iOS 7.0.5 is here... but only for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in China?!

iOS 7.0.5 is here! Download your (Chinese?) bug-fixes now!

Apple has released iOS 7.0.5, a minor point release aimed at fixing iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c network provisioning in China. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any bug fixes or performance and stability fixes for anyone else in there, which is kinda maddening. Because, re-springs.

Update: iOS 7.0.5 is, specifically, for iPhone 6,2 and iPhone 5,4 according to Steven Troughton-Smith.

If you have an iOS 7.0.5 eligible iPhone in China, you can update over-the-air (OTA) or, if you're old-school, by tethering up to iTunes. Once you have it up and running, let me know — what, if anything, does it improve for you?

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iOS 7.0.5 is here... but only for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in China?!


For China & iPhone 5C & 5S... not seeing it on either my iPad or iPhone... not seeing it OTA or direct via iTunes.

Available for the following device/models:

iPhone 5,4 and 6,2:

iPhone 5s
A1457 (UK/Europe)
A1528 (China)
A1530 (Asia Pacific)

iPhone 5c
A1507 (UK/Europe)
A1526 (China)
A1529 (Asia Pacific)

It's so heart warming to see who Apple values now. I love you too, Apple. I don't feel like a heterochromial step-child at all.

... Ok, ok. I'm sure the update addresses something regarding China's cell services - or something.

I force-updated here in the US, and now all my text is in Cantonese! Siri has been replaced with the voice of 章子怡. :P jk

So this update is not available for customers in USA? Since I'm running iOS 7.1 beta 4 just want it to know

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I'm in the US on Tmobile with an iPhone 5s, jailbroken and I've been getting carrier update available all day. I'm on 7.0.4.

When I check for a software update on my iPhone 5s it just keeps spinning on "Checking for Update...". Not sure if it's because I jailbroke or not. The iPad Air just says up to date when I check on it.

I wish 7.1 would hurry up and get released. I am sick and tired of the constant springboard restarts I get with ipad mini almost everyday. Just saying.

Downloading now in China. I had noticed some funky network instability when China Mobile switched me over to LTE (which, after a carrier update has been renamed to 4G on the status bar). Call quality has been questionable, and regular LTE dropouts. I hope it fixes those issues!

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Just did some testing and it's a huge improvement in call quality on China Mobile's TD-LTE network.

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Wow, looking at the posts above, it seems Apple have also released it to other countries as well. And I checked, it's not available yet in my country.
I'm hoping they'll also release iOS 7.1 soon.

I have the A1457, in europe, updated it yesterday, nothing has changed noticably.

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Please Apple fix the resprings. Swapped out the phone, installed as new, and I still respring out of the lock screen using TouchID .

Erm got the update here in the UK last week only difference I can see is the location services arrow has changed

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I just updated my 5s to 7.0.5. But then suddenly my 5s was "blackout". And it cannot be switch on for 12hrs already. Please help me