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iOS 7 Siri

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Tim Cook: You can have AI *and* privacy

"It's a false trade-off that people would like you to believe, that you have to give up privacy in order to have AI."

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How to send a message with Siri on Apple Watch

Using Siri on your Apple Watch is a great way to shoot off a quick message without pulling out your iPhone.

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Siri apps suggestions not working? Here's the fix!

Not getting the app suggestions on your lock screen that you're used to? Here's how to fit it!

Siri suggested apps, part of Apple's proactive feature set, is supposed to make it faster and easier to get to the apps you want, when you want them, by placing their icon on the bottom left of the lock screen. Always check Twitter when you wake up? The icon should be there ready and waiting! Listen to podcasts when you jog? Plug in your headphones and its icon should appear. But what happens when it stops working? How to you get your suggestions back?

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Apple's AI advantage... and challenge

AI manifested in assistants or chat bots are the interface, the surface. What's happening deep inside the silicon is something else entirely...

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iMore show 528: Siri-ously?!

The Dash debacle, take 4. Siri and how it's working for us. Stickers one month later. Accessibility is for everyone. And your questions answered! With Mikah, Lory, and Rene!

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On Siri and sequential inference

Hey, Siri, are you contextually aware? Yes, I am! Why don't people think so? ...

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Apple's home hub and the challenge of making Siri multi-personal

Apple's been working on bringing Siri fully into the living room for years, but there's a huge challenge involved in taking a personal assistant and making it communal.

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How to use Siri for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

Everything you need to know about setting up and using Siri on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

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How to use Siri on the Mac

Siri has come to the Mac: It can sift through your files and find your documents, help adjust your settings, search your pictures, tweet for you, and a whole lot more.

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How to take a picture using Siri

You can have Siri open the Camera app while you keep your hands free for holding onto a subject that you don't want to get away!

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