall clue that your autocorrect system is just plain broken and needs attention. I do use Android and WP8 devices as well as my iPhone, and on those, I turn autocorrect off and rely on the word suggestions, because I much prefer an "opt in" system than an "opt out" one. Not that there is a way to opt out, or reject, autocorrection on those OS.

There are no word suggestions on iOS. Apple seems to think that having iOS step in and change your typing unless you try and tell it not to is the way to go. Which I think is incredible arrogant. And I say "unless you try and tell it not to", because I find not only the bubble is difficult to hit (why is it on the word you are typing and not where your fingers are already, where the keyboard is?), but it usually pops up only after you've typed the last letter of the word, so you usually hit space before you've even realised iOS is going to change what you typed!

The keyboard seems to have got even worse in iOS 7, I get far more Vs, Bs and Ns instead of spaces, and manage to backspace instead of getting an M, than I used to on iOS 6.

iOS 7 seems to have had a detrimental effect on my iPad mini. What was once a fluid and flowing interface has now become a jittery, jittery stumbling mess.

Prior to iOS 7, it moved so smoothly and seemlessly. Now, it stutters and judders. This is both on the desktop view and within apps.

Apple seriously need to address this. I love my iPad to bits but the choices are increasing and the competition are catching up.

Come on apple, give us the look of iOS 7 with the fluidity of iOS 6.

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I've had an iPhone since 2008 My most recent purchase, the iPhone 5 on launch day back in 2012, was just fine all the way up until iOS 7. It's truly phenomenal how long my battery lasts now - in a bad way. My phone drops 10% on a 10-15 minute phone call. Even just texting knocks my battery percentage. I'm not mad at Apple, or my phone - just frustrated. I haven't had any crashes aside from the occasional once a month springboard crash - which is bearable.

I d literally tried every trick in the book when it comes to fixing the battery life. I've tried turning off location services, reducing motion, closing out power-hungry apps, keeping the brightness low... I just don't know what to do. I'm afraid to jailbreak (as I am a regular jail breaker) because my battery would surely blow up.

Anyway, if I'm missing something about this battery issue, please explain. I just don't think that my usage reflects the battery life. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there's just one more thing I haven't tried. BOOM

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iOS 7.0.6 has addressed battery drain, storage missing issues. ( storage missing was a new one to me but I did also notice it after my friend said something about it) Definitely try the update if you're an avid jail breaker software is working for it. No springboard issues yet.... Also a note the 64 bit CPU in the S is having some compatibility issues. I'm sure they'll have to figure out something like Rosetta I think it was, to work with 32 bit and 64 better, similar to emulation in a way but at a way faster rate and more resources available to it)

I have little to no problems (knock on wood) with my 5S. No crashes with Safari that many of you have talked about, nothing. Every once in a while my phone won't wake up when I push the home button, but that's it. My main problems are on my iPad mini. It has major issues with iCloud. It almost daily disconnects from iCloud and goes inactive.

I haven't had a single crash or springboard issues with a non-jailbroke device, and jailbroken it's the same. I've tested it in both forms for stability, I have to say its way more stable than ios 6 when it was released, but not as stable as ios 5 on release. After a couple updates certain things have improved safari crashed once a week before 7.0.4 but after I haven't seen any issues at. So far I'm having very good luck with a iphone 5c just as much as I did with my 4s everything seems to be overall a smooth, and very elegant user interface. It's a major improvement over ios 6 which I sold my phone over because of it. I would say if you are having issues think about these problems.....

Did you over the air update your phone ? (iOS7) (isn't doing so hot with this method app crashing, iTunes not working right) this has been my experience messing with the software.

Did you jailbreak ? Lots of apps are made for ios 6 still a huge majority .... If you jailbreak wait for winterboard it's only in a works-ish state for ios7. Also stay away from pirated repositories. Though you're getting free software, you end up getting the shaft on what's new and what supports your phone the repo may only support iOS 6, but doesn't list it doesn't work. Stay away from piracy you hurt dev's and progress.

Also when installing applications in the APPLE APP Store that are meant for older versions of iOS May crash and cause your springboard or backboard to reload and respring the device.

Update by PC or Mac, stay away from old software or works-ish software. Update to the latest iOS. All these should help you out like I said few months no crashes, unless I intervene. I have been trying to figure out what I can cause myself and make my device crash for the sake of you guys so I hope this helps you out. Also look up known apps to crash stock applications in case you did jailbreak and intend to keep it that way or I can compile a little list.