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iOS 7 Siri

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Apple's home hub and the challenge of making Siri multi-personal

Apple's been working on bringing Siri fully into the living room for years, but there's a huge challenge involved in taking a personal assistant and making it communal.

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How to use Siri for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

Everything you need to know about setting up and using Siri on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

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How to use Siri on the Mac

Siri has come to the Mac: It can sift through your files and find your documents, help adjust your settings, search your pictures, tweet for you, and a whole lot more.

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How to take a picture using Siri

You can have Siri open the Camera app while you keep your hands free for holding onto a subject that you don't want to get away!

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How to fix incorrect Siri commands with type and suggestions

Did Siri mishear your command? You can easily fix it with iOS 10's new suggested commands and keyboard.

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What's new with Siri in iOS 10

Siri got a whole lot smarter in one category in particular in iOS 10: App integration.

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These are the apps that you can use with Siri in iOS 10

iOS 10 has brought along with it the ability for some types of third-party apps to integrate with Siri. Here you'll find a list of apps that work with Apple's voice-powered virtual assistant.

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How to search Photos with Siri

If you take a lot of photos on your iPhone or iPad, you may find yourself spending time searching through all your photos just trying to find a few select ones. Luckily for you, Siri can help you locate photos quickly.

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Here's what you'll be able to do with Siri + Apps in iOS 10!

How does Siri work with other apps? It's all about the integrations and the intents!

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How to customize Siri on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 10

Siri's more powerful than ever in iOS 10: Learn how to customize Siri to your liking and take control of the digital assistant's settings.

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