iOS 7 Gold Master now available, developers go get it!

As we might have suspected prior to todays iPhone event out in Cupertino, the Gold Master (GM) build of iOS 7 is now available for developers to download. This comes ahead of the public release of iOS 7 on September 18.

Registered iOS developers should head into the Apple Developer Center where you should find a full copy ready and waiting for you.

Update: No OTA, sorry folks. Little carried away with the typing. Developer center only.

Richard Devine

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MiracleMan says:

Yea, no OTA yet for me on either device.

BrianTufo says:

I don't know that the GM will go out via OTA update.

jasonprice says:

I don't remember GMs being released OTA either.

audit says:

Downloaded from the dev center in 5 minutes.

simba600 says:

can you send me download link please

Bastien Duterme1 says:

Me too please, download link mate? x)

kilcher says:

Go to the developer's center, you'll find it there.

Richard Devine says:

If you're a developer, you don't need the link.

MiracleMan says:

The Gold Master is available to paid iOS developers only. It will be available to general public Sept 18 if I remember the date correctly.

Richard Devine says:

This. If you're not a registered developer, in Apple's eyes you shouldn't have the iOS 7 beta.

kch50428 says:

If you're not a developer, you'll have to resort to getting the ipsw from the same place you got your first beta...

snake14pr says:

geeksays dot com/2013/09/download-ios-7-gm-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch/

This is the one I used and it works for non-developers
dot = .

weberm13 says:

I hope it's comes OTA. I really don't want to turn my computer on.

Chex313 says:

ios 7 is for me the most compelling aspect of the event today. Also looking forward to maverick being released.

Nightly Suicide says:

I want the file for iPhone 5 Model A29!

GuyBey0ndC00L says:

No OTA update, was hoping for some iPad news also.

bullonparade85#IM says:

So if I have the beta version will I be able to OTA update when it comes out on the 18th???

buci1er says:

don't believe so, i believe you'll have to do a restore when the final comes out.

bullonparade85#IM says:

I see... Will I lose my data and have to restore form iCloud or will it keep all my stuff like an update??? Thanks for the response.

Elijah Alielnour says:

iOS 7 GM download links:

iOS 7 GM (iPod touch - 5th generation)

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 4 - GSM)

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 4 - CDMA)

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 4 - GSM Rev A)

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 4S)

iOS 7 GM (iPad - 4th generation Model A1458)
(not yet)

iOS 7 Gold Master (iPhone 5 GSM Model A1428)

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 5 - Model A1429)

SiD Psybrid says:

I have ios 7 beta 6 installed in my iphone 5 , and now that the ios7 GM version is available , why is my device not showing the ota update ?( it says your ios 7 is upto date and im not a developer).

Dusstin says:

Unlock sound was removed two betas ago to pave the way for new Touch ID unlock.

wamadden4 says:

Got it... works smoothly... its not OTA only off the dev website....

SiD Psybrid says:

I have ios 7 beta 6 installed in my iphone 5 , and now that the ios7 GM version is available , why is my device not showing the ota update ?( it says your ios 7 is upto date and im not a developer).

allthebestcases says:

There will be no OTA for this beta. All upgrades must downloaded manually.

sbonkov says:

Successfully updated from iOS7 6 beta to iOS 7 GM via iTunes and it says it requires iTunes 11.1 not yet available on Windows :O iTunes 11.1 beta is only available for the Mac at this time.

DonJoseofOrange says:

I get the same message on iTunes and I'm on mac. hopefully it will sync over wifi :-/